WWE RAW RESULTS: Shattered Glass Cuts Deep Like a Broken Heart, but Kaitlyn Vows Payback (June, 10th 2013)

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Hello, and welcome to my first ever WWE Divas Blog,

I’ve actually been trying to attempt this since this years Elimination Chamber PPV But for some reason the Sign Up Button didnt work (utter humiliation at its finest). I Actually figured this had something to do with switching net browsers but Anyway enough of that, lets have a chat about Last Nights events (Diva – Wise)

It was Weeks ago during a Confrontation w/ AJ, Big E & her Prince Dolphy, that Kaitlyn received a Gift from a “secret admirer”. Since then everything for Kaitlyn has sort of been falling apart, her friendship with the Dungeon Diva Natalya, who for weeks with the help of her on – screen boyfriend Khali, has been trying to seek out this “secret admirer” for Kaitlyn, her friendship w/ the Funkadactyls, after Cameron got snappy with Kaitlyn, after Kaitlyn,during a divas tag team match, accidentally speared her Partner Natalya, costing the team their match with the Bellas (Damn Bellas!) & her focus.

Lets also remember the Brawl at the Extreme Rules PPV Between AJ and Kaitlyn that made all Diva Fans out there think a match would truly happen then, only to be screwed (yep thats WWE).

However, No Fear, WWE is (actually) here because now at This Sundays PayBack PPV Kaitlyn will defend the Butterfly Belt, the WWE Divas Championship, against her former Chickbuster, AJ Lee. So How did this happen? Well, heres how it all went down….

Last Friday on Smackdown, a diva match-less Smackdown may i add, Kaitlyn announced to Natalya that she is to meet the secret admirer on RAW, much to Nattie’s dismay. So Along comes RAW, and after all the Hype we cut to Kaitlyn in the ring (plus the segment where she was on her way to the ring, minus an actual entrance) asking her Admirer to come out. After all the Speculation that the admirer maybe Kharma, The Bellas, Christian, The Wyatt Family, Mark Henry, Dolph Ziggler, AJ Lee, Paige, Big E Langston, Seth Rollins or Jake Carter (my choice), down comes one of the labelled choices, Big E Langston with a nice flowery Bouquet for the Champion. Kaitlyn is Surprised and Baffled, as Big E “admits” he sent the Gifts to her, and that he knows how unexpected and hard it must be for her because everyone usually sees him as Dolphs Bodyguard or as he says “Heavy” and a Big Tough Guy. He then adds that he Cares about her, and ever since he first met her, she was all he could think about and he couldnt tell her until now. They are/were about to Kiss then he hangs her in his arms, and just as everyone thinks hes about to lean down and kiss the Hybrid Diva, he throws the bemused Diva to the mat, only for AJ’s music to hit.

Big E Proceeds to the Back, High – fiving his lady partner as she, as usual, skips to the Ring and towards the Confused Kaitlyn. AJ asks Kaitlyn how shes feeling, Alone? Worthless? Broken? The Former FCW Divas Champion proceeds to Explain thats exactly how she felt when her former Chickbuster Partner (Kaitlyn) Abandoned her, as she puts it. AJ reflects on being left heartbroken by Daniel Bryan, John Cena & CM Punk, as everyone remembers, as last year AJ had a lot of relationship problems storylines. She explains that they used and took advantage of her and shattered her “like Broken Glass”.

As a Sad Kaitlyn listens on, AJ asks where she was when she needed her, and where was she? Chasing the Divas Title, which she captured from Eve in January in her Hometown. AJ proceeds to talk about how shattered glass can “cut pretty deep” (referring to their friendship) as Kaitlyn raises herself from the mat, shouting to AJ that shes Crazy. AJ denies it all, believing she is smart, and even if Kaitlyn can beat her in the ring, AJ has a mental advantage, playing with Kaitlyns emotions, which she does easily. AJ says she wants to launch her on a pedestal and laugh as she falls all the way down (or in my case go from Champion to Jobber as thats what AJs reference reminds me of). AJ carries on venting her frustrations at a Tearful Kaitlyn, calling her Sad, Weak, Pitiful and Trash, as the Mic picks up Kaitlyn crying, and carries on with the verbal assault saying she has no one and no one cares about her, all she has is the Divas Title and come Sunday, AJ adds she wont have it any longer (though i hope Kaitlyn will win).

AJ says Kaitlyn wont like the ending of the Story, as she will Lose, and AJ will get everything she wanted, telling Kaitlyn she will run back to “the trailer park she crawled out of” and she will eat her emotions away, like the Useless, Pathetic, Unlovable Cow….and Kaitlyn has had enough.

Kaitlyn throws her Fury at the Black Widow, AJ, and they brawl in the Ring, with AJ Managing to get to safety, laughing at her former friend who is sat on her knees in the ring, distraught, which in Kaitlyns Case, is understandable.

Thoughts on this Segment:

AJ can cut one hell of a Heel Promo but there is no way Kaitlyn will lose at Payback, the PPV Name is Just Right as i think Kaitlyn should get revenge for AJ’s tricks on her, but a lot of people also have AJs back. Im Glad WWE are going further with the feud, and that its being developed, but I feel sorry for Kaitlyn, being played around like that, as any Kaitlyn Fan would. But who Knows, Maybe on Sunday, a REAL Secret Admirer might come save Kaitlyn just in case AJ has her allies the Champ Ziggler and Big E on her side. Only time will tell, but Oh MAN AJ is such a good heel, i wonder what WWE will do if Kaitlyn turns Heel? Dont Expect Kaitlyn to Pick up Rollins Number Anytime Soon.


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