TNA Slammiversary RESULTS: Terrell & Kim Take it to The Max, The Hot Mess Prevails (June 2nd 2013)


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OK Guys, 2nd Blog of the Day, Only though I’ve Just Started This. 2013 Has had its fair share of Matches and what better than to Cover one of the Most Brilliant Female Wrestling Matches of all Time, Slammiversary 11 Taryn Terrell vs Gail Kim?

The Feud between the Former WWE Divas spirals all the way back to the beginning of this year, with Gail warning Taryn to make sure she calls matches “down the middle”. It all went beyond crazy at this years Genesis PPV when Gail pinned Tessmacher, Mickie and ODB in a KO Gauntlet, but was eventually beat by Velvet Sky, after Terrell, who was then the Official Referee for the Knockouts, failed to notice Gails foot under the rope.

At the Following PPV, Lockdown, Kim earned the title shot against then Knockouts Champion, Velvet Sky, but lost when Taryn violently attacked Kim, after Gail smacked her. Gail would gain a measure of revenge later in the night, attacking Taryn in a backstage interview.

Knockouts VP, Brooke Hogan, placed Terrell on Probation for her attack on the 2x Knockouts Champion Gail Kim the following week on Impact during a Tag match, but would then terminate her later and sign her to another contract, making Terrell the new TNA Knockout. After weeks of various meet ups in the ring, from singles to tag matches, Gail would start using her figure four move to damage Taryn, as well as Velvet Sky, and her own Partner, Tara. Weeks Later, Brooke chose to Put Taryn and Gail in a LAST KNOCKOUT STANDING Match at Slammiversary, So On with the Show……………!!

Following a Small Interview between Brooke Hogan and Mr Jeremy Borash, We get a Brill Vid Package highlighting the feud between Kim and Terrell before the always great looking Christy Hemme introduces TNA Knockout Referee ODB. That is soon followed by THE BEST TNA KNOCKOUT THEME TO EVER EXIST (coz im biased), Gail Kim makes her way to the ring, tough and confident followed by what has to be my 2nd Favourite Knockout theme, We Get to see Taryns entrance too (coz we arent at WWE)

The two enemies come face to face, with shots by Terrell after Kim slaps her big time, and Kim then taking control with some kicks and a turnbucke shot. Terrell takes control moments later, but Kim manages to get a choke hold, and the corner clothesline.

Terrell does a couple of clotheslines on the Former Champ, following up with the shoulder tackle, neckbreaker and the suplex. Kim locks up Terrell, even though she chooses not to submit and breaks the hold forcefully, ODB begins the 10 count for Taryn to get to her feet, but Gail drags her around, and takes the shot from the ring apron, Terrell clings on as the shot hits successfully. Kim follows with a missile dropkick before she storms away… find a steel chair, and the crowd squeals (and me). Gail is about to give the Clever Knockout a chair shot, but Taryn has none of it and kicks it out of the way and hits a few snapmares. Gail gets up, gets the chair, Taryn climbs the turnbuckle and…..

OUCHIES! Right into the Chair and Gail Terrell Goes!!! Yep, theres Holy S*** Chants to go with it, the crowd are loving the match, Gail rams Taryns Leg in the chair then places the chair against the corner turnbuckle. Gail tries to throw Taryn into the corner where her chairs decently placed but Terrell avoids it at all costs, only for Gail to lock the Hot Mess in the figure four on the turnbuckle.

Taryn gets up when ODBs count gets to 8 and Gail attempts the spear, but not only does Taryn dodge it but Gail lands head first in the very chair she placed, and (i thought the match could have ended then) but gets up at 9. Taryn locks Gail in the figure four, making her feel the pain she inflicted on some knockouts, with Gail screaming in pain. Taryn slides back into the ring, Taryn recognises Gail and charges at her, but Gail takes control, causing Taryn to fall on the ramp, OUCH OUCH OUCH OUCH!!!

Taryn gets up at a count of 9, leading Gail to attack yet again, and has her totally set up for a piledriver, which may i add is a VERY DANGEROUS MANUEVERE, Taryn fights back against Kim, literally doing a Flying RKO (thats what a lot of us call it) off the ramp, and EVERYONE GOES CRAZY!!! The Holy S*** Chants begin again, and Only Taryn manages to stand, and gets up before 10, as Gail remains out on the floor. Taryn is Last Knockout Standing!

Thoughts on the Match:

Im Glad Hogan chose Terrell vs Kim over Mickie vs Velvet coz we wouldn’t have witnessed this incredible bout! Props to both of them for an awesome match (Kong vs Kim 2.0) and Kim has certainly helped Terrell get over with everybody, and let her display what she couldnt in her run with WWE. There was lots of momentum and huge moves, but not an eat defeat, but they both delivered, its probably gonna take both girls time to heal from such a match and i hope both ladies get to work matches with upcoming Knockouts in the future, Tapa, Hendrix, & If TNA Do sign these ladies >> Ivelisse, Mia Yim, Jillian Hall, Shanna, Alpha Female, LuFisto, Nikki Storm.

On a Side Note, does anyone Miss Angelina Love in TNA?

– Catherine


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