TNA IMPACT RESULTS: 6+ Years in the Making…And Velvet is the Bait (June, 13th 2013)





Hello, and Welcome to Possibly My First Updated Impact Wrestling Post. This Week will see the Former Knockouts Champion Velvet Sky Confront the New Knockouts Champion, Mickie James and Velvet has a little news for her, and that, you can find out about right here.

So even though we , aren’t blessed with Knockouts Matches for the Show, at least we get not 1 not 2 but 3 Segments, the First being a Minor One, which shows Velvet basically saying she has a gift for the Current TNA Knockouts Champion and Future Opposer Mickie James, in the form of an Envelope, and the Second one shows Mickie secretly gushing in the mirror about Velvet’s gift before she struts to the ring, the 3rd, well that one will be explained more in depth now.

The 2x Knockouts Champion Velvet Sky Heads to the Ring with the Gold Envelope and graces everyone with her presence. Sky says she has something she wants to clear up, she feels like her friendship with Mickie has been up in the air, and Nicely Invites Mickie down to the ring, to show her the contents of her surprise envelope, her present so to speak, thus Miss Hardcore Country steps down to the ring of which she will share with the former Knockouts Champion.

Mickie is overcome with Joy and other emotions and is blessed to get a gift from Velvet. She tells Vel that shes the Knockouts Champion, but Vel’s Knockout of The Month “Nicely”. Vel breaks Mickie’s speech right there to pass over a document and break the news, to inform her shes now officially cleared to Compete in the ring against the Champion and its time for the rematch, especially considering she dropped the title to Mickie and is indeed entitled to a rematch clause, being cleared to physically compete through the confirmation document. Theres no more excuses for either to give.

Mickie, who is glancing at Vel’s confirmation letter, has Vel look through it again, as she feels the letter is dated, to Vel’s visible disappointment, even weirdly thinking its fake. The Knockouts Champ says Vel was cleared yesterday to compete, but her Knee is still in bad shape today, and she clears up this meaning in a big way as she Kicks hard at the once injured leg of the Beautiful People Member, much to the shock of everybody, bashing Velvet’s face against the mat then applying a MAJOR New Submission on the Helpless Velvet Sky.

Mickie has to be restrained by Refs, and she lets go, Glancing over the Attacked Velvet, with little emotion at all, solidifying her heel turn. As the Refs help out Poor Velvet, Mickie glares with the dark look on her face, before smiling, in a more sarcastic kind of way, Oh Gosh!!!

(Mickie James and Velvet Sky Segment; Mickie James Heel Turn)

Thoughts on this segment:
HEEL Mickie is Back! After the way she has treated Velvet there and then, its obvious Velvet will try to battle back, and to anybody following Miss Vel Vel on Twitter, Maybe a Beautiful People Reunion is in the works, but Hey Considering Angelina’s last Big Feud was with Mickie James (as it was bigger than Angelina’s little feud with Eric Young and ODB while with Winter) I Guess you might see this Coming!
P.S Am I The Only One in Surprise at the same time with this Mickie Heel Turn, I Mean I Had seen it coming but i was just wondering what’d happen with the KOs PPV Mickie vs Ivelisse match or leading up to it at least since Mickie’s being the face there (and Title – Less). With the Knockouts PPV Airing in December and Mickie being a heel, you’d think TNA Would prepare a feud between her and her opponent, Ivelisse, who turned out to be one of the members of Aces & 8s, by keeping Mickie as a face. Either this Heel Turn isn’t Lasting Long and Mickie turns Face by December or Ivelisse being at the KO PPV is just the one time thing and wont lead to anything, even a full time Knockouts Contract, which means that the Mickie Ivelisse feud i was thinking about will probably not even happen. Unless of course, something happens to take Mickie out of action and she returns as a face before the PPV but who knows. I Think everyone wants Heel Mickie Back.

– Catherine


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