Cattie’s Catch Up: Eve Torres vs Beth Phoenix (October, 1st 2012)

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Hello and Welcome to my 2nd Edition of CATTIES CATCH UP WEDNESDAY (OK Im Being a bit dramatic LOL) But Anyway this, if you didnt know before, features various fave segments or matches of mine, so here we go with my 2nd Selection.

This Week features Beth Phoenix and Then Divas Champion Eve Torres Squaring Off. The Match would come after The Villainous Eve would try and Manipulate Number 1 Contender Kaitlyn into thinking Beth had attacked her at Night of Champions (even though we all knew that wasnt true). Beth would turn Face in the process and try to Convince the Confused Kaitlyn that she has nothing to do with the attack at Night of Champions, but Eve would try to Play Little Miss Angel by making everyone think that she is the hero.

The Week before this match, Eve’s evil plan would thicken on Smackdown when she announced the investigation into who attacked Kaitlyn would continue, and suspended Beth behind GM Booker T’s back forcing Booker to retalliate and Reverse his assistant, Eve’s, decision and rehire The Glamazon.

The event would occure after the same week on RAW, Kaitlyn appeared after a Divas Tag and dropped news that she’d scored footage from Night of Champions and that her attacker was a Blonde, Prompting Eve to act all Innocent and take down her partner, who was none other than Beth. This would build up to Phoenix facing Eve in the Match I Am Covering Right Here and I Dont think The Glamazon was in a Forgiving Mood either.

And in this Encounter, the Sneaky Divas Champion Actually Dominated the Glamazon as well!!! But the Match shows a Solid Effort by both Divas, even though Neither of them are in the WWE anymore. But 2012 would prove to be the Year of Eve following her Heel Turn in the month of February. And as I am watching this match for the first time (when it aired on RAW), I Wonder if i am the only one thinking Why cant we go back to Beths Glamazon Domination days from 2007 then i remember WWEs Time Constraints Excuse….Ah Dear… Because I Wish This Match had Been a Little Bit Longer, but It was Good Anyway in My Opinion.

The Two had squared off the previous year at Survivor Series and Vengeance, but with Opposite Roles, and for Beth, this would turn out to be her last year in the WWE.


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