WWE NXT RESULTS: Aksana Proves to be a Victim of Emma’s Rise to Stardom (June, 27th 2013)


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aksana 334

Hello Everyone and welcome to what turns out to be an early published article by me on this weeks NXT Action, which i just finished re – watching on Sky Sports Might I Add.

This week the NXT Womens Championship Tournaments 1st Round continues, as the Quirky Emma faces a longtime Foe, the Lithuanian Dominating Diva Aksana. The Last time these two faced off, Emma failed to capitalise so this week it seems Emma is walking right into Aksanas hands again, or so we may think….

There is a backstage segment between Emma and Renee young where Emma is clearly distracted by trying to catch her bubbles, but she does go into the EMMALution a bit. Renee does try to switch Emmas focus to the NXT Womens Championship but Emma always seems a bit off topic (but thats her character, really) But I Liked how Emma finished it anyway with that end reaction.

Aksana is introduced first with her as always sultry and seductive entrance, followed by Emma and her traditional dance moves and…Bubbles? But I Will Say Emma is definitely wearing a brilliant attire for this one, and its my favourite from her so far!! The Bell Rings and Emma starts dancing about in the ring, only to get slammed by Aksana. Aksana chokes Emma, and crawls around the ring. Aksana with the kick to Emmas head for a near fall. Aksana continously tries to get a pin on Emma but fails, and she whips her. Emma makes it to the apron and nails Aksana with the shoulder and a near fall.

Aksana hits Emma with the back elbow for a near fall once more. Aksana hits with a boot to a midsection for another near fall, but Emmas urgency to continue in the match rolls on. Aksana almost gets a near successful pin but Emma slams Aksanas head to take control.

Aksana knocks Emma down with a clothesline, following with a figure four leg scissor. She rolls Emma over, and has Emmas head on the mat again. Aksana pins Emma but she kicks out. Aksana attacks Emma in the corner then shows off, taunting to the crowd. This tends to be Aksanas slip up as Emma kicks her down on the mat. Emma escapes the slam from Aksana and eventually applies a signature manuever, the muta lock, to get a victory!

And Now you have It, Emma advances to the semi final of the Womens title tournament. Emma celebrates and dances with some young fans in the ring. In 2 weeks Emma will take on Summer Rae, as next week will see the Diva of Tomorrow Paige go head to head with Alicia Fox.

Thoughts on this match + pre – match segment:
Emma and Aksanas match wasnt my favourite of NXT matches to be honest, but the crowd are definetly behind Emma, and she has a huge FanBase. I would’ve loved to see Summer Rae come out on the ramp at the end of this and have a staredown with Emma since the Paige Summer feud seems to have disappeared, meaning we barely see Summer now. Emmas backstage interviews seem really awkward to me and im not really a fan of her dancing character but i loved her reaction when Renee tried to play about with her bubble gun, the look kinda gave off heel tendencies to me. So even though im not a fan of Emmas Current Character, she has really gotten over with the fans and has recieved praise lately, so that does make her someone to look out for, other than Summer Rae and Paige. Speaking of Emma, if she was to turn heel, HOW would YOU like her to turn heel? Let me Know! Till Next week Folks!


– Catherine


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