WWE MONEY IN THE BANK RESULTS: Kaitlyn Is Forced to Face The Same Downfall & a Possible Injury as AJ faces a Downfall of her Own (July, 14th 2013)

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Yep I’ve Only just got through watching Money In The Bank, and it surely was a Surprising One. Of Course It would also set the stage for AJ Lee to make her first defense against her Heated Rival, Kaitlyn, who would eventually make her entrance with Current Best Friend, Layla. So would Kaitlyn do what she said she would do on Smackdown and be the Champion again? Well lets find out!!!

AJ and Kaitlyn make their entrances, AJ has Langston at ringside, should he need to save her from being thrown from the ring, and Kaitlyn has Layla. After some footage is played from Smackdown where Kaitlyn would deliver the Big Spear to AJ the bell rings and the two are at it!!!

Kaitlyn is first to strike and works her over as she would with any other opponent. They end up taking their action out of the ring and AJ sends Kaitlyn into the solid ring post, before going to work on her arm.

AJ applies the submission and taunts Kaitlyn but Kaitlyn fights back against the reigning champion, countering her with an awesome backbreaker. AJ is dropped by a high elbow and dropkick from the Hybrid Diva, then with a flying shoulder and DDT at the count of 2. AJ with the slap to Kaitlyn, and Kaitlyn gets back at her with a clothesline and pins her, but AJ escapes her pin at 2!

AJ blocks Kaitlyn’s suplex and drops Kaitlyn on her arm. After a bit of back and forth action between AJ and Kaitlyn, AJ ends the match applying her Black Widow Submission Move on Kaitlyn’s bad arm. It Forces Kaitlyn to tap, and AJ retains the title.

And No Layla Heel Turn……DAMN

Later in the Night, Ziggler finally got his hands on Alberto Del Rio, However AJ would skip her way to the match and try to help out the man she cares about as she slams Alberto with the Divas Title (logical considering he kicked the title a while back) and cost Dolph the match. So it sounds like AJ is officially through with Ziggler, as he walked away from her, despite AJ trying her hardest to apologize.

(AJ Lee w/ Big E Langston vs Kaitlyn w/ Layla Divas Championship)

(Dolph Ziggler vs Alberto Del Rio; WWE World Heavyweight Championship Match feat AJ Lee)

Thoughts on this match:
It was good and that explains why it was on the Pay Per Views Main match-card, however this one cannot top their match at Payback, and the crowd were not into it at all. It seemed really well Hyped, so the match seemed disappointing to me, other than the action on the outside and other stuff. I’m Thinking WWE told them backstage to rush their match, im probably wrong. I Feel like the feud could possibly be over, unless either Paige Debuts or Layla turns Heel on RAW. But it sounds like the Bella’s are after the title now, so if the total divas filming is out of the way i guess that it will happen, but how are they going to make this heel vs heel feud any good if it happens???

– Catherine


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