WWE NXT RESULTS: Your NXT Womens Champion Is…… (July, 25th 2013)

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Its Catherine here, well who would it be? Anyways I Finally Have the Opportunity to see the NXT Episode I’ve been waiting for as Emma goes head to head with Paige in the NXT Womens Championship Tournament Finale! So Unless you’ve seen the Images (which 99.9% of you will have unless you scroll down very fast) then read the match summary to find out who your champ is!!

The Show has kicked off already and we cut to a brilliant video package of Emma and Paige talking about the Women’s Title Finals. We Finally get onto the match, which has been very much hyped by NXT Commentator Brad Maddox, and Emma is first to enter the ring, followed by Paige. As the Crowd cheer 50/50 for both fighting Divas, Paige and Emma have a quick stare-down as the referee raises the NXT Women’s Championship above his head, and the BELL HAS RUNG FOLKS!

Paige locks up with Emma to kick off their very important match, and the two end up in the corner. Emma runs at Paige but Paige is quick to knock her down, and tries the early cover, which Emma kicks out of. Emma tries her own early cover, but the Diva of Tomorrow Fails to Stay Down and kicks out.

The Divas lock up one more time, and Paige takes over with a side headlock, running off the ropes and shoulder tackling Emma to the mat. Paige attempts the cover again but Emma kicks out. Paige has Emma in a corner but Emma quickly elbows her way out, rolling up Paige for a 2 count. Emma now takes control.

Emma is in complete control, until Paige fights back, headbutting her fellow diva and going for a pin, which of course is unsuccessful. Back to the ropes for Emma, and she has Paige locked in the DilEMMA Move but Paige fights her way out by kicking Emma and out of the ring she goes! After the commercial break, the two women are still taking each other on.

Paige tries to pin Emma but is unsuccessful again. Paige throws Emma into the ropes and tries to pin her again, but Nope Emma isn’t giving in. Emma almost gets pinned again, but she isn’t letting Paige win. Paige has Emma in the corner and stomps her down a few times. After some unsuccessful covers, Emma gets Paige into a corner and throws her to the mat!

Emma with a crossbody from the turnbuckle, and the pin, but Paige kicks out. Emma is in control with the side headlock applied to Paige. Paige works her way out and gets elbowed, followed by yet another cover but Emma doesn’t even get the 2 count. Emma clutches Paige from behind and slams her to the mat. Paige throws Emma back into a corner and strikes with multiple elbow strikes to Emma’s head. Paige has Emma in a Texas cloverleaf and yells as Emma tries hard not to tap out. Emma doesn’t, and fights her way out of Paige’s cloverleaf submission, following with the attempted Emma lock, but Paige has reached the ropes before she can get it applied and headbutts her. Paige looks to climb her way up the turnbuckles.

Emma slaps Paige in the face then climbs the turnbuckles, along with Paige who is dazed on the top turnbuckle after getting slapped, and lands a Nasty superplex. Both Divas are out on the mat and the crowd yells This is Awesome, as Emma crawls round to Paige for the cover, but Paige smartly puts her foot on the rope, as the referee has noticed. A Shocked Emma tries to raise Paige off her knees but Paige strikes her in the gut various times before landing the Signature Paige Turner for the win!

Your Winner…and the FIRST EVER NXT WOMEN’S CHAMPION, PAIGE! Paige cannot believe she has won the match and is overcome with emotion as fellow Divas Charlotte, Lexi Kaufman, Alicia Fox, Sasha Banks, Bayley and Rosa Mendes celebrate with the emotional Diva in the ring. (Of Course an annoyed Summer Rae did not come out). Kendall Skye also comes to the ring to join the others in celebration.

But the Celebrations aren’t over, because as Paige hugs Sasha and the other divas, out comes your WWE COO, Triple H! OMG OMG! The Proud Cerebral Assassin makes his way to the ring, applauding Paige on her win, and raises her hand! He puts his arm around her as she happily celebrates, and as the other divas exit, she yells to the crowd “I Did It!”

Thoughts on this match:
NXT has recently been known to have Match of the Year candidates and this is one of them! I Was Blown Away a Lot by Summer Rae’s match with Paige and this one is just as awesome! Emma has improved so much and that Superplex was just WOW! And I’m So So Glad for Paige for getting the title, so so proud! (I Don’t know whether its a Being from England thing but still im proud). I Was Thinking whether they’d show Triple H coming to the ring and THANK GOODNESS They Did!! Now that Paige has the title, all the NXT Divas will be coming for her, even the ones who came to celebrate will be watching her and the title now! However, due to Tyler Breeze’s relentless amount of Selfies, it looks like we didn’t get to watch Renee interview Paige….DAMN!

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– Catherine


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