TNA IMPACT RESULTS: Mickie Rings in the Win, and Brooke Hogan isnt the Only Girl Mad at Gail Kim (July, 25th 2013)

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This weeks IMPACT May have been Taped but that didnt stop me and loads of other fans from tuning in for the action that TNA Brings on a Weekly Basis! After Gail Totally Taught Mickie last week not to mess with her, Mickie finally put the Knockouts Gold on the Line, and for Gail, a Certain Referee would pull the victory away from her!

But Before we get to the match, we cut to the arena and here comes…nope…not Gail Kim….but Former Knockouts Champion, Velvet Sky! HOLLER! Velvet reveals she made a mistake telling her former friend Mickie about her Knee Injury. She adds that she thinks Mickie took full advantage of the situation to get what she wanted but that will stop tonight as shes going to be at Ringside for Mickie’s Match to watch her and Gail Rip each other Apart.

Gail enters first in her Pink Genesis Attire, followed by your Knockouts Champion, Mickie James. Knockouts Ref ODB is set to keep an eye on the action as the bell rings at last. After Flashing the Knockouts Gold at Velvet, Mickie goes to work on Gail, taking her down and choking her then throws her into the corner and tackles her with her shoulder until ODB has her back out. Gail fights back against the gloating champion with some punches, and as Mickie tries to tie her up, Gail elbows her and applies the arm-bar.

Mickie shows off absolute athleticism and cartwheels out, but Gail takes over again with a side headlock, but only for a little time, as Mickie sends Gail into the ropes and slams her into the mat. Mickie applies her own headlock to Gail but Gail fights back once again, sending her into the ropes. Mickie shoulder tackles Gail but Gail comes back with a Great Dropkick!

Gail follows with the clothesline and attempts a roll up, but Mickie kicks out, to the Dismay of Vel Vel. During the roll up, Gail had tried to hold the ropes but ODB had noticed and immediately scolded Gail for it. Mickie Punches Gail into the corner and whips her, but Gail goes for a reversal, and elbows her. Gail does her usual ramp taunt before pulling at Mickie’s Hair, but Mickie fights back as always, kicking Gail right in the face!

Gail is outside the ring and ODB starts counting down, with Mickie even playing her Ref Role, more or less mimicking ODB’s count. Gail is back at eight, snapping Mickie’s head from the rope, and pulling her towards the turnbuckle so she can apply her leg-lock, but Mickie kicks her away. DAMN! Mickie heads out of the ring and raises up Gail, hitting a few punches and rolling her back into the ring with Velvet watching very closely.

Mickie nails a Neck-breaker and covers Gail, but Gail kicks out! Mickie tries her DDT, but Gail hits back with a counter, almost hitting Eat Defeat. Mickie counters that, then knocks back Gail, applying the death-lock. Gail moves to the ropes and breaks the hold by Mickie. Mickie kicks Gail right in the chest, then tries a hurricanrana, but Gail reverses with a Power-bomb! Gail tries covering Mickie, and again puts her foot on the ropes, but ODB notices it. Gail throws Mickie out of the ring and near to Velvet as ODB exchanges words with her.

The Two are arguing, just like when Gail and Taryn did, and ends with Gail slapping her face! ODB is very enraged and wants to hit her, but slides in quickly as Mickie rolls up Gail for the Victory. Gail is really mad that she didn’t win the title and tries to leave, but ODB goes right back to her and pulls her back in the ring, where ODB gets in Gail’s Face.

The VP of the Knockouts, Brooke Hogan, appears and shouts at Gail. Brooke says she has a problem with Gail and that she thought Gail would have learned her lesson not to mess with Referees after last time. Brooke reminds her ODB is not just a ref, but an Active Wrestler to the Division and leaves ODB to take care of Gail. ODB dares Gail to stand in the ring and fight, but Gail walks away from the fueled ODB as ODB gets on the turnbuckles with the fans chanting for her.

Thoughts on…

The Match: A Solid Match that was Longer than I Thought it would be and though im gutted Gail Lost a Title Match AGAIN this is pushing towards Gail feuding with ODB and Velvet feuding with Mickie. Its probably the shortest Heel vs Heel Feud I’ve seen at the moment, and with Mickie being a heel also, i was surprised she didn’t use the ring rope during pin tactics like Gail, then again Mickie probably wanted to win decent for this.

The Post Match Segment: Brooke and Gail have never been on good terms, and Brooke wants to teach Gail a lesson like she did when she signed Taryn to the Knockouts Roster. The Segment seemed so similar to back then, and ODB had me so pumped. ODB finally gets her chance to wrestle big time, so even though it isn’t confirmed at the moment, it looks like its ODB vs Gail next week? And at Bound for Glory, it looks like its Mickie vs Velvet vs ODB vs Gail, that’s my speculation right now.

– Catherine


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