WWE RAW RESULTS: Kaitlyn Returns with Much More than Spear-It, AJ has a Bad Bad Bad Night & Nattie gets “Quacked” out of a Win (July, 29th 2013)

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Fresh from a Spectacular Total Divas Debut, Welcome to Monday Night RAW. Although this would be the first RAW show in a while to be Pre Taped, it didn’t exactly disappoint as we saw Divas Champion AJ Lee go One on One w/ Kaitlyn and Natalya took on Brie Bella. Even though Kaitlyn had gained a Good Old Measure of Revenge, Natalya wasn’t so lucky, as the Injured Nikki Bella would come round and Mock the Heck out of the Dungeon Diva.

Anyways, onto the first Divas Match of the Night, Kaitlyn, who made her return to Smackdown and speared former friend AJ, is awaiting her rival in the ring. Down comes AJ, working herself with that little skipping routine as she gets down to the ring with Big E Langston keeping up his guard from ringside.

AJ has a little stare down with the not very intimidated Kaitlyn, then smacks her face. Kaitlyn turns around after being slapped, and knocks her. AJ goes for an armbar just for Kaitlyn to get her own back, and knock her yet again. AJ is annoyed, annoyed enough to apply her in a hammerlock. Kaitlyn manages to push herself toward the ropes to break the hold.

Shes up against a corner and tries taking a few kicks. This is followed by AJ taunting Kaitlyn, but Kaitlyn goes for a maneuver of her own, rolling up AJ for the 2 count. AJ with a knee to Kaitlyn, and the chinlock, but Kaitlyn elbows her then clotheslines her to the mat. Kaitlyn hits the back-breaker and almost gets her speared, but AJ knees her for a 2 count. AJ goes back to using her armbar, but Kaitlyn gets out again. AJ is mad again, snapping her arm across her knees for the 2 count.

Kaitlyn fights back against AJ with many clotheslines and AJ attacks the shoulder, and is by the ropes. Kaitlyn hits the spear to get the win.

AJ’s temper has flared up once again and she has a tantrum in the ring after Losing. Langston jumps his way in to calm down AJ but Ziggler comes out and mocks her again. He says that Big E may be her shoulder to cry on, but after hes done with him, he may need her shoulder to cry on, requesting that Big E takes him on tonight in a match. AJ stands by at ringside to watch the two face off.

Towards the end of the match, AJ cant take in her temper and attacks Dolph, causing Langston to be DQ’ed. Langston, after losing, checks up on AJ only to get a Zig Zag Finisher from Ziggler.

Divas Match Number 2 commences later on in the show, and its Natalya vs Brie Bella. Both Ladies are already in the ring, both in lovely attires as an un-aired backstage segment is shown where the ladies annoyed Nattie. Brie tries attacking her fellow diva Natalya, but ends up on the receiving end of her head being planted to the mat. Nattie suplexes Brie and attacks her from a corner. Brie ducks under the ropes to take a little break, right before snapping Nattie’s head on the very same ropes.

Brie kicks Nattie down and laughs at her, and carries on the taunt. Brie applies a chinlock to Nattie, totally taking over the match, and slams her to the mat. Brie nails a leg-drop then goes for the chinlock once more. Nattie starts fighting back with a couple of elbows to Brie, then has Brie in her own hold, the Abdominal Stretch. Brie comes back with the facebuster and gets the near fall.

Brie slams Nattie again and tries the chinlock, and Nattie takes her down with the snap-mare, then the scoop slam. Natalya isn’t finished either, as she dropkicks her and hits the discus clothesline for the near fall. Natalya nearly has Brie in her sharpshooter but here comes Brie’s Sister, its Nikki! Nikki taunts Nattie with the duck whistle, providing a decent distraction for Brie to nail the kick to Nattie and get a Roll Up Victory. Brie quickly makes her way out of the ring and goes to Nikki, as Natalya looks on, really disappointed (but who could blame her? Heel Tactics really!)

Kaitlyn vs AJ Lee (c) (Non Title Match)

Natalya vs Brie Bella (ft. Nikki Bella)

Thoughts On….

Kaitlyn vs AJ Lee: Kaitlyn seemed a Little Slow at the beginning to me but at least she and AJ delivered a Good Match. And as Per Usual, AJ sells the effect of the Spear well!! It looks like Kaitlyn has turned the tables on AJ and is the one getting to her head (see her post match tantrums)

Brie Bella vs Natalya: I Actually liked this match but it seemed like Brie dominated a little too much and usually you’d expect Natalya to get out of certain spots and completely dominate. Nikki coming out totally added a little backstory to the match, and for total divas, but i doubt theres going to be a feud because 2 diva feuds & matches on RAW seem sort of Rare nowadays. I Must also add that despite liking the Bellas, i think Natalya losing on a regular basis is unfair, but its a storyline and of course the heels are meant to (most of the time) use heel tactics to get the win so i guess it had to happen.

– Catherine


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