Cattie’s Catch Up: Trish Stratus vs Stephanie McMahon No Way Out 2001 (February, 25th 2001)

steph vs trish

steph vs trish 1

steph vs trish 2

Cattie’s Catch Up Edition Number 9 is highlighting a Very Great Match, Thats Right, The Boss Lady Stephanie McMahon took on Trish in a bout that was 12 Years AGO to prove she is the dominant female in the WWE, or should I Say WWF. The Feud came to be after Trish had some “business” with Stephanie’s DADDY, Vince which lead to a kayfabe near relationship between both, and Daddy’s Little Girl was Beyond Frustrated (trying to keep it as PG as possible LOL)

The First time I’d seen this was when i was digging out some old wrestling videos my Mum and Dad have (My Mums a big Bret Hart Fan and My Dads a Big Triple H Fan), cant remember exactly what year it was (Gosh is there anything i can remember? LOL) they had taped the Pay Per View on Box Office, and Steph’s Match was the only match I’d watched from this Pay Per View to be honest (more than once mainly because of Stephanie’s theme song being my Number 1 Favourite), the other Taped-onto-video Pay Per Views being Cyber Sunday 2008 and The Great American Bash 2008 (which i had taped myself since we don’t really use Box Office now because we’d rather not get ripped off money wise when Livestreams exist and i believe the Bash 2008 was on Sky Sports, cant really remember) and whatever else there was.

As If I Was Only 5 in 2001 when this match happened…OMGGGG! This definitely goes down as one of my favourite women’s matches of all time (yes i used women’s instead of Divas, don’t beef at me Vince, im still keeping it PG) You dont hear Lawler use the word Divas for this one, but you do hear him getting behind Trish as always, but this has to be a heel vs heel match that works, right? RIGHT?

All the WWF/WWE Stuff i hadn’t seen before i watched on Dailymotion and YouTube (though YouTube are strange enough to remove loads of wrestling videos these days) and i’ve gotta say The Attitude Era COMPLETELY Slayed the Current WWE Era *sigh* (waits for the day Triple H and Stephanie turn heel again) So if like me you were very very young in the early days of the WWF’s attitude era, i recommend you watch some of it on YouTube and Dailymotion (even though some of you might know a bit due to the WWE 13 Video Game Haha) whether you’re bored with the current product or not. Oh and I Need to Mention I MISS HOWARD FINKEL RING ANNOUNCING, LIKE SERIOUSLY!!!! (Okay im turning this into a Snoozy Beef-Fest, my Bad!)

Anyways now you’ve read my entertainment piece of the week, ENJOY!!!

– Catherine


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