WWE NXT RESULTS: Who Thought You’d have to “Twerk” instead of WORK To Be a Contender? (August, 8th 2013)

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On NXT Last week, Summer Rae put Power in her own hands by suggesting a Dance Off with Emma and Dusty Rhodes didn’t miss a minute of it….as a matter of fact he agreed with the self proclaimed “first lady of NXT”. Paige, who was present in the moment, didn’t even act bothered with the situation, despite the fact the winner would face her for the NXT Women’s title. And Now with the contest underway, lets see if Summer can get what she lost before.

We Finally get to the ring and after the Dance battle is announced, out comes the Glamorous Summer Rae, and after a recap showing Emma winning over Summer a couple of weeks ago, she is Followed up by Emma. The ring Announcer Byron Saxton quickly goes through the rules for the Divas and there’s some back and forth divas dance action, with Emma repeatedly throwing some Moves to get in Summers face.

Emma carries on her crazy dance moves to some Yes Chants and Poor Summer cant take it. She has to get on the Mic and have a go at Emma for “making fun of the art of dance” and demands the NXT crew to play her real music….that being Fandangos. Summer presents the art of “Fandangoing” and even though it gets the crowd going she cant stop them getting behind Emma. Emma gets on the mic and responds by saying the fans know what music they’d like to hear, and Emma’s theme plays.

Emma dances her way around the ring with the fans to back her, as Summer goes crazy, repeatedly yelling at her for dancing. The Dance Contest closes, and Byron asks the audience who they would like to win. The Audience cheer for Emma, and Boo for Summer, leading to Emma winning because of the crowds reaction.

That Makes Emma the Number 1 Contender to Paige’s Championship, and makes Summer more and more furious. Summer nails Emma from behind before hitting her finisher on her, and leaving the ring with Emma laid out. Later in the night, a short announcement is made claiming that due to Summer’s finishing move, Emma is not medically cleared to face off against Paige next week, therefore Summer is awarded the number 1 contendership.

Thoughts on this segment:
This Really isn’t the best way of determining a Number 1 Contender but i guess its comedy right? But I Guess I Know now how Emma gets replaced by Summer next week (whoops, have i just pulled a spoiler?). The best thing about this segment to me was the Mic work. Anyway Onto Next Week Folks!

– Catherine


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