WWE RAW RESULTS: Nattie Overthrows the Champion & Throws the Challenge to Brie this Sunday, With Some “Guests” (August, 12th 2013)

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Monday Night RAW this week is the “go home show” before the big summer event of the year, thats right, Summerslam is right on our edge and you guys better be excited because its not just a mixed tag match we’re having!!

So even though we didnt have a singles match for the divas, we saw a mixed tag as the elegant dungeon diva Natalya teamed with The Great Khali against Big E Langston and Divas Champ AJ Lee, and for AJ, this definitely has not been her night!!!!

Out first is Nattie, with The Great Khali, who is accompanied also by Hornswoggle. We Go to Break, and when we come back, Big E comes over to the ring with Miss Skippy AJ Lee (who has not forgot the Divas Championship). Its Unusual not to see Kaitlyn in the mix though…

The bell rings and Khali is starting off with Langston or so i thought as AJ tagged herself into the match and skips around Khali, before chopping him in the face. A Frustrated Natalya is prompted to get involved, and does. Lets remember that Nattie has beaten AJ before!

Nattie slams her to the mat by attacking from behind and kicks her in the corner. She tries her powerslam on AJ but to no avail as AJ gets over and launches her into the corner turnbuckles. AJ with a quick roll up but Nattie kicks out. Dolph is seen discussing his strategies backstage with his Summerslam Fatale, Kaitlyn.

AJ with the kick and she takes out Nattie with the snapmare. AJ applies the facelock on Natalya, but Natalya soon manages to break it off. The Champ goes for the kick, then takes her down and gets her down in the pin, but Nattie is back up at a 2 count. Hornswoggle is cheering for Nattie and AJ flips about it, and Nattie uses that distraction to apply her sharpshooter finishing submission. AJ appears to tap out but the ref was distracted somehow and never happens to notice (the oddest part in this match)

Natalya acts confused and gets AJ back in the sharpshooter. AJ yells and eventually taps. Big E cant stand that, and goes and hits Khali. He grabs hold of Hornswoggle, throwing him around but is sent packing by a huge slap from the Great Khali. Whos the Dominant Force now Langston? Nattie celebrates with Hornswoggle and Khali as AJ lays defeated around the outside of the ring with Langston.

Later, we get to view a Divas segment. We see none other than Josh Matthews backstage as he interviews Brie and Nikki, where he analyses last weeks segment that saw Nattie slap Brie across the face, and the twins are much embarrassed with the segment. The Bella’s put over themselves and how they control the division, and Nattie jumps in on the girls, offering a match this Sunday with Brie. Nattie calls over The Villainous Eva Marie and refers to her as a wannabe and calls around her own mates, Cameron and Naomi minus Tensai and Brodus of course. Nattie exchanges verbal insults with Brie which leads to The Cunning Brie slapping Nattie in the face as payback from last week. This almost forces Nattie to get her back, but Naomi holds her back with Cameron. Things are getting CATTY!

And of course Summer Rae was again present as she was at ringside for Fandangos “match”

(Natalya and The Great Khali vs AJ Lee and Big E Langston; Natalya, Naomi, Cameron, The Bella Twins and Eva Marie Backstage Segment)

Thoughts on:
Mixed Tag Match: Other than that Referee Botch which i dare to speak of, it was great! Seeing Nattie in the ring was great for a start but her winning against the Champion is another Huge Bonus! If Kaitlyn does end up w/ AJ’s “Baby Ziggy” then perhaps we will see Nattie aim for another title run? But this match proves that AJ will always find it difficult to escape the sharpshooter!

The Bella’s Segment: I Overall LOVED This Segment, i think Brie did so well on the mic. I Think it would’ve done better without the Brie Nikki “isn’t that right?” exchanges but they’re just playing their “better than everyone else in the locker room” character so i wont critique, Nattie coming into the segment as well as Eva was great, but is it me or did WWE make it obvious that Eva was standing in the background the whole time? And Yep Cameron’s Girl Bye Catchphrase is catchy but in this segment I just don’t understand her and Naomi…Why didn’t Naomi just get in the Bella’s faces instead? Other than that great night packed with Divas, despite not getting a Divas Singles Match!

– Catherine


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