WWE NXT RESULTS: Paige Makes her First Title Defense, & Bayley freaks AJ Out (August, 15th 2013)

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This weeks NXT surely would be tough for Paige, yep thats right, Paige, who weeks ago captured the NXT Women’s Championship, makes her first title defense, against Summer, who somehow “earned” the title shot after she took Emma, the original contender to the title out, following last weeks hilarious dance off.

Kendall Skye stands in the ring (with an amazing outfit i will add) and announces the NXT Women’s title match. Out first is Paige, with the glamorous title on display, followed by the Self Proclaimed First Lady of NXT, Summer Rae. A Recap of Summer taking out Emma last week is shown, and Kendall takes her turn to announce the contender and the defending champion.

Summer locks up with the defending champ, Paige to begin the match. Summer puts Paige in a side head lock, followed with a crossbody but Paige comes back with a near fall. Paige pulls Summer about by her hair then hits a shoulder tackle, and grabs her again by the hair. Summers in the corner and takes a few stomps by Paige, until she eventually blocks one and takes Paige down.

Summer utilizes the ropes, using them to choke her rival, then yanks her into the bottom ropes for the whiplash. Summer gets two near falls. Paige has Summer in her grasp, or so she thinks, as Paige ends up receiving the DDT by Summer. Summer rolls through and attempts to pin Paige, but Paige kicks out again.

Paige rolls Summer up to try and pin her, but Summer kicks out. Paige forces Summer into the corner and nails repetitive elbow shots. The shots may have worn Summer out, but she still manages to reverse a kick from Paige, but Paige has Summer pulled by her foot into the middle of the ring. With Summer close to losing balance, Paige quickly sends Summer head first into the mat.

Paige does her own choke in the ropes on Summer to get back at her from before, and heads to outside the apron where she connects several knee shots on Summer. Paige takes it back to the ring where she kicks Summer and connects the signature Paige turner to win.

But thats not it divas wise, as backstage we see AJ being interviewed by Renee Young. Renee wants to know who AJ would like to challenge her next week for her title. AJ makes jokes about making defenses against the camera guy and other crew members, then is shocked as Bayley jumps in on the interview and hugs AJ tightly. Bayley finally releases her embrace and tells AJ she’d been following her, and asks if she can be her opponent. AJ is all friendly around her and agrees of course. But it only takes one word for AJ to go mad with Bayley…”Crazy” but Bayley shakes it off for another hug, as the match is announced for next week.

We come back from Bayley and AJ’s very strange encounter to see a Clip being played of Emma attacking Summer following her match against Paige. One thing I Know from this, is that Summer’s feud with the Proud Diva, Emma, is far from over! After all, Emma would be frustrated at losing her title shot. Time to go into Serious Beast Mode, Emma!

(Paige vs Summer Rae; NXT Women’s Championship Match)

(AJ and Bayley Backstage Segment)

Thoughts on:

Summer vs Paige NXT Women’s Championship Match: Overall Good Match, and Summer is getting very good in the ring, even though shes already good in the ring as it is. I Guess im the only one whose going to say this, but this match doesn’t beat their previous match….anyways, Good Match as always, plus don’t forget these two still aren’t through with one another!

Bayley and AJ: Ermmmmm Okay, Well AJ was certainly more friendly than usual here, and her and Bayley definitely need a storyline someday, two crazy chicks and after all they do connect really well! Maybe Bayley should become AJ’s new friend or obsessed stalker, or even have the Winter Gimmick, lets see if WWE are listening…

Emma attacking Summer: They could have shown that after the match, rather than in a clip later in the show, short but great, Emma was aggressive here but no one can exactly blame her after she lost a title shot, cant she be like that more often?

– Catherine


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