WWE NXT RESULTS: AJ Puts the Value of Friendship Behind AGAIN, and her Opponent to Conquer is…Bayley (August, 22nd 2013)

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Last week on NXT, Bayley tried to issue a challenge to AJ, well more or less did, in a friendly/crazy way. Bayley would ask AJ if she could take her on in a Divas Title Match, while bringing up the value of Friendship. But after they encounter themselves in the ring, will their “friendship” be De-valued? That Might be the Case…

WWE NXT Begins, and the First Match of course is for the WWE Divas Championship. Out First, as Scheduled (since Contender comes out first) is Bayley as a recap of AJ’s segment with Bayley from last week is played. Out Next is the reigning Divas Champion AJ Lee. As she goes to the apron, she kisses “the title thats never going to leave her” and shows herself off, and the title in the ring, as Bayley glances, Starstruck. Byron is in the ring and introduces Champion and Challenger and the match is underway!

Bayley wants to start things off with a hug, but AJ seems weirded out as Bayley offers, then as she reels herself in, Bayley is knocked down by AJ, there goes the friendship offer. AJ hits multiple neckbreakers and tries for a cover, and instead, Bayley kicks out. AJ follows by sending her in the turnbuckles and hits her with a kick.

AJ dominates, nailing Bayley with the cravates and snap mares but Bayley hits back with punches. AJ hits the back elbow and gets a near fall. AJ returns to the turnbuckles with Bayley. AJ kicks her but misses the corner splash. Bayley goes for yet another “offer of friendship” and hugs AJ, then takes her into the turnbuckles. Bayley hugs her once again, then a shot in the corner. Bayley hits the clothesline in the corner, following up with a well timed slam and covers AJ, but the Champ kicks out.

Bayley hits a knee drop and goes for a cover once again, but AJ isnt looking to lose her title and kicks out again. Bayley again with another cover, that AJ kicks out of. Bayley keeps covers coming, but AJ kicks out at 2. Bayley takes it to the turnbuckles and hits AJ with a back elbow for the near fall. AJ seems to have a problem with her jaw and Bayley looks concerned for her “friend”. Bayley tries to check up on her, but its another trick, as AJ hits the back heel kick and shining wizard to retain her divas title.

Following the match, NXT’s new diva Lexi Kaufman appears backstage with Tyler Breeze who is forever showing himself off, and he gets her to take some pics of him, even though CJ Parker interrupts by dropping in on the picture taking moments as he always does, unnoticed.

Thoughts on this match: I Wasn’t too hyped for this one up until the segment last week. I Obviously wont compare it to Sami Zayn vs Antonio Cesaro later in the night, but it was a good match, with an obvious result. But those two connect well with their on screen characters, and it would be a total shame if WWE dont put these two ladies in a storyline in the future (i think i’ve said that 300 times now) but i can only hope. I’ll be honest and say i wouldnt mind another match between the two, but im hoping for AJ to get a match w/ Summer and Paige in the future too.

– Catherine


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