TNA IMPACT RESULTS: Miss Tessmacher is Back….With a Cruel Edge (August, 22nd 2013)

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The Moment a lot of fans had been waiting for last night finally happened, after waiting a countless number of minutes. Bully and his new found friend Tito came to address the IMPACT Audience, and Bully used the time to introduce his New Love, and it isn’t Brooke Hogan. Plus ODB was in action against the Ever So Awesome Gail Kim.

Bully is in the ring with Tito, who revealed himself as the recent member of aces & 8s last week. Bully talks about winning the world title, Chris’s title reign being a “fluke”, Tito who calls out Jackson, to no avail, then Bully gets to the point about his new Lover, and calls her out. Brooke Hogan’s music hits so we all expect Brooke Hogan to come out (but we now know shes departed from the company) so out comes Miss Tessmacher, who can now use her real ring name, Brooke Tessmacher, and OMG she Looks Incredible!! (doesn’t she always though?) But Yep Ray had us all in it again…

Brooke struts to the ring and Bully looks definitely lovestruck with his gaze as Tito takes a backseat. The Two Smooch Big Time, then Bully proceeds with his speaking…

“Now that I’ve got the hot Brooke with me, now that I’ve got the Huntington Beach Bad Boy with me, now that I’ve got my boy Tazz with me, does anybody doubt that Bully Ray can ever be stopped? There’s only one thing left to do…”

Brooke slips her mouth down Bully’s finger and spits out Brooke’s engagement ring, which pretty much declares Bully has lost interest in Brooke Hogan completely. Does Anyone remember Brooke’s last segment before her hiatus, that she told Brooke Hogan that if she needed a shoulder to cry on, she’d be there for her? Well, Kudos to TNA for planning that one out smartly with that segment in mind. I’m Guessing Next week they’ll explain Brooke Hogan’s release by saying “she was disgusted with last week, couldn’t take it any more and left”.

That wouldn’t be the only time the new Brooke Tessmacher would come down though, as she appeared with Tito and Bully during IMPACT WRESTLING’s Main Event.

Now onto something else, yes following the revelation of Tessmacher, we have a Knockouts singles Match, ODB vs Gail Kim, you’re about to see these two duke it out in the ring. Gail is out first to her addictive, never-be-changed-again theme music, followed by ODB, who has definitely been on a roll.

ODB ties up with Gail to kick the match off, and tosses her about the ring. Gail gets frustrated and tries the waistlock, but ends up going into the corner. ODB nails a Bronco Buster and gets the 2 count on Gail. ODB whips Gail and scoops her right into the fallaway slam. Gail rolls to the outside, where ODB proceeds with a chasing game. Gail is back in and hits a diving armbar on ODB.

Gail attacks ODBs arm in the corner, but ODB fights back with a kick, then goes right up to the top, but Gail hits a nasty shoulder breaker and goes for the pin, which ODB kicks out of. Gail locks a hammerlock on ODB, but ODB fights out, hiptossing her and nailing several clotheslines. ODB kicks Gail right in her face, then proceeds to drag Gail to the turnbuckles, where Gails head and the turnbuckles connect.

ODB hits a Thesz Press, following up with a superplex. ODB lands on her shoulder, but does a pin attempt anyway, but little to her amusement, does Gail dodge a follow up attack from ODB, and get the crucifix pin for the win. ODB cant believe she lost the match, as Gail gloats as she goes up the ramp, as she is the reigning Knockout in this match.

Thoughts on:

Brooke Turns Heel: This is Nothing more than Brilliant! Brooke Turning Heel is something a lot of people have been waiting to happen, after all she hasnt been a heel since her time at ECW! Brooke may not be wrestling right now, but with Ray at her side, don’t be surprised if she goes back to hunting down the Knockouts title again and they become a power couple, and with various aces & 8s members leaving soon (rumored) the attention will soon be back on Brooke at last. She Looked incredible and being a heel in my opinion is going to be great for her, because if this hadn’t happened, only Gail and Mickie would be the only Heels in the KO’s roster. Even though im done with the whole Aces & 8s thing, at least we get to see Brooke every week! But Please, Put her on that Microphone! Oh and that Inside IMPACT Segment/Video Package is Brilliant!

Gail Kim vs ODB: Great Lengthy and Physical Match with a revenge win, that is all! I Don’t think their feud is over yet, maybe ODB will have something in motion for Gail next week, i don’t know?

– Catherine


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