TNA IMPACT RESULTS: ODB Stuns the Specialist Gail Kim, & Is Coming for Mickie James! Plus a Special Appearance (August, 29th 2013)

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brooke 422

velvet 196

Last Nights IMPACT Wrestling Episode was Dubbed as Must Win Thursday, and as silly as it would sound, it was a Must Win Thursday for Former Knockouts Tag Team Champion ODB who had to go face to face with Gail once again, this time in a 2 out of 3 Falls Number 1 Contenders match. Plus Not Only did we see the First Lady of the Aces and Eights, Brooke Tessmacher (without the microphone) but Velvet Sky, who became open about her relationship with Former Champion Chris Sabin.

Bully Ray opened the show, acting saddened over the loss of Devon last week. It was only a matter of time before he would hand Devon’s place in the group to Newbie Tito, much to Ken Anderson’s disgust (and mine). And to lend him Devon’s previous jacket, was none other than Bully’s Lady, Brooke Tessmacher, whose glorious outfit almost reminded me of Audrey Maries NXT Attire but darker and less flowery. And of course, with Tito being offered the new spot, and Ken being thrown into the corner, Brooke would leave the stadium with Bully and reappear in the show later on.

And TNA Make a Huge Announcement related to the Knockouts, its ODB vs her Rival Gail Kim, in a 2 out of 3 Falls Match to crown the Number 1 Contender for Mickie’s title. Christy Hemme is standing by in the ring, and down comes Gail Kim to her amazing theme song, yes i might as well say that every time shes in the ring, followed by ODB, who has gotten totally over with the crowd.

ODB and Gail go at it, and lockup, with Gail sneakily tripping up her rival. Gail rolls herself forward, placing ODB in a bridged pin for the near fall. Gail tries the rollup after, only for ODB to block it and shoulder block Gail for a near fall. ODB whips Gail into the corner, and as she charges at her, Gail moves by the ropes and ODB misses. Gail shoulder blocks ODB from the ropes, and follows up with a well timed slingshot sunset flip. However ODB avoids it and lifts Gail up.

ODB sends Gail into the corner where she nails the Vertical Suplex for the cover, but Gail kicks out. ODB tries to whip Gail, but Gail counters, then charges to ODB. ODB with the headscissors, which Gail blocks. Gail takes control and slams ODB into the mat by her knee. ODB exploits the injured knee, and Gail seems really happy with that. Gail hits several boots to the knee, and follows up by almost locking in a submission, but ODB uses the other leg to counter it and escape. ODB rolls Gail up and almost gets the 1st fall, but Gail kicks out. Gail works on ODB’s leg.

Gail with an elbow drop, and then she drags ODB to the apron, and rams it into the side of the ring. ODB springs up, but Gail has entered the ring and kicks her. Gail puts ODB in the cloverleaf, and an Injured ODB is made to tap, which means Gail takes the first fall.

Gail 1 – 0 ODB

After a quick break, Gail continues to work on ODBs leg. She hangs it on the ropes as ODB is weary and cannonballs across it. Gail does the usual taunts to the crowd, and then charges into the corner, and into ODB. ODB lifts one of her feet, but to no avail, as Gail catches it and slams it again, YIKES. Gail tries the cloverleaf again but ODB cradles out of nowhere, awarding herself the fall.

Gail 1 – 1 ODB

Gail is annoyed with this, and goes to work on ODB again. Gail slams ODB’s leg and drags her to a corner. Shes got her figure four locked in, and as she is yelling in pain, the ref jumps by and forces Gail to break. Gail struts about the ring, lurking around ODB as the fans are on their feet for ODB. Gail gives ODB multiple slaps, and taunts her. Gail grabs ODB by the leg but ODB clutches her as quick as she can and rams her into a corner. ODB launches some forearm assaults on Gail.

ODB nails the shortarm clothesline on Gail, and goes for a cover but once more, Gail kicks out. ODB looks to do her signature move but her knee is damaged, and Gail uses it to chop block her. Gail goes for a submission but ODB is able to climb to the ropes, and forces Gail to break the hold. Both ladies try their signature moves, both are reversed, but ODB escapes a pin from Gail and reverses it into a cloverleaf, and even though Gail is close to the ropes, ODB forces her back into the middle of the ring, and Gail taps, losing the match.

Gail 1 – 2 ODB

ODB is the Number one contender to the Knockouts Championship, but the Knockouts Champion is nowhere in sight. Meanwhile, Velvet makes her return backstage, where a cameraman drops in and asks her about ODB facing Mickie for the championship, and Vel is happy about it. The Cameraman goes on to ask Velvet why she wasn’t at Hardcore Justice, despite being televised, in which Vel reveals she had some personal problems to take care of. This leads the cameraman to bring up her relationship with Chris Sabin. Velvet smiles at the thought of it, and replies that she and Sabin have been together for a while, and has to rush off, but she tells the cameraman hes clever.

Brooke reappears for the second time at the end of the show following Hulk’s IMPACT Return as Bully annoys the heck out of Bully, talking about being champion again, mocking him and his daughter, and introducing his new lover, who is cackling at his side, Brooke. Hulk, however, brings up that in 2 weeks Bully must defend his title against one of the aces and eights, then proceeds to reveal, that next week, Bully must ALSO face Sting for the title? Waiiiittttt…..hes not allowed that, remember the no title shot stipulation? SABIN DESERVES IT MORE. SABIN SHOULD HAVE A REMATCH FOR THE TITLE!!!!

(Bully and Brooke Show Opening)

(Bully, the Aces and Brooke segment)

(Gail Kim vs ODB)

(Hulk Hogan, Sting, Bully and Brooke segment)

Thoughts on:

Brooke tessmacher segments: As Good as it is to see Brooke again, one week after her heel turn, it has SO Disappointed me that Brooke never got a chance to talk on the mic. You’d think TNA Would let her explain why she did what she did but i guess Hulk Hogan is the “centre of attention”….

Gail Kim vs ODB: A Brilliant match with a beyond confusing ending. After all, we all know Gail never got her feet worked on during the match, so for Gail to tap out like that at the end really confused me, like was ODB deliberately told to win? The Winning result however is understandable, since ODB is the face, a crowd favourite, and a Knockout who is long overdue for a Knockouts Title Reign.

– Catherine


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