WWE NXT RESULTS: Bayley & Charlotte Conquer their Main Roster Competitors, as Paige Makes Herself Aware Of Summer’s Manipulation (September, 5th 2013)

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Another Edition of WWE NXT This week that didnt disappoint! First we had Charlotte and Bayley take on the duo of Alicia Fox and Aksana, then Summer Rae continued her “brainwashing” ways on Sasha Banks to dig into Sasha’s “Inner Rage” and thanks to a certain Renee, Paige found out and used that opportunity to address both girls ahead of her match with Sasha next week.

First we have the Divas in Tag Team Action, the Cheerful Bayley is out first, followed by Charlotte, who shall be her tag partner for the evening. Following up is WWEs Main Roster Diva Alicia Fox, followed by the Sultry Aksana, as they prepare to show the ladies what its like to get in a WWE Ring, or so they think….

Bayley and Aksana start off the match, and Aksana is aware of how “friendly” Bayley is and offers her a hug, but Charlotte is aware of Aksana’s heelish actions and tries to tempt Bayley out of it, but Bayley does not listen and ends up receiving a kick from Aksana as she heads her way in to hug her. Aksana hits a side slam on Bayley and introduces the crowd to her seductive crawl again. Aksana kicks Bayley and covers, but Bayley kicks out.

Aksana hits a couple elbows, and goes to cover Bayley again, but to no avail. Aksana sends Bayley into the turnbuckles and tags Fox in. Alicia with a well timed dropkick, and then covers her, but Bayley kicks out again. Alicia takes it to the turnbuckles with Bayley.

Alicia hits the northern lights suplex on her, and goes for a cover once more, but Bayley is still kicking out. Bayley is whipped hard in the turnbuckles, and Aksana tags into the match. Aksana hits many kicks on Bayley, and Alicia is tagged in again. Alicia kicks Bayley and tags Aksana back in. Aksana takes Bayley down on the mat, and follows with the quarter nelson and applied chin lock. Aksana attacks with the forearm and takes Bayley into the turnbuckles and stretches out her leg and chokes her.

Bayley wants a hug, and surprises with a belly to belly suplex. Both women are down on the mat. Aksana tags in Alicia as Bayley makes it as soon as possible to tag Charlotte in the match. Charlotte instantly takes on Alicia with the roll up and bridge. Alicia manages to take over, nailing a kick with an irish whip, but Charlotte out does Alicia with her Flair Flip, and hits Alicia head on with her shoulder, before she goes up top. Alicia sees that happening and nails the press slam on Charlotte. Charlotte rolls out and clotheslines Fox for a near fall.

With Alicia on her shoulders, Charlotte reaches Bayley to tag her back in. Alicia kicks Bayley and nails an Irish whip, but Bayley gets back, and sends Aksana from the apron to the outside of the ring. A Stunned Alicia is rolled up and Bayley gets the win of the match. Charlotte celebrates with Bayley and gets a huge hug, but of course, Charlotte hugs back and they head up the ramp to celebrate more.

Later on in the show, we see Sasha glamoring up when Summer struts by to see if Sasha is ready to make herself “relevant” again. Sasha is so annoyed to see Summer at her side again and claims Summer is there to stir up trouble, even though Summer tries telling Sasha that her match next week could be life changing for her. It will also make her relevant.

Summer adds that Paige is the Anti Diva, and she defines the Anti Diva as someone who thinks she is better than them, but she isnt. She tells Sasha that next week on NXT, she has to give Paige the beating of her life. She Knows about the Inner Rage of Sasha and that to win, shes going to let it loose. However she questions whether Sasha knows she has that rage in her, and leaves, as she tells Sasha to think about it, whipping her hair in her face.

After the break, Renee introduces NXT Womens Champ, Paige, and tells her that she has her match next week with Sasha Banks, but this has a twist, since in the past couple of weeks, Summer has tried to get to Sasha’s head. Paige explains she doesnt care about what Summer has done, but she knows how good Sasha is in the ring, but she is the champion.

Paige defines her Anti Diva Image, that it means shes no cover girl, but a girl who is covering the opponents in the ring. She Promises she will be the most dominant diva in the WWE and that she is a fighter, and that Sasha should go see Summer to ask her what its like to be in the ring with her. She tells Renee she is going to give Sasha the fight of her life next week in the ring and leaves.

(Aksana and Alicia vs Bayley and Charlotte)

(Sasha Banks Segment w/ Summer Rae Backstage)

(Paige Backstage with Renee Young)

Thoughts on:

Bayley and Charlotte vs Aksana and Alicia: Overall Good Tag Match with a well thought out Pair of Faces! WWE seem to be utilizing Bayleys Gimmick and Pushing Charlotte at the same time, which is good, and for Bayley to get the win, well it’ll probably mean WWE like her, and they’ll use her and Charlotte more, and then bring in the new girls, Alexa Bliss, Christina Vargas etc. As for Aksana and Alicia, Alicia’s domination and athelticism really stood out for this match, especially the starting dropkick, and Aksanas heel antics and moves in my case were on point, its a shame they dont use her as much on WWE TV, but just wait until Smackdown….

Summer and Sasha: Ahead of Summers best segment yet last week, the two ladies definitely pulled another massive one this week, and i loved it. This is definitely a way to keep Summer, the current top diva heel of NXT, on TV and its well done, and its obviously building to Sashas Upcoming Heel Turn. They’re making Summer manipulate Sasha to destroy Paige, and it’ll work, tune in next week. But is Summer using Sasha to work Paige down so she can have the championship? Who Knows!

Paige and Renee: I Would’ve preferred to see Paige in a separate segment with Sasha or confront them both, but this is good enough for me. She sent a clear statement to both girls and she knows she isnt going to lose next week, after all she is the WWEs One and Only Anti Diva, and NXT Womens Champion, and thats an Accolade that will take her very far in the future!

– Catherine


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