WWE NXT RESULTS: Summer’s Advice to Sasha Leaves Paige Hollow as Sasha is the Latest to Join the Dark Side (September,12th 2013)

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Last week on NXT Following a Divas Tag, it was Summer who once again mentally tortured Sasha into destroying NXTs Women’s Champion Paige. Now the Week of The “Career Defining” Match between Paige and Sasha has come, will Sasha listen to Summer’s “Advice” or will she face Paige in a respectable contest? We Will See!!

The Divas Match begins as Sasha Banks heads to the ring, followed by the Champion Herself, Paige, who is as always aware of the Antics of Summer Rae, as she stated last week. Paige locks up with Sasha, and Sasha swings it into a wrist lock. Paige battles back with a head butt and sends Sasha into the ropes. Paige grabs Sasha and does the same, but at the other side of the ring.

Sasha knees Paige, and attempts to launch Paige into the ropes, but comes off short when Paige sends Sasha there instead, and goes for the cover, but Sasha kicks out. Paige nails the leg sweep and goes for the pin again but Sasha kicks out again. Paige with a series of covers, all kicked out of by Sasha.

Another Pinfall attempt from Paige, but Sasha gets out again, and tries a pinfall attempt of her own, to no avail. Paige gives her the impressed look and the match goes on. Sasha locks the wrist lock on Paige which she tries countering but Sasha stays her ground and prevents a counter. Paige takes Sasha into the turnbuckles, and sends elbows her way. Paige chokes Sasha in the corner then stomps her down. Sasha fights back with a kick to the shoulder and sends her into the turnbuckles as we reach the break.

Back from Commercials and Sasha has Absolute Control, as Paige is hit with the camel clutch. Sasha goes to work on the back of the Champ, before applying the reverse chin lock. Sasha hits the body scissors. Paige tries to raise herself up, but Sasha nails the forearm to her. Sasha with a back elbow for a near fall. Sasha goes back to applying a reverse chin lock, before following with the bodyscissors.

Paige tries to get to her feet again, but another chinlock is applied. Sasha tries to slam the Opposition but Paige rolls through with the roll up pin attempt, which Sasha kicks out of again. Sasha hits the drop kick and covers Paige, but Paige kicks out also. Sasha again goes back to the chin lock and body scissors move, as Paige leans back and goes for a cover. Sasha kicks out again.

Sasha kicks Paige and goes for the suplex, but Paige blocks it and counters with the fishermans suplex to follow. Paige goes to the ropes to try raise herself up as the match’s intensity gets even higher. Paige takes Sasha out to the apron and hits the headbutt and knees her a couple of times. Sasha collapses out on the mat. Paige tries to take over, but Sasha rolls her into a small package pin for the near fall. Sasha utilizes the ropes but as she sees Paige trying a dropkick she grips on and Paige falls onto the mat.

Sasha with a crossbody, but suddenly Paige rolls through and gets the win. As Sasha looks disappointed, Paige celebrates with the audience. She turns and sees the Upset Sasha and tries to speak to her but Sasha doesnt want to know. She wont even accept a handshake. Paige is a bit freaked out and decides to go, but all of a sudden Sasha launches herself at Paige, grabbing her and slapping her several times, before hitting her cross arm neckbreaker to a chorus of boos, turning her heel in the process. Paige is tended to by the ref, as Sasha looks on smugly from the ramp.

We Go Backstage and Sasha is texting, not Angelo is it? Summer stops by, saying she knew Sasha had it in her, the Inner Rage. She asks her how it felt, in which Sasha Replies “Awesome” (No Miz Pun Intended). Sasha says she finally did it, she released her Inner Rage and its all thanks to Summer, and offers a hug. Summer hugs Sasha back and Joyously smiles to herself, just in a lot more sinister fashion. She Has Played with Sasha’s Mind and Now she Knows she has someone to do her Job of Destroying Paige for her. Never Trust a Pretty Face!

(Sasha Banks vs Paige w/ Heel Turn)

(Sasha Backstage w/ Summer)

Thoughts on:

Sasha vs Paige: The Length of the Match was long due to the fact Sasha dubbed it as “possibly one of the biggest matches of her life”. And I Cant Disagree, Sasha Put on quite a fight for this one and didnt let up against Paige. Obviously Paige would win to upset Sasha to trigger the post match turn.

Sasha’s Heel Turn: Absolutely Brilliant and well done. I Loved It. Sasha was a good choice, since Summer is right now the only heel diva on the NXT Roster and Sasha hadnt been showcased as much since Paiges major push and Audreys release. So Sasha as a Heel and her Alliance with Summer should get more interesting in the next few weeks, and with word of Raquel returning, im expecting her to be added to the mix. Unless Summer screws her out of a title shot, i expect Sasha to be the number 1 contender.

Sasha and Summer backstage: A Little too short but it looks like now Sasha and Summer are Pretty Close Friends. But by Summers facial reactions at the end, im thinking shes using Sasha to “destroy” Paige for her so she can become champion. We’ll see what goes on in the next few weeks, after all tonight is the next NXT Taping.

– Catherine


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