TNA KNOCKOUTS KNOCKDOWN RESULTS: The Many Faces of Womens Wrestling Go At it to Become QUEEN of the Knockouts (September, 6th 2013)

Last Night TNA Brought us the FIRST EVER Knockouts Exclusive Pay Per View as Faces of New and Old went toe to toe in the ring to determine who would earn Madison Rayne’s Special Tiara, and become Queen of the Knockouts. Featuring the Likes of Gail Kim, Ivelisse Velez, Trinity and Mickie James, this was a Pay Per View that is WORTH WATCHING!!!

Match #1 Gail Kim vs Alissa Flash

gail kim 678

gail kim 674

gail kim 672

The First Match of the Night is Gail Kim vs Alissa Flash which will determine the First Knockout to go through to the Knockouts Battle Royal later in the night. Alissa Flash, for those who dont know, is a Former TNA Knockout who competed under the same ring name, and also as Awesome Kongs Mystic Mystery, Raisha Saaed. Kim and Flash have never faced off in a TNA Ring before, until now, and Alissa is going to give it her all, as will Gail!

Gail is interviewed by SoCal Val backstage and is consoled by Madison, the Queen of the KOs, though it looks like she wants to pass her crown onto someone else, preferrably Gail. A Video Package of the Returning Alissa is shown, in all her glory! We Go to the ring and Out comes Gail, followed up by Alissa. Gail seems to find it funny that she has to face Alissa, but i think she might have to regret that, the bell rings…

The Two Ladies go into battle, with Gail eventually showing domination, as she slams Alissa hard. Gail hits a well done dropkick, before blowing taunting kisses for the crowd, but when she switches her focus back to her opposition, she is met with a major german suplex. Gail takes some time to get back up from that, as Alissa rears the crowd in to cheer her.

Alissa comes out of the ring and gives chase. Alissa swings Gail, just for Gail to swiftly counter with her forcing Alissa into the rails instead. Back to the ring, and Alissa meets a clothesline from Gail, but Gail only gets the 2 count. Gail displays full heel tactics, as she lands the crossbody on Alissa, and she climbs to the top rope and hits the dropkick. Gail goes for the pin, but will she advance? Nope, Alissa is back at 2! Alissa comes back with more offense than before, until Gail’s christo submission gets her grounded for a bit. Gail releases eventually.

Gail tries for the sunset flip, only for Alissa to put her into a deathlock. Gail climbs as hard as she can to the ropes and grabs it, and she kicks Alissa. Gail taunts the crowd for another time, but Alissa comes back again, as she does, but Gail is quick and sneaky as she misses it. Gail takes on the ropes, using them to her advantage, only for Alissa to swing her into a Samoan drop. Gail ends up in the corner, where she meets a devastating elbow and stomp combo. Alissa looks to be in complete control as Gail ends up at the end of her flying dropkick. Alissa goes for the pin but NO Gail Out at 2! Gail reverses a shoulder tackle and hits the eat defeat to advance to the battle royal later *cue her fantastic entrance theme*

Match #2 Ivelisse vs LeiD Tapa (TNA GutCheck Rematch)

ivelisse velez 29

ivelisse velez 31

ivelisse velez 32

After the Strong Match-up between Alissa/Raisha and Gail, Up Next is a Very Exciting GutCheck Rematch as Shine Wrestling’s Own Ivelisse takes on the Pride of Tonga, The Frightening LeiD Tapa. This was Overall my Favourite Match of the Night. The Two had faced off before earlier in the year in a GutCheck Match to decide who would get a Place in the KO’s Division and despite winning, Ivelisse was snubbed from a place while TNA Authority Figure Bruce Prichard gave the Job to LeiD Tapa.

Ivelisse is out first, and you can all tell the crowd are so happy to see her back in a TNA Ring. After all there had been countless Bring Back Ivelisse Signs and Banners at TNA Events since the GutCheck “Pipebomb”. Ivelisse has the crowd rearing to go, as LeiD Tapa comes out, whose composure, height and intimidating look would have anyone bow down to her (but not Ivelisse)

Ivelisse is ready, or so i thought, as she runs right into Tapa’s arm, who stands tall over Ivelisse, a lot of intimidation right there. With all her strength, Tapa sends Ivelisse straight into a corner. Ivelisse is rammed into the turnbuckles and her head meets the mat. Tapa chokes her with her hand in the corner, before slapping her in her mid section, and Ivelisse definitely felt it. Tapa rams her knee into Ivelisse, and sends her into another corner, where she lands hard again. Tapa taunts and grabs Ivelisse, who is looking to fight back, but Tapa’s strength pulls Ivelisse back in the corner.

Ivelisse cant handle being dominated by her strength anymore and comes at her with multiple punches and kicks. Tapa tries to come back from it, but Ivelisse uses Tapas arm to reverse and kicks her, which makes her eventually fall to the mat on her knees. Ivelisse flies over her and tries to roll her up but cant even get her to roll over onto her shoulders. Tapa contains her balance and tries to butt slap her but Ivelisse moves out of the way and knocks her right on the mat with a very quick kick.

Ivelisse with a cover, but Tapa kicks out at 2. Ivelisse is nearly sent flying because of her kick out, and as she gets up, Tapa whips her right into a clothesline. Tapa with a boot to Ivelisse’s stomach, then she lifts her over her shoulder, and rams her body into the mat. Ivelisse looks tired out, or was that a trick, because as soon as Tapa comes back to her, Ivelisse fights back with some fire power, as she recieves multiple chops. Ivelisse utilizes the ropes, but ends up at the end of another clothesline.

Tapa lifts up Ivelisse once again and rams her back onto the mat, and her leg connects with Ivelisse’s body. Tapa with a cover and Ivelisse kicks out. Tapa overpowers Ivelisse, and tries to get in the face of the TNA Official, before grabbing Ivelisses legs. Ivelisse flips over and sends Tapa away for a short time, before getting up and sending a load of punches and chest chops in her direction. Ivelisse successfully whips Tapa, but Tapa reverses, whipping her into another clothesline. Tapa hits some back head chops and sends her into a corner again, and chokes her with her boot.

Tapa continues choking, until the Official breaks it off. Tapa runs to the turnbuckles, but with quick thinking, there goes Ivelisse, who heads out of the way, forcing Tapas head to connect with the turnbuckles. Will that keep the heel down? Ivelisse kicks Tapa down and yells at the crowd as she makes her way to the top. Ivelisse hits a hurricanrana and Tapa goes to the outside, but she has little or no time to chill. Ivelisse is fired up and jumps on Tapa from the top rope and they spill onto the outside. Ivelisse throws Tapa back into the ring, after absorbing some crowd energy, and shes going to the top. Shes about to go for it again but Tapa takes her on, as she tries hard to knock her from the turnbuckle, but Ivelisse stays grounded, applying a sleeper submission to Tapa. It isn’t long before Tapa is on her knees. Incredibly, Tapa uses her strength to get Ivelisse off her, and hits her signature move to gain the victory and advance to tonight’s battle royal alongside Gail Kim.

Match #3 Mia Yim vs Tara w/ Jesse Godderz

mia yim 4

mia yim 8

mia yim 10

Fresh Off a Potential Show Stealer, Up Next is Tara vs Mia Yim. A Promo Airs Highlighting Taras Knockouts Title Win at Bound For Glory.

Backstage Jeremy Borash is with Former Knockout Tara and her Hollywood Man Jesse, where she is interviewed about her opponent. Tara doesnt even know who she is and uses the chance to diss her, before walking away with her “boo”. Tara comes out first in her Squared Circle Inspired Attire with her Big Man Jesse followed by Mia, who makes her One Night Debut at IMPACT Wrestling.

Here comes Tara and her Big Boy Jesse, followed by Mia Yim, who in a Promo Backstage, Spoke about wrestling against men and women across the world, as well as bringing up touring Japan (its wrestling leagues) and that tonight she is going to be the Queen. Tazz, who seems to be making an absolute mockery tonight, wastes no time as he mocks Mia at ringside.

Tara begins with some domination, pushing away Mia before locking lips with her Hollywood Bro – Man. She starts posing for the crowd. Tara and Mia lock up again, with Tara tossing her away to the side. Tara nails a body slam, and is stunned when Mia comes back and arm drags Tara. Tara has to look on at ringside. Tara eventually returns to action, and Mia punches her and goes up top, dropkicking her.

Tara ends up going outside the ring, and just like in Alissa’s Match, theres some outer – ring chase or tig or whatever it is. Tara slips back into the ring only moments before Mia. Jesse provides some interference as he takes hold of Mia’s foot, and Tara capitalizes with a submission hold. But Mia impresses with a back slide, and rolls Tara up, but Tara kicks out.

Tara wraps her arms around the neck of Mia Yim, but Yim slips out of it. The Annoyed Jesse is distracting Yim again just for his Girl, Tara, who slams Yim. Mia comes back with a nasty kick as Tara was prepping for a standing moonsault. The Two come to (multiple) blows and Mia has Tara down and preps for the lionsault, and she connects! Mia takes over with a German Suplex, as well as kicking her in the back of her head. Jesse just cant take seeing Yim win and tries the distraction again, but Mia knocks him away, but the attempted corkscrew to Tara misses, and Tara lands the Widows Peak Move for the win!

Match #4 Santana Garrett vs Brooke Tessmacher


brooke 432

brooke 430

The Next Match is Brooke Tessmacher vs Santana Garrett.A Promo Highlights Brooke Tessmachers First Knockouts Title Win Last Year at Slammiversary where she defeated Gail Kim.

Garrett, who is new to me, cuts a small promo backstage on why she is better than the Knockouts as She and Brooke introduce themselves in the ring. Santana and Brooke battle it out for an audience reaction to kick the match off. Santana makes the first move in the match by knocking down Tessmacher with a clothesline. Santana nails several stomps, as well as forearms. Santana whips Brooke, and tries for a back body drop, which Brooke luckily stops by kicking Santana. Santana uses the missed opportunity to clothesline Brooke one more time.

Santana hits a russian leg sweep, and covers, but Brooke gets out at 2! Santana applies her Fujiwara armbar for a bit, but Brooke eventually rolls her over and kicks Santana. Tessmacher is so amped up, until Santana knocks her into the mat. Santana hits kicks to the sternum, which is followed up by a failed cover. Santana applies more arm submissions, but Brooke gets out again and they trade a few blows with the forearm. Santana is sent into the corner by Tessmacher, but she kicks Tess away and clambers to the second rope, but misses on a crossbody attempt.

Tessmacher gets the upper hand with a great combo of technical clotheslines and a flying forearm. Santana ends up at the other corner, and is sent into another corner by Tess, and feels the rage of Tess’s Ass-Tastic! BAM BAM! Brooke wants to do her finisher, but Santana has a different idea, as she elbows Tess. Santana hits a headbutt along with a scoop slam. Santana tries for a handspring moonsault, but its no use as Brooke raises both knees. Brooke hits the Tess-Shocker to win the match and advance! So Long Miss Santana!

Match #5 Trinity vs ODB




Following a Promo highlighting the Wedding at Lockdown of ODB and Eric Young which featured appearances by Former Knockouts Rosita and Sarita, ODB is interviewed backstage by Recently Released Xplosion Ring Announcer SoCal Val. ODB heads to the ring and her opponent is Former Rival Trinity who renews her Rivalry with the Number 1 Contender!

ODB and Trinity come to the ring, and Trinity, who is a definite heel, makes some gestures at ODB, who is none too pleased. ODB locks up with Trinity and Trinity attempts to take full control with the kick in the midsection and some well done punches. Here comes the Irish Whip, But No, Trinity meets the clothesline and she goes out of the ring. ODB yanks Trinity by her hair, but Trinity not only trips her up, but drags her about. ODB shakes it off and knocks Trinity back out again. They exchange a few slaps.

ODB sends Trinity back in, but things just seem…strange. Trinity isnt giving in, instead she is urgent to get a handshake from the Number 1 Contender, Eh Trinity its ODB, thats not going to end nice! ODB accepts, but not in a sportsmanship sort of manner, as Trinity is knocked down thanks to ODB’s shoulder. Trinity goes to the corner, missing ODB’s splash move, and starts taking control. She Grabs ODBs her then slams her down, and chokes her in the corner after some stomping. Trinity grounds her more after a clothesline, but ODB uses her own clothesline to knock the gifted confidence of Trinity out of her.

ODB swills down on that Liquid of hers, and knocks Trinity with shoulder blocks before she yells “Im Classy Bitch!” (…) ODB Whips Trinity into the corner and splashes her, before nailing that Bronco Buster, but ODB doesnt yet have the win as Trinity comes out of the cover at 2! SAY WHAT? ODB drops her with the signature BAM to win the match, also advancing to the battle royal! Thanks for coming Trinity! You’re Welcome! (No Damien Sandow Pun Intended)

Match #6 Jackie Moore vs Taryn Terrell

taryn 136

taryn 135

taryn 137

After A Video Package shows Taryn Terrells Transition from referee to Knockout, and her big match at Slammiversary with Gail Kim we see Jackie Moore return once more after her standoff with former partner ODB at Hardcore Justice against Taryn, who hasn’t made an appearance in TNA Since her Huge Ladder Match with Gail Kim.

Jackie and Taryn are coming to the ring ready for a fight. Of Course this match was recorded before Taryn’s Series of Amazing Matches, Gail Knows What I Mean! So For Jackie to be in the same ring as Taryn, of course that’ll be a tough test for Taryn! Taryn comes out to the male version of her theme song, which has now grown on me much more than the female version. Who doesnt want to turn it up loud though? Anyways, Next is the Intimidating Jackie Moore, whos the veteran in her own right, and she also has a good theme. Lets not forget this former Knockout has history with Terrell’s Big Rival!

Jackie starts off by Kicking Taryn and hitting many punches, as Tazz, who has calmed down from his name mockery moments, implies that Moore has no respect for Taryn. Jackie Moore whips Taryn but Taryn dodges. Taryn flies into her and flips her over, before hitting punches on Moore in the corner. Taryn jumps up but is knocked back by Moore.

Moore rests for a couple of moments, before kicking Taryn down. She yanks Taryn by her hair and throws her into the corner face first. Moore isnt finished, and throws her into the next corner. Jackie, playing a real heel, tosses Taryn about the ring, and showboats to the crowd, who cheer for her despite her being the heel. This is Mickie James all over again. Lets Go Taryn chants start up as Moore continues to relentlessly use Taryn to throw her across the ring. Moore goes to work on Taryn, applying her arms to Taryns head and neck, until Taryn fights off Moore with many elbows.

Taryns momentum shifts after running right into the arm of Jackie Moore, knocking out a lot of her energy as she falls on the mat. Jackie with the cover but Taryn comes out at 2. Jackie goes back to applying pressure to the Head of Taryn Terrell. Taryn fights back again with elbows and knocks her down in the ring centre, but there seems to be some pressure and pain in Taryns back. Taryn reverses many arm shots from Moore and gets back at her with more punches. Taryn has gone into geared up mode, knocking Moore down twice, and dropkicking her. Taryn hits the big suplex but Moore has kicked out at 2!

Taryn tries to send Moore into the corner, but it is reversed, with Taryn ending up in what could have been Moore’s position. However she kicks Moore away as she attacks. Taryns momentum has shifted, and she hits the crossbody from the top rope, with her and Jackie laid out. Taryn hits the spear and tries the cover, but the veteran isnt giving in!!

Jackie reverses Taryn’s corner bulldog, and dropkicks her. Its all too much for the Perky Taryn, as Jackie covers her to get the win. Jackie Moore joins Tara, ODB, Gail Kim, Brooke and LeiD Tapa in the Ending Battle Royal.

Match #7 Taeler Hendrix vs Hannah Blossom vs Sojo Bolt 3 Way Match




Its a Video Package for British Boot Camp which could only mean ONE Thing, THE BLOSSOM TWINS. Hannah Blossom, one half of British Boot Camp’s The Blossom Twins represents the UK as she has to face off against not one but two opponents to make it to the Knockouts Battle Royal. She is Interviewed Backstage, then heads to the ring where she faces OVW Bad Girl and GutCheck Winner Taeler Hendrix, and Former Knockout Sojo Bolt.

Here comes Hannah, Sojo and Taeler. Taeler and Sojo are of course playing their OVW Heel Roles, which even though it isnt a surprise to me, it would be for the audience, who have seen her on TNA TV as a Face (and will never see her again)

Sojo and Taeler try getting on, as they gang up to double team on Blossom. Taeler tries to cover Blossom, but to no avail and Sojo looks confused, and also annoyed, as Taeler reassures her. Taeler Chants break out in the stadium as the OVW Bad Girls gang up again on Blossom, only to be countered and have their heads smashed. Hannah Blossom has started to dominate, until Sojo comes back with lethal kicks. Sojo goes for a crab submission on Hannah. Taeler has recognised that and theres a 2 way submission, as Taeler gets the chin lock applied. They release Hannah and Bicker and Taeler tries to do a cover of her own, but Sojo is through with Taelers Bad Girl Gimmick and pulls her out. We Have Tension!

Sojo and Taeler end up trading many blows to each other, However Taeler takes Sojo to the outside and shows off in the ring. However Hannah has come back, and as Taeler just found out, as Hannah hits many clotheslines and a suplex. Hannah goes for an elbow drop, but misses Taeler. Taeler runs for the ropes, but Sojo intervenes.

Sojo hits a neckbreaker on Hannah, and tries for the pin, but of course Taeler throws herself into the cover to break it. Sojo and Taeler are ramming insults again at one another. Sojo puts Hannah in the Full Nelson, and Taeler Cooperates as she tries to hit Hannah, but it goes for Sojo instead. OH NO SHE DIDNT? Taeler turns and faces Hannah, who nails a kick to the face to advance to the battle royal!

Match #8 Jillian Hall vs Velvet Sky




The Moment a Lot of Fans have been waiting for, Following her WWE Release Jillian Hall makes her TNA Debut against Velvet Sky. Following a Lockdown Promo which showed Velvet retain the Knockouts Title against Gail Kim, Out comes Velvet and Jillian. Jillian cuts a Promo in the ring to say Hi to the audience, and that its a pleasure to work with one of the beautiful people, then puts a twist on Christina Aguileras Beautiful Song before the two take it in the ring.

Velvet locks up with Jillian, but they struggle in gaining control. Jillian forces Velvet into the turnbuckles, but the Referee has Jillian break it off, so they go back to locking up like before.

Velvet twists Jillians arm and it looks seriously painful! Jillian forces Velvet back to the ropes with the Referee interfering once more. Jillian doesnt look pleased at the referee and aims her boot right in the midsection of the former champion. She Taunts the fans, but when she turns, Velvet hits back with many forearm shots. Jillian reverses the whip by Velvet. Velvets head hits the turnbuckles padding, Oh No. Jillian rushes around the ring, but connects with Velvets raised knees. Jillian stumbles around, but comes back at Velvet, but ends up hitting the second turnbuckle due to Velvets quick thinking.

Velvet repetitively bashes Jillian with her head, and the crowd is amped up as Velvet goes for the bulldog, it connects! Jillians face hits the canvas, can she still sing? Velvet tries to cover her, but Jillian, despite taking quite some damage, is out at 2. Velvet spears Jillian through the second rope. Velvet and Jillian collide as they tumble onto the outside. Velvet grasps Jillian and tosses her face first into the apron.

Velvet, who is still on the outside with Jillian, whips her into the steel steps, or was, as Jillian reverses it, causing Velvet to collapse onto the steel steps. Jillian sends Velvet back into the ring. Jillian continues to work on Velvet and goes for the cover, Vels out of the cover at 2!

Jillian applies the chokehold to Velvet on the second rope, but the Referee breaks it again. Velvet ends up in the centre of the ring, and right at that moment she is lifted by Jillian, and theres the backbreaker! Velvet kicks out at 2. Jillian tries for another cover, but just the same result, Vels out at 2.

Jillian jacks her knee into the bruised spine of Velvet Sky, and presses her elbow right at a point on Velvets face. Velvet screams to get out of it and eventually gets up and fights out, only for Jillian to grab her by her hair and toss her back to the mat. Jillian goes for a wild hair toss. Cover by Jillian but No, Same Result Once Again! Velvet blocks an attempted suplex and tries to do her own but both ladies lose control and collapse to the mat. Jillian and Velvet raise themselves up, with Jillian heading to the turnbuckles, where Vel is positioned, and misses.

Velvet hits a flying clothesline on Jillian, gaining back the momentum. Velvet executes another well done flying clothesline, and spins around, then sends her elbow into her face. Jillian collapses on the mat. Jillian reverses a whip by Velvet, but Velvet comes rushing back, only to be scooped from the floor. Velvet uses the headscissors to counter. She leaps into the arms of Jillian, and does the monkey flip. An Attempted Pin, but Jillian has kicked out. Jillian reverses one more whip from Velvet and Velvet eats an elbow to the face.

Velvets head meets the turnbuckles padding like before, as Jillian does the signature scream, which means the finisher is coming! Or She Just Wants to Sing A Victory Anthem….but Not Tonight! Velvet sprang up in time, and onto the shoulders of Jillian. Velvet looks to roll up Jillian, but Jillian uses her body to roll her up, but sneakily places her hand on the rope, but its noticed, how sad.

Jillian kicks Velvet, and goes for the facebuster but Velvet counters to make a comeback. Velvet finishes with the In Yo Face for the win. No Victory Anthem for Jillian, Just the Anthem of the Beautiful People!

Match #9 Serena Deeb vs Mickie James

mickie james 123

mickie james 122

mickie james 113

Knockouts Champion Mickie James has been on a roll recently, no kidding, as shown in the Video Package highlighting Mickie James herself. And at Knockouts Knockdown its no different, as she faces one heck of an opponent, Serena Deeb, who is one of the best talents in the world. Mickie takes on Serena to Join 8 Other Women in the Upcoming Queen of the Knockouts Battle Royal.

Out comes the Brilliant Serena, and for those who dont know, she once worked for the WWE as the female member of CM Punk’s Straight Edge Society and for their (former) developmental territory, FCW. Next comes Mickie James in all her glory, but title-less and heel-less. Mickie of course shows off some sportsmanship as she and Serena have a warm embrace. They also shake hands.

Serena and Mickie lock up, with the two fighting for control, with Mickie flipping her onto the mat while having her arms locked on her. Serena fights back with a reversal of her own, but Mickie uses her legs to get back into it. Mickie goes all hellcat as she gets Serena back on the mat, but an annoyed Serena reverses it to take control. Mickie once again uses her legs to get out and the two fight it out.

Back to the mat, and Serena has a hold held on Mickie, and is proud to gain control. Mickie uses her flexibility to reverse, but Serena has got control once more. Serena Focuses on applying pressure to Mickies Arm. Mickie flips her around, and they smile at each other as the momentum suddenly changes.

Another handshake and Serena dodges Mickie to apply another hold. Mickie reverses, lifts her over and they return to the mat. Serena eventually powers Mickie into the corner, and they reverse each others whips. They continue reversals, and Mickie almost gets a pin. Serena gets Mickie at 2. Mickie gets a pin of her own, but Serena is out at 2.

Mickie and Serena look at one another again as the competitiveness between the ladies gets aggressive. Mickie and Serena lock hands, and Mickie tries to bring Serena down. Serena knocks Mickie on the mat and tries for the cover, and Mickie kicks out at 2. After some repetitive 2 counts and missed attempts, Mickie drops the dropkick.

Serena rolls out to the rest, and she stares at Mickie. Mickie offers her to come back to the ring. Serena and Mickie do another respective handshake, but Serena uses it to take control of Mickie. Serena continuously dodges and gains momentum as Mickie is forced to take a little break from ringside. Serena offers for Mickie to go back in the ring so she slowly but surely clambers from the apron. As she bends to get in the ring, WHAM, Serena goes nuts on Hardcore Country!

Serena hits a huge kick and hits several punches to her. Serena utlilises the ropes and stomps down on Mickie before gripping her hair, looks like Serena has just gone explosive heel! Serena gets a cover, but Mickie, who is being overwhelmed, gets out at 2. After Many Pin Attempts, Serena chokes Mickie on the ropes, and does a taunt for the crowd. Serena continues working on Mickie, applying the chinlock with absolute force, but who wouldnt in a tough contest? Serena has Mickie up in the corner and whips her into another. Serena charges at her but Mickie moves and Serena goes right into the corner with her body, with only a little time to recover on the apron.

Serena continues her aggressive streak after recovering, but Mickie fights back with a lot of momentum, and a neckbreaker to top it all! The Referee begins the count as Serena and Mickie are laid out in the ring. Forgetting the exhaustion, Serena and Mickie battle back against one another with punches. Mickie yells at the crowd and they are behind her, as she goes to the top rope, and jumps onto Serena.

With Serena almost out, Mickie hits the signature Mickie DDT, not forgetting her “primal scream” and goes for the defining cover! 1…2….3! Mickie is the last Knockout to qualify for the Queen of the KOs Battle Royal…And Its Next!

Match #10 Knockouts Battle Royal to Determine the Queen of the Knockouts

leid tapa 16

gail kim 701

gail kim 700

1) Hannah Blossom
2) Gail Kim
3) Lei’d Tapa
4) Tara
5) Mickie James
6) Brooke Tessmacher
7) Jackie Moore
8) ODB
9) Velvet Sky

1) Hannah Blossom
2) Lei’D Tapa
3) Jackie
4) ODB
5) Velvet
6) Tessmacher
7) Tara

Gail went on to face Mickie in the final bout in the Queen of the KO’s round. Gail eventually won after she sucked in Mickie to believe she had a bad injury, and as she got escorted from the ring, Gail rolled her up to become Queen of the Knockouts. Gail celebrated in the ring, with Madison Rayne eventually appearing to hand over the “Queens Tiara”. Gail became excited and posed to everybody, and forced Madison to exit, Madison did not seem to be impressed with that.

– Catherine


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