WWE NXT RESULTS: Sasha Makes an In – Ring Statement, as Emma Makes Her Own Post – Match Statement (September, 26th 2013)

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Apologies for No NXT Update Last week, for those of you who missed it, there were no Divas on the show last week. However this week is A Different story, as this week features the first appearance of Sasha Banks since her heel turn 2 weeks ago, the very heel turn that saw her unleash havoc and lay out Womens Champion Paige. Standing in the way of Sasha and her new found friend, Summer Rae, is Bayley. Will Bayley stop Sasha sending a statement or will Sasha Rise Up?

Its Divas Time and Bayley is first to hit the ring, with the crowd to back her on. And we’ve got a surprise this week, as the Talented Renee Young makes her match commentary debut! I Couldn’t be Happier right now! As Renee is warmly welcomed by the likes of Regal and Tom Phillips, out comes Sasha Banks to a new theme and titantron, accompanied by the troublesome first lady of NXT Summer Rae, who Renee labels as Conniving.

As Sasha is more or less booed out by the audience, Bayley chants start up, to the annoyance of both Sasha and Summer. Sasha and Bayley lock, with Bayley taking control, as she proceeds to place Sasha in a corner. Bayley breaks it up and Sasha gives her multiple chops. Bayley fights back, but multiple near falls dont even get her close to beating Sasha.

Bayley goes for an armbar, but Sasha hits the forearm and follows with an irish whip. Bayley tries floating over, but Sasha counters, as she sends Bayley in the mat. Sasha goes for a cover, and Bayley kicks out. Sasha takes Bayley to work on the turnbuckles, as she tries damaging her nose. Sasha dominates with the snap mare, soon followed with her usual reverse chin lock and body scissors.

Bayley lays back, and gets the cover, but Sasha easily gets out, as Summer stares at ringside. Sasha hits back with the suplex and covers, but Bayley isnt giving in to the Bossy lady. Sasha takes out her frustrations with the slap to Bayley, but Bayley is through with her, and slaps back. Bayley has Sasha in a corner and gives her several forearm shots, and double sledges. Sasha counters with a chop and leaps to the ropes, where she performs an arm drag, which sends Bayley crashing to the mat, even though she springs up and uses the corner for recovery.

Sasha looks for a splash into the corner where Bayley rests, but misses as Bayley quickly reacts by dodging. Bayley does her belly to belly suplex, which Renee dubs the adorable hug – plex. Bayley with a cover, but Sasha kicks out.

Sasha whips Bayley but Bayley comes back with an elbow. Bayley looks to go up tops, but backwards, and Sasha gets her knocked down. Bayleys momentum seems to be lost, as Sasha hits the signature Cross Armbreaker, and gets the cover. Sasha wins the match, as Summer looks on with a proud but yet smug look on her face.

Summer makes an announcement with her girl, Sasha, following the match, saying her “boo” Fandango is going to be at NXT next week, and she will make NXT her personal dance floor. She Puts Over Sasha, as they declare themselves the fiercest females NXT has ever seen, as Sasha “said Goodbye to Paige” and Summer “put Emma out”. Summer might want to eat her words up, as Emma heads to the ring. Sasha and Summer see it coming, and flee to avoid Emma’s frustration, as we get to commercial.

Backstage, Renee interviews Summer. Summer warns Renee that she isnt laying down to Emma just like that and shes going to do this on her own terms. She tells Renee that Emma can pick a partner next week, but it doesn’t matter who it is, because She and Fandango will win, and dance the night away to make the fans go home happy.

Summer proceeds to ask Renee why the fans will go home happy, but cuts her off from answering, since it was a Rhetorical Question. Summers Answer to this, is because she is the First Lady of NXT, and that’s all.

(Bayley vs Sasha w/ Summer Rae)

Thoughts on….

Sasha vs Bayley: Bayley is always getting better in the ring and every diva match done on NXT is competitive. At Least with Bayleys Performance, it doesn’t make her a Jobber. Sasha Banks is Just PERFECT in the ring, and her heel persona, new theme and titantron is also equally as awesome. I’m Loving the Alliance she and Summer have so i cant wait to see the next few weeks. As for the post match promo, very good as well but i didn’t like how Emma just got cut off at the end.

Renee Young on Commentary: Its About Time! Renee is perfect on commentary, and if this continues on, we might just see Renee making history as the first WWE Main Roster Female Commentator.

Backstage Interview: Summer has just announced the Match we have been waiting for! Fandango and Summer will team in the same ring! Hopefully this’ll mean that after next week, the two will get to team on the main roster shows also, especially with Emma teasing a Main Roster Debut. Who will Emma choose as her partner next week? Hmmmm I Should Keep it a secret…..!!!

– Catherine


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