WWE NXT RESULTS: Santana Gets The Make or Break Tryout, And Emma Chases The Wolves (October, 10th 2013)


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Okay, So it Looks like WWE had some trouble putting NXT Digitals Up (CURSES!) But No Matter I Finally Learnt how to screencap on a Laptop! So this week was rather different from any other weeks, because this week featured a Tryout match, Santana Garrett, who recently appeared on TNA’s One Night Only Knockouts Pay Per View, went head to head with the Daughter of the Nature Boy, Charlotte, and Bayley stood and watched, but she wasn’t the only woman taking notice outside the ring, as Sasha and Summer made themselves heard again.

Santana is already in the ring, and out comes Charlotte, who half way through entering, ends up with Bayley’s accompaniement. The Bell rings, and Charlotte and Santana lock up, with Santana taking over with the arm drag. It ends up turning into an elbow tie up, with Charlotte bringing Santana onto the mat. Charlotte does the wrist lock on Santana, with Santana eventually fighting back, and reversing it. Charlotte whips Santana, and she ends up connecting with Santanas elbow, and straight into the turnbuckles.

Santana hits the snap mare and a boot to the face for the near fall. Santana does the Russian leg sweep, and down comes Sasha and Summer to cause some “mayhem” or not…as they just spectate. Santana puts Charlotte in an arm bar submission, but Charlotte battles back, and there’s a near fall. Charlotte chops Santana, splits and does the rollup for the near fall. Sasha distracts Charlotte momentarily, causing Santana to get an upper hand and a near fall.

Charlotte with a flapjack from the shoulders, and she goes for the Sliding DDT. Charlotte covers and wins the match, and leaves with the Proud Bayley, staying out of the way of Summer and Sasha Banks, who want to give a speech. Summer says she has a message for every diva in the locker room, she wants them to know who the First Lady of NXT is (herself) and who the Boss is (Sasha). They are the Beautiful Fierce Females who will run WWE and NXT, and as Paige is “out” there is nothing they can do. Summer may want to eat her words, as the Champion Paige hurries to the ring and starts to brawl with Banks. Summer comes in from behind and ends up fighting Paige, with both women double teaming on her. Eventually, Emma goes down to make the save, as Summer flees the scene with Sasha.

After a break, Tony Dawson speaks with Sasha Banks and Summer Rae backstage, asking them what went down with Paige. Summer answers his question, saying she’s the First Lady and Sasha is the Boss. They don’t get embarrassed, but they get even. Summer doesn’t like to take in Emma and Paige’s popularity, but she chooses to challenge both next week with Sasha. Dawson goes backstage later on in the night to inform Paige and Emma who accept the challenge.

(Charlotte w/ Bayley vs Santana Garrett feat. Sasha Banks and Summer Rae)

Thoughts on:
Charlotte vs Santana: Overall a Good Competitive match, with Charlotte impressing the most. Santana did stand out, though I preferred her match at the KO’s PPV.

Summer & Sasha In Ring segment: Summer makes another statement again, and I absolutely love Summer’s mic skills, she just needs to let Sasha on the Mic, because if anyone has seen Sashas Touts and Promo Class Vid, you’ll know how good of a Heel she is. Paige coming down was really obvious, but at least we get to see Paige, since she hasn’t been on in some time, and Emma obviously made the save because of her issues with Summer, her respect for Paige and because its to set up next weeks tag match.

Summer/Sasha and Paige/Emma backstage segments: Summers Mic Skills Always Impress, but Like I Said Before, Let Sasha Speak! The Paige/Emma segment was hilarious, those two interact well, and even though Paige wasn’t trying to be funny, that segment still come across as a bit of comedy between the two. Not the first time ever, for anyone who hasn’t seen it watch the Tout where Emma takes Paiges Birthday Cake!

– Catherine


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