Cattie’s Catch Up: Gail Kim & Tara vs Taryn Terrell & Velvet Sky (Joey Ryan as Special Guest Referee) (April, 4th 2013)




Cattie’s Catch Up Edition 19 is another TNA Knockouts Exclusive, and One that is Fairly Recent. This week I chose Taryn Terrell and Velvet Sky (who back then was your KO Champion) vs Tara and Gail Kim. Its No Secret that Taryn and Gail didn’t get along and the two had faced off before. The Only Difference with this one was that (other than being a tag team match) but that they had a troublesome Ref…Joey Ryan! And Yep, the Ladies Man did definetly make a fool of himself!

Joey fast counted the win for Tara and Gail to hand the victory to them, but would soon regret it as the losing team of Taryn and Velvet gained revenge, as Velvet distracted Joey post match for Taryn to deliver the low blow and give the face duo something to cheer about despite defeat! Now that’s Payback!

(Tara & Gail Kim vs Velvet Sky (c) & Taryn Terrell w/ Joey Ryan as Special Guest Referee)

– Catherine


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