WWE SMACKDOWN RESULTS: Total Divas Look For Funky In Ring Action Heading into Total Divas Weekend (November, 8th 2013)


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This Week on WWE Smackdown we see Divas Tag Team Action as Naomi and Cameron take on the Villianous Tamina and AJ Lee. With the Total Divas show returning, will the Funkalicious Funkadactyls be able to gain a victory to celebrate about?

Its Time for Divas Action. The Total Divas Duo of Naomi and Cameron are already standing by in the ring, as Tamina and AJ come down. As they head to the ring, a promo from AJ is shown, where she mocks the show and makes herself, the champion, the focus. As the Bell rings Tamina points and laughs at Cameron. Cameron doesnt look too happy with the mocking from Tamina, and Tamina and Cameron lock up.

Tamina launches Cameron into the corner, and Cameron bashes the back of her head. Tamina kicks her and raises her body, but Cameron breaks her off, and gives her some punches. Cameron places the side headlock and uses the ropes to flip herself over and have Tamina locked in the rings centre. Tamina uses her strength to push Cameron back, but unluckily, the chance is used for Naomi to tag in. Naomi and Cameron drop Tamina with a double dropkick. Naomi and Cameron do a dance and Tamina charges at them, but goes flying to the outside.

Cameron heads to the ring apron, as Naomi and Tamina fight it out from the outside. Tamina gives Naomi a massive clothesline, and she whips her with her jacket and goes back in the ring, throwing Naomi back in with her. Tamina gets a 1 count on Naomi. Tamina smacks Naomi against the turnbuckle and tags AJ.

AJ kicks her, and drags her into the centre and wears her out with the sleeper hold. AJ releases, as Naomi tries to get back in the game with a couple of punches, and AJ attempts a roll up. It doesnt work, but Naomi trips, and AJ pulls her leg as Cameron screams at her to tag in. Naomi kicks AJ at the side of her head, and gets to Cameron, making the successful tag. Cameron gets a clothesline and dropkick on the champion, and fires the crowd up. AJ reverses Camerons whip, but Cameron flies into her for the crossbody pin. AJ kicks out and tries to recover in the corner, but Cameron makes the fast charge at her corner, and misses.

AJ tags Tamina and Tamina and Cameron go at it. Cameron gets one up and Tamina, and gets a cover, but fails. Tamina sends Cameron to the corner, and charges, but Cameron elbows her away. Cameron heads up top, but Tamina catches her and slams her, covering her, but Naomi breaks it at 2.

Naomi smacks AJ with her forearm, but heads right into the boot from Tamina. AJ looks at Tamina in quite a bit of shock, and Tamina attacks Cameron. Tamina slams her face into the mat, and grabs her hair, and tags AJ. AJ locks the Black Widow, with Cameron eventually tapping. Tamina and AJ win the match. AJ and Tamina walk away with the victory, as Naomi picks up a less energetic Cameron.

(Cameron and Naomi vs Tamina and AJ Lee)

Thoughts on this match:
I Actually Liked this match, Cameron really impressed me, but the scream she did when she didn’t get the pin came across as a heel action for me. That was actually a great match, as said by JBL, and i loved the action from Tamina especially, and the brief staredown between herself and AJ, after she laid out Naomi with the boot might be a hint for the future, remember survivor series last year?

– Catherine


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