TNA IMPACT RESULTS: Results Arent Blossoming For Gail’s 1st Challenge As The Heel Takeover Continues (November, 15th 2013)

brooke 526

leid tapa 44

gail kim 727

Hello Folks, its Catherine here! Last Nights (Taped) Edition of IMPACT Featured the Kick Off to KO Champion Gail Kim’s Open Challenge. With the Defiant and Freakishly Scary LeiD Tapa at her side, would anyone step up to challenge Kim? Well…

Before we get to the Champs Challenge, the Club are in the house! Aces & 8s accompanied by Brooke have something to say, well Mr Bully Ray anyway. The Dominant force go to the ring, and Brooke shakes a bit of that booty for her lovey dovey Ray. Anyway With the entrance out of the way, Ray accepts Ken Andersons Turning Point Challenge, a No DQ Stipulation match that could spell the end of Aces & 8s. Anderson hits the stage to trade a couple of words with Ray before a fight breaks out, with him escaping to the outside, holding onto his “Squeeze” Brooke.

Later, we see Dixie come to the ring, where she talks about how “class” went up since she booted out Styles. She claims AJ isnt really the champion as she has created the best possible tournament to crown a real TNA World Champion. Dixie says as Next week is the TNA Turning Point special, she would like to bring out the tournament competitors, and down come James Storm, Bobby Roode, Samoa Joe and Magnus. She mentions the stipulations for their new matches, even though she recently said it on Impact 365. She puts over how Roode currently has an advantage, due to him beating Angle twice, and because of that Storm should step his game up. Storm doesn’t think he needs to step up and begins to argue with Roode, before they are cut off and Dixie turns her attention to Joe, who is more than done with Dixies business cover up, and insists on winning the title. Magnus gives some positive words and Dixie puts over the tournament more before the competitors stare down.

Its Time for the Knockouts, and out come Tapa and Gail. Gail puts over the challenge she issued last week, and says someone stepped up to challenge her, the greatest knockouts champion. British Boot Camps Own Hannah Blossom hits the ring and the contest gets underway. Gail wastes no time whatsoever, throwing Hannah about the ring.

Hannah tries to fight back against the champ, only to be knocked down. Gail kicks Hannah to the corner then rams her to another corner before locking her figure four on the new knockout. Gail with an unsuccessful pin attempt, and Hannah furiously comes back with many forearms and elbows, before the suplex and splash for the 2 count. Hannah whips her to the corner and charges, but Gail clotheslines her and nails her with the devastating eat defeat finishing move to capitalize.

Post Match Gail celebrates with Tapa and they shove off the ref. Gail makes a mockery of Hannah’s challenge, and says week after week, she will continue to prove why she is the greatest TNA Knockouts Champion.

(Aces & 8s Segment w/ Ken Anderson)

(Dixie puts over the world title tournament)

(Gail Kim’s Open Challenge 1st Half)

Thoughts on:

Aces & 8s segment: Wasn’t too interested in it to be honest and i think its time for the group to call it a day, but i cant help but notice how cool Brooke looked in the new outfit, they could’ve given her the mic, yikes…

Dixies segment: I Couldn’t help but think from this segment that one of the competitors is going to end up joining Dixie after the tournament somehow, i don’t know why, but i can see it happening. Storm apparently has to step up? Maybe he will turn heel for the first time in ages and join her because i honestly have no idea what happened with him and Gunner..

Gail Kim’s Open Challenge 1st Half: Definitely has the feel of a squash match as a way of putting over Gail as a fierce champ, which is unfortunate for Britain’s own Hannah Blossom. With Hannah Out, i cant help but think it will be Holly next week, maybe they’ll trick Gail by announcing her as Holly, do a Bella Twins reveal? Or they can debut Ivelisse, Shanna, Candice LeRae, Mia Yim, Santana, Jillian Hall or maybe bring back Tara or Sarita like hinted through Gail’s tweets? Anyway, im excited for what will transpire next week but i definitely think Ivelisse will accept the challenge in the weeks to come, especially since she is no stranger to being in the ring with Lei’D Tapa. And on a side note, is it me or is Tapa in a really happy mood this week, i don’t know why but she seems to be taking a less ruthless or more friendlier route around the champ this week.

– Catherine


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