TNA IMPACT RESULTS: The Queen of the KO Throne Appears to Not Be Intimidated By The “Blonde” Opponent (November, 21st 2013)

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Just Caught up on an eventful IMPACT Wrestling, and all i can say to that brutal ending is YES….YES! The Reign of Terror Produced by No One But the Club of the Aces & 8’s is finally at its end! (Sorry Tazz but it has to happen sooner or later)

But before we go to the Aces or the Knockouts even, we see Dixie being…well….Dixie. Dixie, after conversing with possible contender Samoa Joe, she heads to the ring to address AJ, whos clearly been enjoying his foreign travels defending his own title without being watched by the Carters. Storm cuts off Dixie, and wants weapons to use in his match with Bobby Roode, and if she refuses, he will stop the show. Storm wants a Death Match with Bobby, and he gets his match, as long as there is no legal disputes.

Now time to get to the KOs, its week 2 of Gail Kim’s Open Challenge to any woman not in TNA. Earlier on in the week Gail hinted on TNA’s new feature, Impact 365 that she had googled her blonde opponent. After some speculating, speculate no more because Gail’s new opponent is revealed. Gail and her Great Amazoness Warrior, LeiD Tapa are already present in the ring, and Gail has her item of Gold, and im not referring to her KO’s title (even though she has it) but the Microphone.

Gail says if anybody outside of the company thinks they can beat the best womens wrestler in TNA history, they can come down to face her. Candice LeRae comes down, despite being spelt as Candice Larea. Candice isnt wasting little time, and after taking a bump from Gail Kim, she tries to fight her off. Candice’s moment of momentum ends with Gails flat out strong clothesline.

Gail is annoyed and kicks, before tossing her to the corner. Gail drops Candice with a dropkick to her corner. Gail looks for an early pin, but Candice kicks out. Gail attacks and takes Candice to the opposite corner, and whips her, but Candice comes back with a hurricanrana. Candice has her at 2. Gail rests in the corner and eats many fists by Candice.

Candice breaks off, and tries splashing Gail in the corner, but Gail moves, and Candice takes damage in the corner. Candice and Gail trade punch after punch, until Gail levels the Competitive Candice with a Huge Powerbomb but it just doesnt seem to be enough, as Candice stays fighting. Gail clenches her and talks smack. She lays Candice out with the Eat Defeat.

Later in the show, its the big match, Anderson vs Bully where if Anderson wins, the Aces & 8s will be over. We Get to a backstage segment and Borash is set to interview the club president. Knux appears, and intimidates him somewhat, and the mic is passed to the clubs first lady, Brooke, who mockingly interviews Bully on what hes going to do to Anderson. She Then Proceeds to accompany her man to the match.

The Win comes from Anderson after Brooke tosses the hammer to Bully but it is taken mistakenly by Anderson. Anderson wallops Bully and wins, forcing the Club to part ways once and for all. What ever will Brooke do to make her man love her after that result?

(Dixie Segment w/ James Storm)

(Candice LeRae vs Gail Kim w/ LeiD Tapa)

(Brooke interviews Bully Ray & Bully w/ Brooke vs Mr Anderson)

Thoughts on:
Candice vs Gail Kim: Overall Competitive Match with a Good Showing by Candice for sure. The Highlight of the match definitely has to be that Great Powerbomb Gail had done on Candice, as well as the fact that Candice kicked out. After all, Brooke couldnt kick out of Tapas back at BFG.

The End of Aces & 8s: I Missed the end to Impact last night but when i read about it i thought Brooke had turned on him but i was wrong. If Brooke does part ways with him whats next for her, because shes doing a terrific job as a heel.

– Catherine


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