WWE NXT RESULTS: Paige Makes a Mockery of Total Divas, as Bayley Loses Sight of Former BF Charlotte (November, 28th 2013)

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Well NXT has proved diva fans wrong one more time, in what was scheduled to be a diva-less NXT Episode, NXT treated us to 3 special diva segments, including an appearance from new heel CHARLOTTE! Heres a roundup on what happened.

First we see new NXT Broadcast correspondent Devin Taylor interviewing Emma backstage. Emma says she sustained injuries to her head after she was attacked by the BFF’s backstage, but when she is back, the Emmalution will Globally Spread. Paige drops in for a “chat” as she labels Emma’s injury an excuse, but Emma doesn’t know what she means. Paige brings up Emma’s attack on her a few weeks back, even though the audience and Emma know well that it was accidental, and so was Paige’s attack back. Paige says her attack had definitely been accidental, because if it hadn’t been, Emma wouldn’t be standing in the locker room. Emma doesn’t like Paige’s tone but Paige threatens her to not make any sudden movements. Emma does a cobra gesture then vanishes.

After a small break, Paige is back in the backstage office on her own when she is approached by WWE Diva Natalya. Natalya finds the way she was approached by her in the locker room rude, but Paige doesn’t know what she means. Paige doesn’t even know why she is at NXT, and calls her Mrs Hollywood. Natalya says she still cares about the company, even when shes on Total Divas and it doesn’t change anything. Paige retorts back saying Natalya doesn’t care about the Divas title, nor does she care about the NXT Women’s title, which she’d like to put on the line. Natalya denies it, and reminds Paige of their family background, as Paige comes back, saying if she’d really care, she’d participate in a match for her title. Natalya states Paige has come across to her as somebody with a bad attitude, but she doesn’t mind taking the chip off her shoulder, and taking the title off her waist.

Following the successful bout between Kassius Ohno and Tyler Breeze, we see BFF’s Charlotte, Sasha and Summer taking a few pics backstage, and probably uploading them on Instagram. Summer shoos away Charlotte when Bayley approaches, asking if she can see her and ask her why she got smacked in the face. Summer says Charlotte doesn’t want to talk to her and now shes moving up in the world, while stating the friendship issues between Emma and Paige. Bayley demands Charlotte appear, and Summer repeats, and tells her to scram. Bayley challenges both ladies in a tag match and Summer tells her she isn’t going to find a partner as she has no friends. Bayley says she has friends, but Summer and Sasha disagree.

No Lana this week folks sadly!!

(Emma Interviewed by Devin Taylor Feat. Paige)

(Natalya Confronts Paige Backstage)

(Bayley and the BFF’s)

Thoughts On:
Paige & Emma segment: I Absolutely LOVED This Segment between the two friends turned enemies, and it kinda gives me a feeling that Paige is either a tweener or turning heel. So Emma was attacked was she? Does she have a legit injury to prevent her competing? Oh No!!!! But either way, expect the twos trust issues to continue.

Paige & Natalya: What can be better than an upcoming match between Nattie and Paige? Paige clearly cant stand the attention Team Total Divas are getting, and its just furthered me into thinking Paige is turning heel, unless next week she celebrates post match with Natalya then i will change my mind completely. In Addition to Paige saying Nattie doesn’t care about the titles, i thought she might bring up the little attention (and jobbing) the non total divas have been getting but nope. But anyway Paige definitely comes across as the diva who thinks she can beat anyone in this segment, which is shades of her interview with Renee young months ago prior to her match with Sasha Banks.

BFF’s & Bayley: CHARLOTTE!!!!! Okay so Charlotte is deprived of competing as she is having minor surgery but no fear, that’s not going to stop her appearing in backstage segments. That is Good because if Charlotte disappears, the focus and attention on the hopeful Bayley Charlotte feud could diminish. Obviously Summer shoo’ed her off for safety reasons, as Bayley cant attack her when shes injured, even though this injury is not specified, but i can only hope the Bayley Charlotte match and feud does happen. Another thing brought into question, is Bayley replacing Paige as the top face alongside Emma? Lets see what happens in the next few weeks.

– Catherine


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