Highlighting 1 Year of Sasha Banks; The NXT Boss Diva (December, 12th 2013)

sasha the boss

On This Day Last year, we saw the debut of Sasha Banks on NXT. The High Flying, Neck Breaking Diva has pulled some upset wins and put on some spectacular matches since that day and onward.

Banks, known before signing with WWE as Mercedes Kaestner Varnado, made her NXT debut on 12/12/12 as the newest NXT Diva against Paige, and despite losing, had definitely left a decent impression. Banks then began impressing further when she picked up a win against Main Roster Diva, Alicia Fox. The Win soon lead to Banks being entered into a storyline in which she received numerous love letters from a “secret admirer” soon revealed as the callous Audrey Marie, who told her her message “Sasha, get out of NXT”. Despite losing to Marie, Sasha would soon gain a measure of revenge in a tag team match including herself, Paige, Summer Rae and Audrey.

(Pictured Above, Sasha Banks vs Alicia Fox on NXT)

The Feud came to an abrupt end following Audrey Marie’s shocking release from the company, leaving Diva Fans wondering, with Paige and Summer Rae’s feud excelling, would Sasha be lost in the fray? But That Was Not the Case…

Who Knew that under a year later, that Sasha would face her very first opponent, Paige, again? This time, it was different, as Paige had in her grasp what any woman in NXT wants to grasp, the NXT Women’s title, and it was a career defining match, with Sasha hoping to go all out to slam the Women’s Champ, with weeks of verbal abuse from Paige’s one time rival and Self Proclaimed First Lady of NXT Summer Rae, driving through her head.

summer rae 391
(Pictured Above, The Argument between Sasha (left) and Now BFF Summer Rae (right))

Sasha ultimately lost despite her hard efforts, and Summers cruel manipulation eventually succeeded to control her, as Sasha turned heel and attacked the Diva of Tomorrow post match, making cahoots with the First Lady, forming an unexpected bond. OH NO SHE JUST DIDN’T! After all, in Sasha and Summers first argument, the alignment seemed highly unlikely.

paige 366
(Pictured Above, Banks Wicked Assault on the Champion Paige Just Before she Aligned with Summer on NXT)

Banks alliance with the First Lady caused NXT’s fiercest faces, Emma and Paige to co exist, but they would still be hampered, and their repetitive battles soon created friction between the Dancing Queen and The Women’s Champion. Not only that but the new surprising friendship brought a lovable Bratitude Boss Lady Gimmick for Banks, which she performs Flaw Free.

(Pictured Above, Banks (right) w/ NXT Superstar Sylvestor Lefort)

Banks now has The First Lady Femme Fatale, Summer Rae on her side, as well as the Flair of NXT, Charlotte, who surprisingly “moved up in the world” as stated by Summer by attacking her former friend Bayley and joining the Beautiful Fierce Females, who have since battered down and overcome the crowd favorites of NXT, proving themselves an unstoppable trio, but with numerous new signings, is there anyone who can match up and stomp down on the villainous NXT Divas? Not According to Summer Rae.

summer rae 493
(Pictured Above, Banks (Right) w/ Summer Rae (Center) & Charlotte (Left) as the Beautiful Fierce Females)

But One Thing made perfectly clear throughout the weeks, The Future is Looking Good for The Charismatic Boss, No Doubt about it, especially as she is aligned with WWE’s newest Main Roster Diva and the Nature Boy’s Daughter. Maybe The Main Roster will require the Continuing Domination of the WWE Mean Girls, The BFF’s.

(Pictured Above, Banks Boss Gimmick from an NXT Show)

– Catherine


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