TNA XPLOSION RESULTS: The Former Aces & 8’s First Lady Rides Alone (December, 18th 2013)

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Its Been Such a Long Time Since we’ve had Knockouts Action on TNA Xplosion but this week we’ve got it as Velvet Sky faces Brooke, who debuts a new Theme Song Sung by the Talented Christy Hemme. I Happened to find that theme on YouTube yesterday and play it on repeat. You Guys are going to love this match, and for those unable to see Xplosion, well you’ll see it now.

Brooke makes her grand entrance first to her amazing new theme song, followed by Velvet Sky. Velvet, couldn’t you have waited a little longer for me to listen to her theme song before coming out? Anyway, the Bell rings and the crowd seem 50/50 for Brooke and Vel. They try and lock up, but Brooke purposefully avoids. Brooke flaunts herself then looks to have some competition, but dodges Vel again, and she laughs. This time its Vel who avoids the lock up and shows off her own assets.

Brooke charges and Velvet trips her up, and applies the headlock as they are grounded on the mat. Vel rolls through several times as the headlock is applied to Brooke. Brooke tries to get the cover but it only gets to 1 and the headlock remains applied. Brooke tries to get a near fall again and starts to raise herself up on the mat, breaking off from Sky. Velvet clotheslines Brooke.

Brooke misses a clothesline and Velvet applies another side headlock to the yelling Brooke. Velvet whips Brooke but Brooke clings on the ropes. Brooke flaunts her bum on the ropes, and is knocked outside. Brooke takes a nasty landing as we get to the break.

When we get back, Brooke and Vel are back in the ring. Brooke misses clotheslines, and Velvet returns to a side headlock on Brooke. Brooke uses her athleticism before she tosses Velvet onto the outside. Brooke slips outside and she sends Velvet into the steps. Brooke puts Velvet up against the barrier, slaps her butt and talks lots of smack, then smacks her face on the barrier.

Brooke with the near fall and she begins to work over Velvet. Brooke tries to stinkface Velvet, but Velvet moves in good time. Velvet dodges the clothesline from Brooke and both ladies go at each other, and collide in the ring center. Velvet and Brooke get up at the same time, and Velvet blocks some fists from Brooke and comes back with her own. Velvet gets 2 atomic drops on Brooke, and she isn’t very happy about it.

Brooke looks to recover in the corner, and dodges a charge attempt by Velvet. Brooke is really butt hurt and she stomps at Velvet in the corner. Velvet reverses a whip by Brooke and drags her closer to her and connects her signature in Yo Face to win.

(Velvet Sky vs Brooke TNA Xplosion)

Thoughts on this match:
Loved this match, with some Comedic Spots by Brooke. A Very Competitive match that i felt was too good for Xplosion in my opinion, and Brooke was doing a very good job displaying her heel featurettes for this one. Loved the Outside Spots as well, but i cant help but fear for Brooke after how she landed on that knee, unless it was a sell of course.

– Catherine


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