WWE TRIBUTE TO THE TROOPS RESULTS: A Unique, Fiery Divas Battle Royal For the Festive Holidays (December, 28th 2013)

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Okay Guys welcome to my FIRST EVER Blog on WWE’s annual Tribute to the Troops show. Every Year, the Wrestling Entertainment Organization honors the soldiers who go out and fight in Afghanistan and this year is no different. Plus give Props to WWE’s own JBL for creating this amazing, honorary yearly event. Whats an annual TTTT without some divas action and appearances though? The Femme Fatales of the WWE were on hand to give some heated in ring action, in the form of a Free for all Battle Royal.

So the match will soon be underway, however, i want to take this time to say how amazing the stage looks, its like no other, in fact, i dont know why, but it reminds me of the old 2000 Smackdown arena, maybe its the color scheme? Anyway…

Here comes the individual entrances of all, okay not all, but most of the divas, out to grace the audience. First off are the Bella’s, followed by Rosa Mendes. Natalya is out next, followed by Eva Marie, and sorry to disappoint, but shes using the theme of Total Divas. Aksana is up next with her underrated entrance, as the commentary team annoy me by referencing her as a participant on the JBL & Cole Show, rather than as a Diva/Wrestler. Out next is the Major Favourite, AJ Lee, but not only does she not bare the Divas Title in her hands, but Tamina has vanished into thin air. Plus, the Commentary team dont even reference her as Divas Champion, and nor does Josh Matthews, the ring announcer of the night. There goes my theory of a Number 1 Contenders Battle Royal. Alicia is out next, oh how i miss her champion days! Next we have the returning Total Divas theme, and JoJo comes out, she might as well have come out with Eva, unless they are fighting over Crowd Reaction. Former Divas Champion, Kaitlyn, who recently got pinned by Summer Rae, is out next, i had to say it. Of course Kaitlyn has no intention of brewing down her chemistry with AJ. Finally, we get the funkiest clap your hands entrance of The Funkadactyls, Cameron and Naomi. Of course I’d get up and dance myself, but i cant WERK IT like Cameron. Rosa in the ring is giving a big time death stare may i add!

Divas action is underway and all divas charge at each other. Poor JoJo is the first to be thrown away at the hands of the red headed Eva Marie, and that might not go down well! Eva Marie is looking vicious and ready for some more…Uh Oh! Eva heads to the corner of Nikki, and Kaitlyn is seen wearing down Naomi. Kaitlyn leaves Naomi at it, and Naomi becomes the elimination focus of Nikki, as Rosa works single handed to try eliminate Natalya. Natalya soon sends away Rosa, or doesn’t, as Rosa has gone to work on somebody else, that being Kaitlyn, who was targeting AJ. Natalya is swinging Eva around less times than Antonio Cesaro swung Titus O Neil.

Natalya is looking to eliminate Eva, and a Screaming Rosa stops her. In what could be a good pairing, Rosa works along with Eva to target Natalya. Naomi comes to the aid of Natalya. I Can Only help but notice an impressive slam Connected by Rosa on Naomi…My Gosh Girl, who says you cant wrestle huh? Natalya and Naomi double whip Rosa, and Rosa is leveled by Naomi’s rear view. Naomi rolls Rosa out of the ring and Rosa is eliminated.

Next we see Kaitlyn targeting Eva Marie in what should have become a feud after Kaitlyn eliminated her at Survivor Series, but oh well. Kaitlyn brings some carnage, as she spears Eva, Alicia Fox and then Aksana, is she doing a divas impression of Roman Reigns? Then Kaitlyn turns to face an old friend, AJ. AJ is looking terrified and tries to run for it, but Kaitlyn soon catches her. AJ clings to the ropes for safety as Kaitlyn tugs at AJ’s shorts. AJ trips and eliminates Kaitlyn, as Eva and Aksana are shown trying to recover from the Spears they were made to eat.

Cameron and Naomi double team the Bella’s. Naomi and Cameron whip the Bella’s to the ropes, but they cling on, and momentarily kick them away. Naomi and Cameron charge, but the Bella’s send them over the top rope. Cameron goes over and is eliminated but Naomi hangs on, only for Nikki to dropkick her. Naomi is eliminated. Alicia Fox, who is for some strange reason, referred to as Foxy, has just used her legs to dodge a charge attempt by Natalya. She is soon eliminated by Natalya, despite clinging.

Eva sneaks up on Natalya with a cheeky butt slap and as The Veteran turns, the fiery newbie gives Natalya a cold chop to the face. Natalya soon gets payback with her own slap to the face of Eva. Okay Girls, what happened this time? Was this another Tyson/Fandango Muddle Up? Natalya scoops Eva onto her shoulders, but Eva slips out, and with a quick kick, she sends Natalya away. Natalya is Eliminated.

Eva joins Aksana in their attempt to eliminate Nikki, and lets not forget the tension between Nikki and Eva on Total Divas. Nikki kicks Aksana away after being double whipped to the corner, before ramming Eva and sending her outside. As Gutted as I Am, Eva Marie is Eliminated. Aksana is trying to eliminate Nikki, and AJ, who is in a bit of a muddle with Brie, turns her attention to the two and simultaneously sends both over. Aksana and Nikki Bella are Eliminated. Its left down to AJ and Brie, the former rivals.

Brie with a dropkick and clothesline to AJ, and heads up top in proper Brie Mode. A Missile Dropkick from the fired up Brie to AJ. AJ with a heel kick to Brie, and looks to eliminate her, but Brie reverses, and tosses her to the outside, but she comes close as AJ hangs on. AJ takes some outrage out on referee Robinson, and Brie uses this to her advantage, and as a matter of fact, hits the dropkick, eliminating AJ. Oh Where is Tamina? Brie wins the battle royal.

Now for those who are wondering, where the heck is Summer Rae? Well, she is on the show as Accompaniment for Fandango, as he took on R Truth, in a losing effort. All Divas also appeared on the show again to thank the military.

(Tribute to the Troops Battle Royal)

Thoughts on this match:
There was some unique moments coming out of this battle royal, a rivalry rekindled between the Bella’s and Funkadactyls for a few seconds, the in ring improvement of Rosa Mendes, the fact AJ didn’t have the Divas title for reasons i dont know and most of all the moments created by one Eva Marie. Not only did she eliminate JoJo right on the bell, but proceeded to smack Nattie and even eliminate her? Eva certainly wasn’t letting up on this one, and is slowly improving in the ring. JoJo being eliminated first is not going to go down well with her at all. Am I The Only one hoping for Eva to tag with Aksana or Rosa in the future, or for Eva to feud with JoJo, Kaitlyn or the Bella’s? Okay, i know some readers just dont like Eva, but she stood out most to me in this one.

– Catherine


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