TNA IMPACT RESULTS: Gail & Tapa Follow the Order of Dixie As They Ensure the Destruction of ODB (January, 9th 2014)

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Okay so IMPACT wasn’t all doom and gloom for all you knockout fans around…Catherine here, to give you an update on the happenings of Thursdays TNA Impact. Of Course, the show, the highlights mainly had come from TNA President Dixie Carter, and it looks like she has a few more minions.

Okay so everyone has been saying that this episode was hugely boring in many aspects, but i, who missed it, had the chance to catch up, and i didn’t see anything wrong in it to be honest, TNA have done a good job this week when it comes to building up feuds. Now onto the Shows Opener, and who opens the show? That was a Rhetorical Question! Dixie Carter and her top man Magnus.

Of Course Dixie was Beyond Belief Stressed when Magnus and AJ’s challenge had been issued last week, but this week she wastes little time and makes AJ come to the ring to sign the contract to their champion vs champion match later tonight. Dixie tells AJ once he arrives that once he loses this shot, he wont have another, and she’ll be so proud to have him stretchered and so on, but AJ shrugs off these typical words. AJ says he will be the only TNA Champion when tonight is done, and he has friends who will ensure it, as well as reminding Dixie how much the TNA crowd hate her and so forth.

Magnus heads to the ring, and has Dixie leave…wait, Dixie’s the Boss RIGHT? He gets in AJ’s face on how he’ll no longer be referred to as the paper champion, stating the era of AJ is over Magnus throws a lot more attitude in his face and leaves, but AJ stops him, and tells him that unlike Magnus, he doesnt take shortcuts and tonight hes going to leave with respect, and with honor. AJ says he will be proud of himself and those eleven years he spent in the business, fighting for that title. AJ has one more thing to say, what will Dixie do once Magnus stops sucking up to her?

And following that, heres a Knockout Sighting, Dixie, who is clearly stressed at the whole AJ ordeal is backstage with LeiD Tapa and Knockouts Champion Gail Kim. Dixie asks Gail if she has this, shes obviously discussing an ominous attack on one ODB. Dixie tells Gail to make sure Tapa understands, and she has some business to take care of and walks off. Gail asks Tapa if she understands what she has to do and Tapa just responds with a nod and cruel smile..Uh Oh!

Its Eric Young and Joseph Park vs the Tag Team Champs, the BroMans. As Eric looks to get one up on Dixie’s latest henchmen, the titantron lights up, and what does it show, an aggressive beat down on ODB by LeiD Tapa, with Gail cackling in the background and urging her to carry it on more. Eric abandons Parks to rush to his woman’s aid, but when he gets to the backstage area, hes too late to help her, and he carries her off, while Sting flips out as he realises this happened by Order of Dixie. ODB isn’t the only one carried to hospital, as Parks, who lost his match due to Eric rushing off, was taken away after the post match beat-down by Robbie and Jesse.

Following the match between Ethan Carter and Samoa Joe, Joe is being shown taken away backstage, and Sting flips. Sting encounters Dixie and says every one of AJ’s friends is being hurt, and states that shes gone too far. Dixie just tells him to focus on his match, but Sting says the match doesnt change what hes got planned later, but Dixie exits, as Sting mumbles over being sick of her.

Dixie is on a roll in her heel ways tonight, as following Angle’s Open Challenge within a steel cage, she appears, and demands the cage remains up. She tells Roode hes got a cage match and Roode suspects hes got one with Angle, but nope, hes got one with Sting. Lets Move On to Dixie’s Momentous Occassion….The Main Event!!

Its AJ Styles vs Magnus, the winner is crowned the real world champion. Heck, before even any physical contact is made between face and heel, here comes Spud with Ethan Carter to carry out their assailant of Dixie duties. Sting makes the save, then its the BroMans who come down for Magnus’s assistance. Then comes down Bad Infleunce with a powerbomb combo to AJ, and Earl Hebner, TNA’s Official refuses to make a count, and that leads to Brian Hebner and Dixie coming out. Eventually, Magnus wins the match after a ridiculous amount of interventions. The Order of Dixie was Strong Tonight!

(AJ and Magnus Face to Face w/ Dixie)

(Dixie backstage w/ Gail and Tapa)

(The BroMans vs Eric Young and Joseph Park feat Gail Kim, ODB and LeiD Tapa)

(The Main Event)

Thoughts On:
Dixie’s Antics: The Show was all about Dixie and her growing army which I’d rather call the Order of Dixie instead of Dixie Train. If AJ’s closest allies hadn’t been taken out would that have effected Magnus’s reign as Champ, and the outcome of the Main Event? Yes, it probably would, but heres the top question, whose got the power to overthrow Dixie with AJ now done with the company? Its Obvious the pushes this year are going to the BroMans, Ethan Carter and Spud, and with Dixie’s latest tweet signalling new signees, who do you think could be coming to IMPACT Wrestling.

Gail/Tapa/ODB: Okay so we got more Knockouts Sightings than expected on the show, and even though this strongly built up the Tapa/ODB feud its now clear to me ODB has been written off for a while, and with the announcement that came that Madison Rayne will get her hands on Gail in a Knockouts title Match next week, could ODB shockingly turn up to distract Kim? I Cannot wait for next week! Oh and P.S I Wish All TNA Talent A Safe Journey to the UK for the UK Tour which i sadly have to say i will not be attending for the second year in a row.

– Catherine


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