Cattie’s Catch Up: Paul Heyman Proposes to RAW General Manager AJ Lee (September, 24th 2012)

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Hey Guys, To Celebrate AJ Lee’s Title Milestone This Week, what better than an Old AJ Lee WWE Moment? In Fact, Just to Refresh Some Memories, AJ Lee had a Stint as General Manager of RAW back in 2012, Appointed by Chairman of the Board himself, Vince McMahon.

On the Sept, 24th 2012 Edition of RAW, AJ confronted Heyman and his Protege Punk after they berated Referee Brad Maddox and demanded his resignation after a Botched Call in Punks Main Event Match the week before. RAW GM AJ decided to come out and address the heel duo, ultimately at Brad’s defense as she admitted he had made a mistake, but she is not going to let Heyman and Punk take her show hostage.

After taking some insults from Punk, including an intimate flashback, (lets not forget the amount of men AJ found herself in storylines with in that year, Daniel Bryan Included) AJ would receive even more Trouble, as Heyman, who loves his position of power, gets down on one knee and the Walrus asks for AJ’s Hand in Marriage. AJ Willingly accepts….to slap him in the face, reject him and walk out. Classy Act from the Former RAW GM, after all, everyone knows that was Heyman’s Mockery Version of AJ’s Proposal to Punk from Months Back.

And Who Thought that a year or so later that not only would AJ and Punk be Dating Supposedly, but that it would be Maddox taking AJ’s previous role as GM, answering to the Authority?

– Catherine


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