WWE MAIN EVENT RESULTS: Twin Magic vs Foxsana, Is Aksana’s Winning Streak Heading To Being Over? (January, 22nd 2014)

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Hey Guys, Catherine here as always to bring you a round up on the latest diva happenings, and BAM Main Event Spoiled Us to Some Divas Action as the Currently Aligned Foxsana (yes, that’s what they are referred to as) took on Nikki and Brie.

So what kicked off the fight between the two pairings? Well as Brie and Nikki were chatting along backstage after Nikki complimented Brie about how she knew Bryan was setting up the Wyatts, Alicia and Aksana bumped into them. Alicia says shes happy for Daniel, and now he and Brie can go back to being the perfect couple, and Aksana says they can plan their swamp wedding. Brie seems to take major offense to that. Nikki asks Brie if Aksana speaks English, and Brie says No, OOPS, and Aksana glares at them, before bursting into laughter and stating what they’ve been saying was a joke. Alicia pulls something out of Brie’s Hair and Brie knocks her hand away and storms off with Nikki. What even WAS that??

Time for Divas Action and Nikki and Brie are first to make their entrance. Foxsana are up next to Aksana’s Sultry theme and Aksana dons a New Attire! *Waits for Comments on how many slip ups this Attire could give her*. The Bell rings and its Aksana and Brie starting off the match.

Aksana mocks Brie about her hair, or at least i believe so, and receives a smack for it. Brie with some kicks and punches, and then she tags in Aksana’s latest Rival, Nikki. Brie dropkicks Aksana before she exits and Nikki works over her with the dropkick, resulting in a near fall.

Nikki works over Aksana in the Corner before tagging Brie back in the match. Brie hits the missile dropkick from up top, but Aksana recovers quick and gives her some shots. Aksana with multiple elbow drops then she gets the near fall.

Aksana chucks Brie into her corner, and she tags in Fox. Alicia chokes Brie against the ropes, releases, and ends up being tripped onto the ropes by Brie. Brie hits the running knee on Alicia. Alicia with a quick tag to Aksana, who grips Brie before she can make the tag to Nikki. Aksana knocks Nikki from the apron and turns her attention back to Brie. She Stomps on her in the corner and tags Alicia once more. Aksana and Alicia double team on Brie, and Alicia attempts to wear out Brie with a side headlock.

Brie looks to battle out with her sister backing her, but Alicia just knocks her down to the mat. Alicia gets the near fall. Alicia puts Brie in a Chinlock, and this time Brie manages to escape, and makes it to Nikki. Nikki is on Fire and brings many lethal offensive moves to Alicia! She even takes the time to take Aksana from the apron to the floor. Nikki whips Alicia to the corner and clotheslines her. More Offense by Nikki, and Aksana runs in to cause some havoc, or so she thought, as Brie sends her back out with the dropkick. Alicia, with a somewhat own impression of Melina’s scream, reverses Nikki’s Whip.

However, Alicia misses a charge in the corner, and Nikki sets her up for the signature Torture Rack Backbreaker, or as nicknamed by the ladies, Rack Attack. Nikki hits it and takes the win for the Total Divas.

(Alicia Fox, Aksana and the Bella Twins Backstage Segment)

(The Bellas vs Aksana and Alicia Fox)

Thoughts on:
The Backstage Segment: It felt really random and i couldn’t tell or make out some of the things Alicia and Aksana were muttering. To Me, it could’ve been more heated rather than out of the blue, and i need to ask this…Wheres Eva Marie?

Foxsana vs The Bella’s: It was an Okay Match, and Alicia’s giving me shades of Melina with her screaming in this match. I Believe this match is another play-up of the Nikki Aksana Feud that is thought to have been faded out, and it was a predictable result as well, but it was an okay match anyways, but there could’ve been more interaction between Nikki and Aksana.

– Catherine


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