WWE SMACKDOWN RESULTS: Is Cameron the Funkadactyls Weak Link? Is Naomi Ready to Rumble? (January, 24th 2014)

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Soooo Onto Something Much More Recent, WWE Smackdown, with some extra developments in the Naomi/AJ Feud(ish). This Week sees Naomi’s Funkadactyl Comrade Cameron get her hands on the Champion, AJ Lee, and with both sidekicks at ringside, is something bound to go down? Better get reading and watching to find out!

Your Longest Reigning Divas Champion AJ is already settling in the ring alongside her Heavy, Tamina, who is looking more than Flawless! Now is the Arrival of Cameron w/ Naomi, who is headed for Divas Action as she takes on AJ. The Bell rings and Tamina slips outside with the title belt as AJ readies for her opponent.

AJ Knees Cameron in the midsection to start, and then follows by taking the Funkadactyl Blondie to the mat. AJ prances around for a period of time, before pounding Cameron in the corner. AJ whips Cameron into a consecutive corner, and charges, only for Cam to instantly kick her out of the way, and from there, starts taking control. Cameron with many clotheslines and then the dropkick, and she rallies the crowd with some dancing before she hits a single leg drop. Cameron tries for a cover but AJ escapes at 1.

Cameron pushes AJ away and sees Naomi going to Tamina, and she dropkicks Tamina. AJ tries to take over using her attack as a distraction, and gets a near fall. AJ hits the Shining Wizard, and after a short attempt at a pin gone wrong, she covers for the 1…2…3!

Post Match, AJ and Tamina are celebrating, and Tamina isnt proud of Camerons antics, and she tries getting revenge from the attack by tossing her out. As Tamina is left to face with Cameron, Naomi clears the ring of AJ, but still no announcements of a Royal Rumble Match…

Plus Summer Rae is on hand to accompany her man Fandango to a match with Kofi Kingston, which results in defeat, with another Emma Sighting!! Yeyyyy Emma!!!

(AJ Lee w/ Tamina Snuka vs Cameron w/ Naomi)

Thoughts On:
AJ vs Cameron: A Short Match with an ever so predictable result, but we get a decent post match build up to a title match between Naomi and AJ. When Naomi attacked AJ did anyone feel like Naomi was going to go for a cover then realized it wasn’t a matchup, or was it just me? For some Crazy Reason, this match does not yet appear to be at Sundays Royal Rumble Pay Per View. If it does not make the card, this will be just like last year, with no divas match, and it’ll be a slap in the face to both AJ and Naomi really, considering how hard they have both worked, plus we could even get a Cameron (least likely because of Total Divas) or Tamina turn out of it, think of your options WWE! So Unless the Match is added to the card before the Event itself, expect no predictions blog….

– Catherine


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