WWE MAIN EVENT RESULTS: Natalyas Offending Remarks to Tamina Only Lead to Victory, And A Champions Attempted Attack! (January, 29th 2014)

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Hey Guys, So Because (SPOILER ALERT) we get nothing interesting with the divas this week on Smackdown, it appears the focus on AJ’s next opponent has shifted to Main Event this week, that and the focus is also on the Total Divas too, and it all starts with some measly segment…

So we see Foxy, Aksana and Tamina backstage muttering about something. Just like last week, they are talking over each other so all i could pick up was Natalya’s Name and that Tamina says well…shes Tamina Snuka. Brie, Nikki and Natalya walk up and Nikki mocks Foxsana over losing to them the other week, which puts them more over as heels to be honest, like Tamina and co didn’t barge into them now did they, they were minding their own business? Natalya says to the twins not to stoop to the heel ladies level, and when there’s some talk between herself and Tamina, Tamina gets called a “Sir”. Isn’t that stooping to their level? Okay Then. Tamina just gives off a hilarious “did she just call me a man?” reaction.

So it appears we have Tamina and Nattie in singles action. Tamina is accompanied by AJ who has somehow suddenly appeared, and Natalya is solo. So since Foxsana and the Bella’s were in that segment why didn’t they have them at ringside? Dumbfounded.

The Bell rings and an annoyed Tamina lunges her jacket at Nattie. Tamina with a shot and she shoulder tackles her a number of times in the corner. Tamina continues to work on Natalya in the corner. Natalya soon comes back with a clothesline, and Tamina rolls away. Natalya heads to the outside, or so she thought, as Tamina trips Natalya and bashes her leg against the apron. Tamina inflicts more damage to her leg.

Tamina with a near fall. Tamina continues to wear down Natalya as AJ says on commentary that Naomi will never pin her in singles action. Hmmmm. Tamina with another near fall. As Tamina continues to work on Natalya’s Leg, AJ is asked about Summer being the new addition to Total Divas, and she just describes Summer as somebody with personality issues. OUCH! Didn’t you guys tag team a while back?

Natalya looks to regroup at the ropes, but she cant hide from Tamina, as she gives her a punch in the midsection. Tamina stomps down on the same leg again. AJ praises Tamina as she gives Natalya the Samoan Drop. However, she states Tamina wont get the shot at the title because she works for her. For How Much Longer AJ? Natalya misses a kick and crawls about the ring, as Tamina preps the super-kick. It Misses as Nattie dives under. Natalya takes advantage with a roll up and pins Snuka! WHAAATTTT?

A Not too happy AJ races after Natalya, and blasts Natalya with many punches, before rolling her back to the ring. Tamina with the devastating super-kick to Natalya. AJ gloats and talks smack about Nattie, only for Naomi and Cameron to run down and batter Tamina, as AJ walks off. Naomi yells at AJ to face her in the ring but AJ simply walks away, till another day.

(Tamina Snuka w/ AJ Lee vs Natalya and Post Match Breakdown + Segment)

Thoughts on:
Backstage Segment: Okay, all 6 looked flawless, especially Tamina and Aksana, but this is the second time in 2 weeks where a divas backstage segment has the girls talking over each other. I Just didn’t understand Nat and the Bella’s in this segment, they just came across as immature name calling heels, and they are supposed to be faces, and Total Divas. I Dont even know what else to say about this…

Natalya vs Tamina: Tamina was hugely dominating the match and the result didn’t make sense. Once again a Total Diva wins. I Just don’t get why Tamina couldn’t have won that, and regardless of the result, the post match beating still could’ve happened. I Thought what happened post match was really well done, and the Naomi AJ Stand off was epic, now to wait and see for when this title match happens.

– Catherine


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