WWE SUPERSTARS RESULTS: The Dominating Force Ends The Win Streak! The Queen of Hearts Trounced! (February, 6th 2014)

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tamina 299

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Catherine here, Being a Very Busy Blogger Today! So Last thing to cover this week is WWE Superstars, which has been pleasing lately with the amount of diva matches they put on. This week came as no shock as fans were treated to another match, in fact Nattie vs Tamina, with quite an outcome! Lets go to the match!

The Queen of Harts and Total Diva Natalya makes her way to the ring first, fresh off last weeks Superstars which saw her overcome Summer Rae. Natalya parades down to the ring, and stops by to show off a fanmade Total Divas Sign, and to be honest, these Total Divas Withdrawals are getting too much, i miss the show. MARCH HURRY UP ALREADY! And Of Course this show has its newest panel on duty, Byron and Tom, Both Hailing from NXT!

The Intimidating Entrance Music of One Tamina Snuka hits, and Tamina makes her way to the ring, as as usual, sports the Shirt of her Partner in Crime, AJ Lee, who just happens to not be accompanying her. The Bell rings, and Natalya locks up with the Diva that she has labelled her toughest opponent. Tamina easily powers her into a corner. Tamina with a knee and she breaks off at the refs orders and Natalya quickly takes the chance to roll her up, getting a near fall.

Tamina with a kick and a knee before whipping Nat to the ropes, and she misses a clothesline. Natalya jumps up onto Tamina, but Tamina looks to get her set up into the samoan drop, only for Natalya to try a roll up again. Natalya with another near fall. Natalya tries and gets another near fall.

Tamina reverses Natalyas whip, and Natalya floats, and Tamina catches her and knocks her to the apron. Tamina with some offense and she sends her face first into the turnbuckle pole, and Natalya collapses to the ground below her. Natalya has no time to recover, as Tamina heads outside, hitting her with her jacket. OUCH! Tamina sends her back in the ring, and within moments, nails a clothesline to Nattie.

Tamina with a near fall. Tamina doesnt seem happy at Natalya kicking out, and then locks Natalya in a Side Head Lock. Natalya elbows out and hits the ropes, only for Tamina to knock her down again. Tamina back in control and she places her in the Side Head Lock one more time. Natalya battles out once again and she heads to the ropes, somewhat worn out. Tamina charges, catches her and drops her with the Samoan Drop.

With Natalya out temporarily, Tamina goes to the top for the Supafly Splash, but doesnt land it on target as Nattie moves. Tamina kicks her to the outside of the ring. Tamina viciously headbutts her and she screams at Commentary, only for Natalya to knock her to the table. But of course, No Hopes on a Battle onto the table, as Natalya takes her back in the ring.

Natalya fires up Clotheslines, dodging Taminas in the process. She tries to lock her sharpshooter but to her dismay, Tamina reaches the ropes. Tamina knocks Natalya onto the ropes, but as Nattie comes back, she misses her superkick and Natalya goes for the win. Natalya gets a near fall. Natalya leaps back up from the cover attempt, and Tamina hits her superkick, covers, and gets the win.

(Tamina Snuka vs Natalya)

Thoughts on this match:
A Good Match Up for Sure, and for the first time in a while, a different result came from this match, which, in a way, feels different and good at the same time, giving fans steamed by the Non Total Divas vs Total Divas Storyline a respite. To Be Honest, i wouldn’t be surprised at a rematch next week.

– Catherine


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