TNA IMPACT RESULTS: A Bond Severed as Alpha Succumbs to Super Sky, and Unprofessionalism from Mr Creepy (March, 6th 2014)

gail kim 816

velvet 268

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Okay Guys, Catherine here and back from a 2 and a half hour day of College which surprisingly went well, yes i do use the term surprisingly loosely. Speaking of Surprises, not a surprise to see the earlier promoted 6 Knockout Tag Match as the Alliance of Gail Kim and LeiD Tapa joined Alpha Female in action against Knockouts Champion Madison Rayne, ODB and Velvet Sky following last weeks post match shenanigans that saw Madison and co saved from the heels.

TNA Pres Dixie was back this week and facing up to TNAs recent investor MVP. Dixie is right on time, pausing MVPs announcement on the fourth member of the squad at Lockdown, claiming she couldn’t care a less who this 4th member is. Despite what she says, he announces its Jeff Hardy, and Dixie argues over his suspension, leading to Team Captain Roode and MVP imploding on one another.

Poor Vel seems to be prepping for this big match when Creepy Never mind Samuel Shaw, who got one up on his Lockdown Opponent Anderson, slithers into the Knockouts locker room demanding she reveals where Christy is. Poor Velvet is freaked out, but who wouldn’t be, but lets slip that shes in the Make Up Room. However, it appears following Hemmes reaction earlier, that she may have left.

So we head to the ring and First we get the phenomenal entrance music of One Gail Kim, Joined by LeiD Tapa and Alpha Female, who has Velvets on screen Jerk Off Ex Chris Sabin hoisted on her back. Following up is Velvet Sky in another new attire, then its ODB and now being dubbed “Knockouts Champion of the World” Madison Rayne. It feels Odd having JB Announcing but he absolutely nails it and the arena couldn’t look any better either. In Addition to that, just a reminder that Rayne will put her Recently won Title on the Line against Gail Kim at Lockdown on Sunday.

All Ladies staredown their opposition before the bell and in terms of intimidation, power and height, Team Tapa already have the advantage. While they seem to be deciding which Knockout starts things off, Madison isn’t waiting and lunges right at Kim. Madison throws Gail to consecutive corners. Right off bashing her head, Rayne hits a Suplex. Madison appears to be fired up, and from behind, Tapa sneakily grabs her hair and Madison tries to get some shots at her. Gail hits a Massive Dropkick on the Champ and all due to the distraction.

Gail takes Madison to the corner and kicks her, before charging at her, and in turn, missing. Madison tags in ODB who goes to work on the Former Champion. ODB whips Gail to the corner and splashes her. ODB has the crowd behind her and i cant help but think back to their numerous clashes last year before Mickie departed. ODB, in a hilarious way, continues to get one up on Gail. BAM.

ODB gets the first near fall in the match on Gail. Tapa tries to get involved but ODB slows her down. Once again, Tapas distraction allows Gail to get the advantage over her opponent, as she hits a clothesline on ODB. With ODBs hair in her grasp, and Tapas hand in the other, Gail tags in Tapa, who obviously has issues with ODB. Tapa kicks ODB and scoops her onto her shoulder, before dropping her in a backbreaker. Tapa chants and taunts while towering over ODB, then gets back to work. Tapa whips ODB to the corner and nails a clothesline.

Tapa attempts to damage ODB’s arms and gets in the face of the ref. Heck, she even spits on him. Tapa returns to ODB, who tries to back her villainous opposition away with punches. ODB dodges a clothesline from Tapa and makes a miraculous tag to Velvet Sky. Right on that, Tapa tags in Alpha Female. Velvet fires clotheslines, but Alpha remains tall and standing. Velvet tries a kick and a bulldog to wear down Sabins new Lady. Velvet goes for a cover, only for Gail to run in and break them up. Tapa joins the occasion and rushes at Rayne, who spears Gail. Rayne slips outside with her Lockdown Opposition as ODB leaps onto Tapas back with a sleeper hold locked in, or so thought as Tapa sends her away over the ropes and to the outside.

Tapa heads outside with bad intentions, but Madison looks to defend her tag partner ODB by trying to wear out Tapa herself. While they go at it, Chris Sabin charges to the ring and fires some insults at Velvet Sky, who responds with a smack to the face. Sabin runs at her, and Velvet pulls at the ropes, causing Sabin to go flying over. Thats Just one worry out of the way for Sky, as she has Alpha right behind her. Velvet escapes Alpha and nails a kick before hitting the finishing In Yo Face, allowing the faces to capitalize. An Envious Sabin seems to be crying over his fallen comrade.

Right before the last segment of the show, Magnus ends up chatting to Dixie backstage about Joe facing him this weekend, and asks her what she having full control of the company means for his championship reign. Dixie only wants him to go out there and take the win.

(Show Opener)

(Sam storms into the KO Locker Room)

(Alpha Female, LeiD Tapa and Gail Kim w/ Chris Sabin vs Madison Rayne, ODB and Velvet Sky)

(Dixie talks backstage with Magnus before he faces up to Joe)

Thoughts On:
Dixie this week: Dixie is playing up the usual heel antics and as for that segment with Magnus, its obvious shes going to ensure they win at Lockdown, but i know they’re going to win anyway.

Knockouts Match: It was an overall competitive match, playing up each of the ongoing feuds in the Division. This may have also been Alphas Last Match in TNA due to her not signing with the company (then again neither is MVP) but shes gone from a dominant force to succumbing to Sky and losing for the heel team. Sabins expressions at the end have me thinking he may be done with her and getting someone else. I Personally would’ve liked to see Alpha vs Velvet at Lockdown in a Cage to showcase Alphas brutality but that’s definitely not happening. PS What Happened to this reported tension between Tapa and Gail? Was it Nixed? Was it Off Camera? Oh Of Course, that’ll have to wait until the yet to be aired Jokers Wild PPV.

Anderson/Hemme/Shaw: The Match between Shaw and Anderson is my 2nd most look forward to match on Sunday, the 1st being the Knockouts and despite what everyone thinks, i dont see Christy turning heel on Sunday, but if she does we do have JB! Should Anderson win this weekend, whats next for Samuel Shaw? Either way, this storyline got extremely scary this week but whoever wrote it has really thought it out and Shaw is easily one of TNAs rising stars alongside EC3 & Spud.

– Catherine


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