WWE SMACKDOWN RESULTS: Theres a Fire Burning in One Total Diva, And A Possible Championship Desire In Another! (March, 7th 2014)

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Hello Guys, as we speak Smackdown here in the UK is seconds from airing, but cheeky me decided to sneak onto Dailymotion hours prior to watch it myself, and divas wise it didn’t disappoint! We got a Divas Tag that could sum something up for later, and Lana cutting another Top Class Rusevs Gonna Kill You Promo.

Right, Divas Action first with the Flawless Team of Total Divas Eva and Natalya. Natalya seems to be giving Eva a Pep Talk of strength, which she usually does around a Newbie. Speaking of Divas, here comes Tamina and Nearly the Longest Reigning Champ of all time, AJ Lee. AJ Flaunts herself all the way to the ring and the babyface buddies are not even close to impressed by their rival.

Right at the bell, there’s a little stare down of intimidation between Tamina and Starting off Face Diva Eva Marie, which makes me feel like they’re starting a momentous months in the making feud match for some reason. Nope, Snuka gives the cheapshot. Tamina pushes the fiery total diva about and has her clenched, falling to the ground, which is a spot i believe weren’t meant to happen. Tamina has Eva in a side headlock, and Eva, who Cole indicates is learning a lot, stomps on Taminas feet and surprisingly reverses the side headlock into one of her own.

Tamina launches her to the ropes, and Eva shoulder tackles Snuka to the mat, and gets in her face right after. Eva hits the ropes and cartwheels over Snuka who is grounded on the mat, as Cole for some odd reason seems to be putting her over as a heel again. Eva keeps the pace up with a well timed arm drag and seems to be having control. Tamina is furious, and takes her to the heel corner before agreeing to let her go by the referees orders, and Eva seems to be all smiles about that, then explodes when AJ taps her behind. The Distraction allows Tamina to knock her down, and not just her fighting spirit but her body.

Tamina tags AJ as the commentary team reference possible dissension between these divas back at Elimination Chamber. AJ gets a Good Pop. AJ starts to overpower Eva Marie, and sends her head first to the corner before Tamina gets tagged in again. Tamina unloads on Eva yet again, and seconds later, AJ comes back in with the tag. Tamina has Eva placed in a hold, and AJ kicks Eva right in her midsection. AJ has Eva placed directly in a sleeper hold.

With Crowd backing and Natalyas Support, Eva flips AJ off her back, and as AJ tries to drag her back, Eva impressively kicks her away and makes a tag to the Canadian Sensation, Natalya! Natalya catches AJ foot and clotheslines the Champion to the mat, then goes right at Tamina by sending her to the floor. Natalya kicks AJs midsection and sets her up into a suplex, and it hits! Natalya wastes no time in hitting the suplex a second time. Natalya sends her to the ropes, and AJ responds with a kick. AJ runs back at her, but Natalya catches her and into a slam!

Natalya goes for a cover and Tamina races to save her little princess. Tamina whips Natalya, but Natalya knocks her out with the clothesline, and surprisingly the ref doesn’t follow orders and call for the bell. AJ tries to place Natalya in the finishing black widow, only for Natalya to shockingly reverse into the sharpshooter, and the helpless Divas Champ taps, awarding Nattie and Eva the Match! However the Parties short lived, as Tamina crawls to the ring and stares down the babyfaces, tempting them to flee and not get on the Samoan Princess’s bad side.

Thats not it for the Divas, as the ever so impressive Lana shows up to introduce Rusev again, who cuts a promo on possibly being the next dominant force, or whatever it is he appears to be saying as its usually a fluent foreign promo he cuts per week.

(Tamina Snuka and AJ Lee vs Natalya and Eva Marie)

(Alexander Rusev and Lana Speak on Smackdown)

Thoughts On:
Tamina and AJ vs Natalya and Eva: Okay Haters, dont run at me but Eva really showcased some growing improvements in this match, and i can only applaud her as she continues to show that she can get better. With Natalya gaining the cover over AJ Lee, or should i say Submission Pin, is Natalya in Line for the Shot once again? Nope, probably not, especially with Naomi’s return coming but never say never with a possible storyline of all the Total Divas fighting for that contenders spot which means she could be one of many divas competing for the Gold at Mania. Triple Threat? 6 Pack Challenge? Or AJ vs Tamina vs Naomi at Wrestlemania? Heck WWE, just give us a Divas Match at Mania worth hyping and fainting over!

Lana/Rusev: So Lana extended her script a little this week, yes she did, as she did say some different things this week. Lana is absolutely brilliant with promos, and continues to show why every week, and come post wrestlemania, i see big things for these two! Watch This Space! Would say it in Bulgarian…or Russian…but i know neither languages! OOPS!

– Catherine


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