WWE RAW RESULTS: Interesting Turn of Events for WrestleMania as Nikki and Nattie Fight for the Blazing Title! (March, 10th 2014)

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Hey Guys, Catherine here, speaking on a RAW that leaves all us Diva Fans with loads of tremendous thoughts of the 4 weeks ahead. Ahead of an astonishing win against Divas Champ AJ in a Tag Team Effort, Nikki Clenched Gold, and ended up in a staredown with Number One Contender Natalya, who gets her exclusive shot tonight on Main Event on the Network. Plus Stephanie went absolutely Crazy and you’re going to see soon why.

First Appearance goes to the now screeching first lady of WWE Stephanie McMahon, who says stuff about Daniel Bryan, who the Authority are still inconsiderately labeling a B+ Player. Stephanie apologizes for last weeks doings, before saying Bryan should admit that he cant win against her Hubby at the Upcoming Wrestlemania, and that he has to admit hes not man enough to square off with Hunter in the ring. Stephanie says if Bryan doesn’t follow these amends, there will be severe consequences. (Gulps)

The Cherry on top comes later as Divas Tamina Snuka and AJ Lee hit the ring to face Brie and Nikki, with the accompaniment of Natalya at the Commentary table, who we’ve learned, will get a title opportunity on tonight’s Main Event live on the Network. Tamina and Nikki start the match by locking up. Nikki tries to put Tamina by the ropes, just before being told to released by the referee. Tamina pushes Nikki around, and Nikki comes back with one punch after another.

Nikki with a waistlock but Tamina breaks her off. Nikki kicks Taminas midsection before she gets an armbar. Nikki Tags Brie in the match. Both of them whip Tamina and Brie elbows Taminas Face, just not Aksana style. Brie with a running knee. Brie looks to head up top but it doesnt look that way as AJ provides the distraction, which allows Tamina to superkick Brie’s face, forcing her to the outside.

Tamina doesnt steadily wait for Brie’s ring return, as she heads outside after removing her jacket. Tamina Knees Brie and tosses her back in the ring. Tamina gets a near fall, and the first of the match. Tamina locks a chinlock on Brie. Tamina continues to power out Brie as Natalya continues chatting on how shes going to win the championship. Tamina tags in AJ Lee. Tamina whips Brie into AJ, and Brie ends up taking a kick by AJ, laid out in the ring. AJ with a near fall. Brie struggles to make the tag to Nikki as AJ sends her away, and AJ whips Brie, but Brie knocks her back in retaliation.

AJ utilizes the ropes to try place her in the sleeper. AJ tries to roll up Brie but she escapes and dropkicks AJ. Brie makes the tag to Nikki. The Fearless Bella uses a dropkick and clothesline on the Divas Champion, and attacks her in the corner. She Drags her to the middle and whips her to another corner. AJ kicks her away and charges, but Nikki knocks her down. Nikki goes for a cover, only for Tamina to run in and save the Champion.

Tamina rolls outside and shouts to the commentary team, only for Brie to leap off the steel steps and onto Tamina. With Tamina flat out, AJ and Nikki are now the legal divas of the ring. AJ knocks Brie away on the outside, turning her attention to her sister. An Overconfident AJ tries locking her black widow submission, and not for long, as Nikki breaks off the attempt and into the Rack Attack, Pinning the Champ.

Post Match Nikki takes AJs title and holds it above her head, flashing it to Contender Natalya who seems None too happy. It Appears the Total Divas, minus Eva and Summer, have AJ’s Number at Wrestlemania.

It wouldn’t be too long for Bryan to introduce his Authority related issues in the ring either, surrounded by a Swarm of Fans, or should we now say the Occupy Movement. Not only did he grab the opportunity to make Hunter and Stephanie fume almost at the same time, but he got his WM Match-up with one Triple H, as well as a stipulation that should he win, he will go on to main event. HECK YES!

Lana also made an appearance on RAW to introduce Rusev to the crowd and the WWE once again. Rusev appeared to mock the US Citizens in Bulgarian.

(Stephanie wants Bryan to admit hes not Man Enough to Face HHH)

(Tamina Snuka and AJ Lee vs Brie Bella and Nikki Bella w/ Natalya)

(Daniel Bryan introduces the Occupy Movement to Stephanie and Triple H and Not Just 1 Mania Matchup)

(Lana and Rusev Promo)

Thoughts On:
Daniel Bryan/Authority Moment: This had to be one of the most epic moments, as well as one of the most thought out, coming from Last Nights RAW, and the fact Bryan may get to Main Event Mania, as he deserves to, makes me proud for the fans and for himself, maybe we’re getting heard after all. And on that Note, Dont Get on the Bad Side of Your Bosses….Unless you’re Daniel Bryan.

Bellas vs AJ/Tamina: This is Going to be a LONG summary here but theres so many things that could come out of this. Natalya could win the title tomorrow night and feud with Nikki over it, or Natalya could lose tonight due to a Bella’s Heel Turn. Also AJ could retain tonight and Naomi could return, thus the announcement of a match WWE Should’ve announced already, Nikki vs Natalya vs Naomi vs AJ. Now Naomi was originally meant to win the title, so it would feel right for her to win at WM if the decided match happens, and if this does happen, i definitely see AJs title reign ending at Mania, and im hoping for either Nikki or Naomi to win the title. But following last nights events, im 100% certain Tamina isn’t getting inserted into this match. Fingers Crossed WWE dont waste time and do announce this match so im not whining for the next 4 weeks, especially with the lack of time WWE use with the divas heading into Mania.

Lana/Rusev: Lana going from all smiles to evil within seconds gives me chills, but its great at the same time. Like before im happy like heck to see Lana on the Main Roster, but Mania is closing in, and whos going to be the guy to put over Rusev as a heel? Cesaro? Big Show? Orton? Someone from NXT? Probably a Xavier Woods/Rusev feud since they’re doing nothing with him, but they need to have Rusev to collide with someone easily as strong not only for the anticipation, but because Rusev needs a big match now hes on the main roster.

– Catherine


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