Cattie’s Catch Up: Velvet Sky Defends The Knockouts Championship vs Gail Kim at Lockdown! (March, 10th 2013)

velvet 215

velvet 219

taryn 138

Hello Folks, Refreshed from a Nerving Episode of WWE Main Event, its time to write Catties Catch Up Edition 40, yes we are at Edition 40 already, where has the time gone? Speaking of time gone, its just over a year since an iconic moment that kickstarted a memorable feud happened in a certain championship match.

Velvet Sky, who was crowned the newest Knockouts Champion for a 2nd time a Month before, defended the title against Gail Kim, one year after facing Kim in a Losing effort for the title. Gail didn’t just have Sky to contend with though, but the amazingly talented Taryn Terrell, who was (Big Word is WAS) signed to TNA as the Official Referee for all Knockouts Contests thanks to then VP Brooke Hogan. Terrell had faced torment at the hands of Kim week by week and eventually reached breaking point, and when the 3x Champion backed her into a corner, Taryn exploded and speared Gail, loosening the rage her heel rival built inside her all this time, and nonetheless helped her fellow Blonde Knockout retain the title.

It was that very explosive moment between Taryn and Gail that set fire to an intense feud between the two, and in turn, it created two of the most memorable Knockouts Matches of 2013, and most definitely, two of the most memorable in TNA History, a Last Knockout Standing Match at Slammiversary ’13, Followed by a Ladder Match Weeks Later to crown a Number 1 Contender to then Champion Mickie James’s title, and in turn becoming Taryn’s last match before her hiatus. Third Times the Charm this year? *Slowly Raises Hand*

– Catherine


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