WWE RAW RESULTS: AJ Starts Counting Down The Number of Days in Her Title Reign as she Faces Huge Competition for WrestleMania! (March, 24th 2014)

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Okay Guys So Here I Am, Catherine, recapping a bombshell of a RAW for sure. We Got for a Change a Great Crowd, Big WrestleMania Build Ups and Dare i even say it, Respect for ALL the Divas Division, see AJ was going to compete in a Multi Diva Match at WrestleMania like Rumors suggested, but to everyone’s Glory its not just the Total Divas getting the shot, thanks to the lovely Cougar in Charge Vickie Guerrero. I’m Going to applaud then get to it in a bit.

Stephanie McMahon opens up the show and as we discovered on the pre show, Stephanie, still being named one of the company’s main principal owners, told Renee Young she would address the WWE audience tonight, and she didn’t go back on her word. Stephanie turns kind for a few moments by thanking everyone whose come to the show, before turning it down to a notch by announcing that Daniel, who was massively attacked by her Hubby Triple H last week, is not going to be there. Stephanie says shes been viewing several comments via social media over how the attack last week was disgusting and went too far, as well as uncomfortable to watch. Stephanie says she overall agrees with that, but she feels she and Triple H did what they thought they needed to do. She says this was a message to Bryan and everyone back there in that locker room that insubordination will not be tolerated.

Stephanie says she wont allow this Yes Movement group Bryan created, create a false leader and the Yes Chants amp up. Stephanie says Bryan would lead all of them to self destruction, so they took drastic measures. Stephanie adds that the decisions of leaders isn’t always the most popular, but whats a ship without its captain right? In Fact whats a Company without a COO. She states the fans need to be lead by someone with intellect and character, referencing herself. Stephanie goes on to boast about the McMahon’s. This gets drowned out by CM Punk chants. She then puts over her husband, the Cerebral Assassin, Triple H. Stephanie grants that HHH will go on to win WrestleManias Main Event after he “beats” Bryan and Orton makes his entrance.

Randy says he isnt out here to disrespect Triple H. In Fact he respects them too much to do what ultimately he may have to do to Triple H at WrestleMania if he even wins against Daniel Bryan, and Stephanie tells him he should mean WHEN he beats Bryan. Randy says When (as per forced) Triple H wins, he will not be responsible for what he does to him in the ring. Randy goes on a little more but Stephanie cuts off to try drown off the Chants for Bryan. Stephanie then apologizes to Orton for those interruptions, and Orton’s quite alright with that, now back to the topic of WrestleMania. He More or less guarantees to beat Triple H and Batista to a pulp. Orton then charms Stephanie a little, and tells the Savvy Business Lady that she should let Triple H go ahead and beat down Daniel Bryan again. In Fact, make him walk away from the championship match! I Believe hes referencing a disqualification on that part?

Stephanie’s Just about to speak When Mr Booed out of the Building himself Batista comes to the ring. Batista says hes been driven crazy by those two conversing and the Chants for Bryan, and says they’re all missing the point. He Claims they are all looking at the next WWE World Heavyweight Champion *Spits Out Drink*. He says he doesn’t care who it is he has to battle because hes leaving with that title, and funnily enough his Mic has a Botch. Batistas mic continues to have a couple botch moments until Stephanie says she cant hear him and offers him the replacement mic. Batista tests the mic, asks if its on and a part of me is hoping its broke. Now it (sadly) seems to be back on point, Batista tells Stephanie he really respects Triple H, but hes never even beaten him. He says if Triple H can make it to the main event, he wont beat him there either, and neither will Randy, who ends up looking into Batista’s face. Batista says Orton makes him sick, one moment hes ultimately sucking up to Triple H, the Corporates, next week, sucking up to Stephanie, and says he might as well lean a bit closer and drool over her a little more. Batista says he hates to break Randy’s heart, but Steph has been legit drooled on before, in fact a lot. Steph smacks his glasses clean off and Randy’s behind reaction leaves me in absolute bits. Orton is still hysterical over the moment as Stephanie exits, but that does not last, as Batista spears him and holds up the titles to finish.

Later on in the show we get a matchup between Fandango and Cody Rhodes. Goldust and Summer have an interaction from the outside, and Summer attempts to distract him and Cody by dancing and “accidentally” twisting on her ankle. Instead it costs Fandango another match. Summer just smiles over it at the end with Fandango like she didn’t even do anything wrong.

Now here comes my fave moment from the show regarding the Divas, a Match between Naomi and AJ. Now at first i must have misheard that it was a Championship Match because i didn’t know until minutes in. At first i think its another usual tag match as the Funks hit the ring, and it appears just Naomi will be competing. Following their entrance, here comes AJ Lee, with Tamina. AJ seems to be proud, after all the longest reigning champ has a new T Shirt. Following her entrance, the bell rings, and AJ prepares to defend. It doesn’t take long for AJ to make a mockery, as she mocks the damage that Aksana had done to Naomi. Naomi with dropkicks, and AJ reverses her whip attempt, but Naomi slides and kicks her away. Naomi dodges a clothesline by AJ and AJ hits the ropes, and Naomi looks for the rear view, but AJ has slipped onto the outside, and looks to exit with Tamina. AJ pulls an Eve Torres as she gets counted out and retains the Championship.

AJ may think shes heading out of there, but im afraid ive got some bad news. Vickie Guerrero arrives, and shes none too pleased over AJ making some remarks over Vickie on Commentary on Smackdown. As a matter of fact, they were innacurate and at the same time, uncalled for. Vickie brings up the history they’ve had, from when she fired her as RAW GM, to AJ stealing her then on screen boyfriend Dolph Ziggler, and surprisingly doesnt bring up the fact she obviously had Tamina return and attack AJ at Survivor Series. Vickie says shes willing to let go of all of this, because the one thing she does want to tell her is that shes a real BITCH. I, for one, thought that word on PG TV would get you fired. Vickie then pulls the announcement that AJ is defending the title at WrestleMania in the Vickie Guerrero Divas Championship Invitational, against Naomi.

But NO not just Naomi, but Cameron, and Naomi looks none too pleased. And it gets better from here, as both the Bellas have been put in the match. Nikki gets a Huge Pop. And of course, Natalya again. I Scream in Delight (dont judge me) as Eva Marie also comes out as shes announced for the match. Even BIGGER, EMMA is in the match. AKSANA also gets her first title shot, and ALICIA FOX gets inserted back into the title picture. SUMMER RAE also comes out announced for the match. ROSA also gets her first title shot. OMGGGGGG. LAYLAS back in the title race too. That leaves ONE MORE. Vickie says theres one more diva left to compete against AJ at WrestleMania, thats TAMINA!!!!

Tamina and AJ are both in utter shock at this announcement and the Crowd burst into Yes Chants, its obvious they want this match, if not AJ vs Tamina alone. As AJ is frantic at defending the title, Tamina pulls off a wicked smile, not only if she finally going to be distanced from AJ, but she now has the chance to not only push her around, but take whats closest to her, the Divas Championship. Vickie bursts into laughter at AJ’s Just Desserts as Tamina keeps on smiling. Could we see Vickie and Taminas alignment come back into play at WrestleMania, and could it be Vickie raising her hand at the end of the bout? THIS IS MEGA. AJ IS DEFENDING AGAINST THE ENTIRE DIVAS DIVISION (Minus Lana) BUT THIS IS MEGA. This is also the first WM Divas Match in 7 Years and the first time the title has been defended at WrestleMania. They’ve made up for last years disappointing snub!

(Stephanie, Orton and Batista Open the Show)

(Fandango w/ Summer Rae vs Cody Rhodes w/ Goldust)

(AJ Lee vs Naomi and MEGA Divas WrestleMania Announcement)

Thoughts On:
RAW Opener: Everything was Great about this Opener, the Crowd were on Point, Stephanie’s Mic Skills were excellent, Orton Sucking up to the McMahon’s for another week was well played, and Batistas Mic Botch had me in bits. Plus theres also the slap from Stephanie to Batista. Randy’s reaction was absolute brilliance. Shame it had to end how it did because i felt like Randy should have given him another deserving RKO but i guess its all about them getting one up on each other every week.

Fandango/Summer Rae Situation: Summers going to be starring in the 4th Installment of the Marine 4 which is in its shooting process, so Summer will be off TV at some point. With that in mind, its much likely Summer and Fandango are headed to split, with Summer coming back and being inserted into the title picture like she should. A Part of me was expecting Eden to debut on the main roster and feud with Summer due to her flirting w/ Cody this past week, but with Summer potentially written off, i dont see it happening just yet.

AJ Lee vs Naomi & Post Match Announcement: This is going to be a LONG Breakdown. I’m Glad WWE didn’t end it with just AJ walking off and Vickie announcing the whole roster to face AJ at WM had me in Hysterics. Theres so many girls in this match who have never had and deserve a shot, aka Aksana, Summer Rae, Emma, Rosa Mendes etc. Then theres so many things that could come out of this. A Newbie like Emma could win it to put her over as the top babyface, or Naomi could win it as she was originally scheduled to. To See Rosa, Aksana and Alicia in the match as well as Summer gives me a sigh of relief because 3/4 haven’t been in the title picture EVER and the other 1/4 aka Alicia hasn’t been in the title picture FOR YEARS. I Like also how Vickie had a play with words calling it an invitational because an NXT Diva could run down into this match, PAIGE. Shocked Eva will be in this match too but im sure Eva will be training like crazy now theres (as far as i know) no filming to do for TD’s until WrestleMania. The Biggest factor in this match is Tamina being in it and her reaction has me thinking she will either win it w/ or w/out Vickie’s help or she’ll end up having her chance snubbed to a Total Diva. I Overall expected Nikki vs Natalya vs AJ vs Tamina vs Naomi at WM but the Non Total Divas being in the matchup has made me so proud because im glad they are getting the shot and not just the Total Divas because it shouldn’t be “Oh, you’re not a Total Diva, you shouldn’t be in the title picture, you should be jobbing to them”. Maybe they stood up for their chance to be in this match, to showcase themselves, maybe they’ve had enough of jobbing, i dont know, lets just hope they weren’t inserted into it just to look weak against them at WM. But as of right now, i have 2 picks on whose going to win, and no matter what happens, i see Cameron going heel afterwards since shes more or less been portrayed like that on Total Divas, and because they need more than one heel in my opinion from that particular group, not just Summer Rae.

– Catherine


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