WWE MAIN EVENT RESULTS: Tamina Triumphs, But Is She Willing to Turn to Take All at WrestleMania? (March, 25th 2014)

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Okay Guys, Catherine here, I’m in a Very Happy Mood Today because the Account I Recently Created to Promote this Site is Officially Unsuspended! YEY!!!! Now Moving On, last night Divas were on show on Last Night’s Main Event Episode, even though i found out 30 mins before that it oddly wasn’t live, which is a shame because ive preferred it being live than taped and I’d rather have it carry on that Way. Sooo….

When we come back from an exclusive Total Divas Promo which showed Summer Rae Slapping Natalya’s face off (SPOILER ALERT) we come back to the show and your Divas Champion AJ Lee has joined the commentary table and im sure she has some ridiculously NICE Comments to say about all 13 Of Her WrestleMania Opposers. With that being said, its time for Divas Action and Here comes Natalya, Eva, The Funkadactyls and the New Addition of Emma. No Guys, shes not joined Total Divas So Don’t Panic! Speaking of Total Divas, it seems a Total Diva is leading the heel group, as Summer Rae’s entrance theme hits, and she struts to the ring with Alicia Fox, Aksana, Tamina and Layla in tow. Someones Gonna Be Pulling Natalya’s Hair Out! Of Course its odd for them to not come out to Tamina’s Music considering she looks like the leader of the group in this one but Summers getting that promo! Plus AJ gives a Scott Pilgrim vs the World reference as she comments on the Upcoming Diva Invitational, classing it as AJ vs the World.

The Bell rings and Layla and Natalya start off for their respective teams, Layla surprisingly donning old gear rather than the one she debuted this time last week. The Two Lock Up, a Waistlock attempt thwarted, and Layla pushes Natalya. She Chops her and cheers about, but is about to get on Nattie’s bad side. Nattie takes her out with the clothesline. Another, then Layla cowers to avoid getting beat on. Natalya kicks Layla and Suplexes her. Natalya gets her first near fall in the match.

Natalya seems distracted by who is shouting at her on the other side, but takes to her corner, Layla in her clutches, and tags in Emma. Emma kicks at Laylas stomach, then Natalya heads to the apron, leaving her tag partner to it. Emma does her usual hand gestures and Layla tries to come up with one of her own before attacking her. Emma catches her in the waistlock then rolls her up for a near fall. Layla starts to gain an advantage, and whips her into a corner. Layla Charges but Emma catches her and tosses her body into the turnbuckles.

From that Moment, Emma heads outside and shes got the DilEMMA locked in. Emma releases, and kicks Layla head first to the mat. As Emma continues her hand gestures, Layla crawls over and makes the tag to Alicia. Alicia is sent to the mat then Emma takes her into the Faces Corner and Eva Marie is tagged into the match. Right on that, she tries to roll up Alicia but gets a near fall.

Eva puts Alicia in a headlock and manages to take her to the mat, headlock still applied. Alicia starts to get on her feet and fight out. Alicia powers her into a corner and shoulder tackles her a number of times. Alicia with a knee to Eva’s throat then she backs off as demanded by the ref and this allows Eva to elbow her away and take some shots at the divas behind. Alicia grabs her and the heels run in to batter on Eva as a group. Emma and Team run in to save her.

They eventually cooperate and its back to Alicia vs Eva. Alicia working on the arm of Eva as we get Eva chants started up by Natalya. Alicia with the suplex but she gets a near fall on Eva. Summer tags in. Summer is surprisingly being vicious to Eva despite them being friends in the New Episode of Total Divas. Summer chokes Eva on the ropes as Aksana talks a little smack to her. Summer keeps control as Alicia makes a tag. Alicia presses her arm against Evas throat and shoulders as Natalya urges Eva on. Eva is tossed to the mat.

Alicia hits the ropes but misses Eva, and Eva and Alicia rush to make a tag. Naomi and Tamina are now tagged in. Naomi fires a lot of offensive at her right on the tag. Tamina reverses her whip, but Naomi slides under the ropes and kicks her away. Tamina looks for the samoan drop, but Naomi slides off her shoulders. Tamina charges, but is sent by Naomi to the turnbuckles.

Naomi charges and splashes Tamina then heads up top. Naomi with a flying crossbody on Tamina but she just gets a near fall thanks to Aksana and team breaking it up. The Faces clear them out. Emma and Eva are left in the ring and Emma does the usual dance/hand gestures but Eva doesnt seem to get it. At first it seems Eva could turn, but instead Tamina double clotheslines them both. Naomi returns to the ring and gives Tamina elbows. Tamina reverses her whip, and misses a clothesline, but as Naomi comes running back at her, she drops her with her superkick. Tamina Covers, and the win goes to her, Summer, Layla, Aksana and Alicia.

As Tamina celebrates this victory, here comes AJ to raise her hand. Tamina looks confused and furious all at the same time and as AJ’s music pauses i get a slight hint someone may get superkicked. AJ reels her in for the hug while pulling a douche face then heads off as Tamina looks on with a smile, an intentional smile that could more or less say “You Dont Wanna Trust Me AJ”. But Seriously, how Good does that WM Banner look above Taminas head? Hint anyone?

(Layla, Aksana, Alicia Fox, Tamina and Summer Rae vs Natalya, Cameron, Naomi, Eva Marie and Emma)

Thoughts on this match:
Overall decent match with an understandable outcome for Tamina, but keeping that in mind, what does that mean for Naomi? Is she not going to win at WM? Is she not going to get revenge on Tamina Next Week? Other questions are Why Didn’t Aksana get tagged in the match? Is there legit heat on her for busting Naomi’s eye? Where is Rosa? Are they keeping her out of Bay so she could pull the big win at WM? All these are things to consider folks! There are 2 People i have in mind for the WM Victory and Tamina may be added as a 3rd considering that end hint and the current tension between herself and AJ. The Plot Thickens on Smackdown!

– Catherine


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