TNA XPLOSION RESULTS: Lei’D Tapa Initiates One More Match (March, 25th 2014)

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Hey Guys, Catherine here wishing you all a Happy Thursday. Oddly enough this week saw the airing of a Rubber Match between LeiD Tapa and Gail Kim. I, For One, was confused about this because Tapa was supposed to be wrestling her last match last week, and even though i know this is pre taped, there was no explanation behind this match, which would’ve helped. They could have had a quick backstage moment with Tapa saying TNA have given her one more chance to beat Gail Kim, but that didn’t happen, so, onto the match….

The Entrance theme that I’ll dearly miss hits and Now Former Knockout Lei’D Tapa heads to the ring, ready for a second fight with Gail Kim, who supposedly removed her from the roster all them days ago. Tapa is looking none too happy as she heads to the ring, and its no surprise after the beat down by Kim from the moment they broke up to their 1st actual match. Speaking of Gail Kim, here she comes, with quite the crowd reaction. As she poses on the turnbuckles, looks exchanged are more than vicious.

Gail gets right in the face of Tapa on the bell, and pushes her. Tapa shows some intimidation right back, and Gail scarpers. Tapa charges but Gail rolls away, and kicks and punches her, before hitting the ropes. Unfortunately for Kim, she just ran right into a big clothesline by Tapa. Tapas power right on display as she chucks Gail right into the corner.

Gail gets sent to another corner, then Tapa knees her at the back of her neck. Now Tapa’s hitting the ropes, and she knocks down Gail again with the clothesline. Tapa chokes her against the corner. Gail is scooped on her shoulders but she slips off. Gail tries to kick Tapas knee, but any work on the knee is partial as Tapa has taken control of her foe once again.

Tapa with some face taunts for the crowd, then the focus is back on Gail. Gail is back on her shoulders for what could be a set up for the TKO, but Gail clings to the ropes for safety. Tapa runs at her with a clothesline, but Gail bends the ropes and Tapa flips over to the outside as we go to the break.

When we come back, Tapa kicks Gail away with the boot and makes it to the ring. Tapa tries to kick Gail, who is against the corner, but her boot misses. Gail is now targeting the same leg. Gail, for the very first time, gets the figure four locked in the ring, and Tapa tries desperately to go to the ropes, and does so. Tapa catches her leg a number of times, but Gail is able to ground Tapa into a corner. Gail trying to pick up Tapa, and she fails. Instead, thanks to Tapa, she ends up collapsing to the mat.

Tapa grabs Gail, but Gail uses the Jawbreaker to move Tapa away. Gail takes her body into Tapa, but its a really bad move for her, as now shes in Tapas clutches. She tries to roll Tapa up, but she cant and Tapa scoops Gail from underneath her legs. Gail puts her palms to Tapas face and pushes her to the corner. Gail hits numerous shoulder tackles. Tapa grabs her arms and knocks her down. Tapa hits a number of headbutts now to keep up momentum.

Tapa with a body slam before she uses her foot to pin, and she gets a near fall. Tapa with a leg drop for the second near fall. Tapa heads up top now despite getting warned, but as she leaps, Gail’s boot gets her in the face. Gail with an armbar into the eat defeat and she covers, she has the win.

(Lei’D Tapa vs Gail Kim)

Thoughts on this match:
These two put on a very good and physical match-up with each taking control in many spots, but the result is indeed right. Again, im annoyed they didn’t provide an explanation to this pre taped match and as to why Tapa is getting a rematch despite TNA saying last week she’d be done with TNA once she loses to Gail, which she did. There could have been a short video package of Tapa saying shes been given a rematch, or Gail saying she has one more chance. But Anyway, I Liked this Match and Kudos to the both of them! And again, best to Tapa in her future endeavors.

– Catherine


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