WWE NXT RESULTS: Two Generations Collide As The Vicious Charlotte Collides with the Queen of Harts! (March, 27th 2014)


charlotte vs nattie

sasha 92

Hey Folks! Here I Am, Catherine, to bring you Coverage on a Special Edition of NXT, Vengeance Week! Following some backstage spits and spats, and insults between each others family, Natalya and Charlotte finally go one on one in a Hart vs Flair battle.

Now its finally time for the Battle of the Generations, as Charlotte, whose in desperate need of a new titantron, makes her way to the ring. To Some Surprise, Her Hall of Fame Father Ric Flair isn’t there to back her like on her debut, but shes got Sasha so there could be some carnage. Natalya arrives, and shes brought her Hall of Fame Dad on her side, and its only fair to let him see her exact revenge, after Charlotte’s comments about the Big Man, the Hitman himself. After this, i partly want Natalya to change her themes to Bret’s. WWE’s Female Godsend of a Commentator Renee Young has also joined for commentary.

On the Bell Charlotte taunts her with the usual woo before her palms connect with Nattie’s face. Natalya takes the long legged diva to the mat, but Charlotte manages to reverse. Charlotte keeps on reversing Natalya with numerous holds and leglocks. Charlotte gets cocky with Natalya when she leaps up, and Natalya comes at her with a waistlock.

Charlotte reverses into a waistlock of her own, before Natalya soon elbows out. Natalya takes Charlotte to the mat. Charlotte uses her legs to reverse again. Natalya uses her athleticism to escape. The Bad Blood only continues when Natalya gets in Charlotte’s face, and ends up getting a knee in her stomach. Charlotte continuously puts pressure on Nattie’s arm. Natalya cartwheels out then rolls her up but gets the near fall on Charlotte.

She pie-faces Charlotte’s face, then flips her her over before hitting the ropes, stepping on Charlotte’s neck, and hitting a dropkick. Natalya goes for a cocky pin and gets a near fall again. Natalya whips her to the corner but Charlotte displays her athleticism on the turnbuckles. When Charlotte runs back, shes hit by the discus clothesline. Natalya with another near fall. Natalya’s looking for a sharpshooter but Charlotte reaches the outside to prevent it getting locked.

Charlotte now has Natalya trapped in the corner, attacking her a few times. Charlotte stretches Natalya’s leg against the ropes for more punishment. She puts it against the ropes, then drops her foot on it. Charlotte drags her then stomps her, before applying even more damage to the targeted leg. Charlotte tries to lock the famous figure four, but Natalya counters into a roll up, only to get a near fall.

Charlotte with a dominant clothesline now for a near fall. Charlotte with another hold, targeting Natalya’s legs. Natalya counters then gets toward the ropes. Charlotte yanks her foot then takes her down once more. Charlotte targets the leg again, but gets kicked away, and kicks back in retaliation. Charlotte angrily stomps and she could be going for another figure four set up, only for Natalya to once again counter and lock the Sharpshooter on NXT’s Dirtiest Diva in the Game. Seeing the Harm Done, Banks runs in to attack Nattie. Following the attack Sasha tries to leave, but Natalya exacts revenge by placing her in the Sharpshooter instead. With Both BFF’s out, Natalya, who wins the match via Disqualification because of Sasha, leaves the ring with the Hitman.

(Natalya w/ Bret Hart vs Charlotte w/ Sasha Banks)

Thoughts on this match:
I Thought this was an outstanding match even with Natalya having too much presence on NXT. Both Girls did great and i surely hope from seeing this that we are going to get the two feuding on the main roster in the future, bringing out some Flair and Hart bad blood into the mix. Great to see Bret Hart there, and its a great experience and moment for all the fans there. Charlotte had everything in this match and i can see why shes getting the huge push, I’d just like to know now if Summer is ever coming back and even what her future is with the BFFs. I’d personally like to see Charlotte with Sasha call out Summer and confront her over “putting Total Divas before them” and maybe Summer turns face, and says she will have a match with Charlotte over the groups leadership, and should she lose, she will leave NXT. Thats what i’d like to see anyway.

– Catherine


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