WWE SMACKDOWN RESULTS: Is There A Vickie Guerrero Set Up Set for WrestleMania? (March, 28th 2014)

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Hey Guys, now thats Smackdown aired here and almost finished airing in numerous countries, heres myself, Catherine, to recap you on what went down with the Divas on this show. Awwwaaayyyy we go..

The First Diva Appearance on the show goes to none other than the Lovely and Talented Miss Fandango/Total Diva Summer Rae. Rae helped her Baby Boopsy win his match up with 1/2 of the Rhodes Dynasty, Goldust, after providing a flirtatious distraction, sealing Fandangos current losing streak.

As for the second, well its none other than an eventful divas tag, and when i say eventful, i mean what happened towards the end of the match and what could transpire from then on. It was the thought to be separated team of Divas Champion AJ Lee and her Guardian Tamina Snuka vs 2 out of 13 of AJ’s WrestleMania Opponents, Nikki and Brie, the Bella Twins.

It Appears Tamina and AJ are already present in the ring, as the Bella Twins, who like Summer Rae on Main Event, are obviously getting that Total Divas Promotion, as they make their way to the ring. As a Not so Often addition to the commentary table, Smackdowns Own General Manager Vickie Guerrero has decided to make her appearance on Commentary, and is again (for the 3001th time) Brad Maddox-less. The Appearance of the Cougar in Charge comes as no surprise after Vickie took offense to AJ’s ridiculing comments over the past week, and gave her a couple comments of her own on RAW, with additional punishment.

As the Bell rings it appears the Champ AJ is going up against Brie to begin with, and to no ones shock, AJ seems glum over this whole Mania announcement. Brie gets the offense in to start as she kicks AJ and suplexes her. Brie looks for the early win with a cover and Brie gets the near fall. Brie tags in Nikki as Vickie does not choose to clarify the match rules for WrestleMania.

Nikki with a kick to AJ then she gets up top, and levels AJ more with the springboard kick. Nikki goes for the cover next, and only gets a near fall. Nikki continues with a headlock. As shes pulled to the ropes, Tamina makes a quick tag. AJ displays some teamwork as she dives under Nikki, and this causes Nikki to run into Tamina, who hits a Samoan Drop. Nikki, of course, did not seem to notice the tag made. Tamina seems calm, which is odd, and doesn’t seem to display tension as she tags AJ.

AJ goes for a cover right after the tag but only gets a near fall. As Vickie states she wasn’t taken by AJ’s “Grandma” comment and that she doesn’t listen to a “little girls” comments, AJ has Nikki in the Sleeper Hold. Nikki seems to be fading, but Brie chants, and she slowly starts to regain composure and battle out. Nikki tries to make the tag even with AJ on her shoulders, but AJ’s grip with another hold prevents this. Vickie gives off a hilarious laugh on commentary as JBL tells her AJ could be the first diva to lose the title at WrestleMania. Vickie, dont drop hints about you and Tamina!

Nikki manages to get AJ to the corner, but Tamina tags in. Tamina kicks Nikki and viciously whips her with her jacket. Tamina knocks her down, and climbs the ropes, and she leaps but Nikki’s moved and nobody’s there. With that in Mind, Nikki looks to make the tag to Brie. She Succeeded! Brie runs in with some clotheslines for Tamina, and a usual dropkick. She Tosses her into the ropes, and goes for the running knee. It Appears Tamina blocked the first, but Brie hits another. Brie heads up top with the missile dropkick landed on Tamina.

Tamina hits the outside while Brie elbows away AJ. Tamina on the apron and she blocks Brie, then punches her away. AJ heads to the apron and is livid with Tamina for some very odd reason. Tamina seems to have had enough, and she shoves her. Tamina heads in the ring, leaves then cleverly tags AJ, and at that time, takes her in the ring, leaving her to deal with Brie, who nails the signature Bella Buster to win the match.

Following the match a Segment showing a romantic meal between companions Emma and Santino Marella was aired. Santino seemed to be all confessional, trying to confess that he likes her, but Emma just interrupted him some times, thinking he sees them as just friends. Marella tries to bring up the courage to speak his mind, then seems to be almost coughing up his food, or not, as he accidentally spits all over Emma, who looks far from impressed.

There was also a taped Lana Promo with Alexander Rusev, but appears to have been nixed. No Word on whether or not its on the WWE App.

(Fandango w/ Summer Rae vs Goldust)

(Brie Bella and Nikki Bella vs AJ Lee and Tamina Snuka, Vickie Guerrero on Commentary w/ Additional Emma/Santino Segment)

Thoughts On:
Summer helping Fandango win: First of all i thought these two were heading for a split, as Summer has a film coming up to film for. But it appears that’s not the case as she has now helped to seal the losing streak he did have. We’ll see what goes on with these two next week heading into WrestleMania and whether Summer calls it quits with him to seek title glory by herself.

Divas Tag: First of all it was actually great having Vickie on commentary and of course she wont go over the rules of this new Mania match to tease the fans and AJ. I Just hope its not Elimination or climbing a pole to reach the title, anything that doesn’t look like a joke. Still Odd as to why Rosa isn’t being used. Hmmmm. AJ seemed to look weak in this match up, and even though i would not agree with the outcome of the match, it was more or less done to put over and continue the Tamina/AJ tension. I Just hope Next Week that Other Girls get put over as a threat for this upcoming Mania Match and not the Total Divas but knowing WWE, that’s wishful thinking.

Emma/Santino: Decent Comedy Segment but Emma should be doing more wrestling, but who am i to complain as shes wrestled in two matches this week. I Don’t know where they are heading with these two right now, will they link them romantically? Will Emma go solo to work for that top babyface spot Natalya and the Bella’s currently have? Will Santino turn heel, get with some other girl then get lost in the shuffle? Next week, things need to unfold!

– Catherine


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