Cattie’s Catch Up: Trish Stratus vs Mickie James for the Womens Championship at WrestleMania 22 (April, 2nd 2006)

mickie james 165

mickie james 166

mickie james 163

So we’re midway through WrestleMania week, and midway through the week which means another edition of Cattie’s Catch Up, one of course, dedicated to this excellent event in Wrestling. Its no secret WWE have lagged on Divas Matches in the past few years but there were some that everyone can say, stole the show, one in particular, going back to the 22nd WrestleMania back in April 2006 as Then Women’s Champion and Now Hall of Famer Trish Stratus defended the WWE Women’s Championship against long term rival Mickie James.

The Match was months in the making, after the two grabbed the attention of the viewers and the Divas Division with their feud, when James, who donned a psycho gimmick back in the day, became increasingly infatuated and obsessed with Stratus, even dressing up as her and following her everywhere she went. The Former “Bezzies” even faced off for the title prior at New Years Revolution, but even with James Loss, she still remained fine with her. When Trish eventually turned her away due to a declaration of love, James turned on Stratus and kidnapped her friend Ashley Massaro out of frustrations. Of Course Massaro had already seen through James Creepy Obsession prior. Stratus didn’t want to wait a few days till WrestleMania to beat the heck out of James, and they brawled, but ultimately when the night came, Mickie picked up ultimate revenge over Stratus in one of the most iconic divas matches of all time, taking her out and taking in turn, her Women’s Championship.

– Catherine


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