WWE MAIN EVENT RESULTS: Not So Much a Ticking Time Bomb For AJ and Tamina..Yet (April, 1st 2014)

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Hello Folks, Catherine here. We are now midway through WrestleMania Week and with the grueling schedule that comes with it, this weeks Main Event (SPOILER) was not live. But no fear, at least we now know that a divas match came with it, as Two Contenders for the WWE Divas Championship, Tamina Snuka and Nikki Bella faced off!

Following the Promotion of this Sundays Special Divas Championship Invitational, there is a recap from last weeks RAW where Cougar in Charge Vickie Guerrero made the match official, and included Tamina in it, much to the shock of the defending Champion AJ Lee. With that out of the way WWE’s fave female interviewer/commentator Renee Young appears to conduct an interview with the Bella’s.

Renee discusses how the match is important to them on Sunday, asking Brie if her preparation will be more difficult due to Nikki also being in it. Brie denies it, and says she thinks Vickie could have something up her sleeve, and with all the chaos that’s happened, including her wedding soon with Bryan, she couldn’t be more prepared. Nikki says if Brie’s prepared, then she will be prepared more than ever. Nikki says shes been training loads in and out of the ring but she and Brie can only not agree right now on who the Next Divas Champion is. Nikki says however, that they can agree that there will be a new champion, then walks away, eyeing Brie, who looks pretty determined.

When we come back from a Scooby Doo Mania Promo The Bella’s make their entrance as Nikki is scheduled to compete against Tamina Snuka. No Tension gets shown between the two twins. Following their entrance, out comes Tamina to AJ’s theme, and to some shock considering they pretty much seemed to have gone separate ways back on Smackdown, AJ has chose to remain with Snuka, maybe due to her protecting her on RAW? The Bell has rung and after some slow pacing, the two lock up, and Tamina knees her before going to work on her arm, having absolute control.

Nikki cartwheels and reverses Taminas armbar, but Tamina takes over momentum wise and shoves her to the corner. Tamina charges but Nikki elbows her away. Nikki hits the ropes and she kicks Tamina, who is knocked to the mat. Nikki with a leg-lock, and she moves over slightly, bashing Taminas head on the mat with her legs and rear, shades of Madison Rayne slightly. Nikki keeps it locked. Tamina soon gets to the ropes and forces the break. Nikki elbows and kicks Tamina. She hits the ropes, then sends Tamina on the outside with the quick hurricanrana.

Nikki follows up but Tamina clotheslines her. Tamina tosses her to the ring as AJ and Brie remain perched with no interactions. Tamina returns to the ring and gets her first near fall in the match. Tamina with a knee drop and she sends her to the mat. Tamina with her second near fall. Tamina keeps Nikki in a Chinlock for some time.

Nikki tries to fight out strongly, only to take a knee from Tamina. Tamina whips her but Nikki uses her athleticism to stay stable against the corner, and in turn, kicks away Tamina. Tamina missing a clothesline and Nikki fights back with her own. Nikki with a dropkick to follow, and she tosses her over her shoulder, gaining the momentum. Nikki catches Taminas arm then knees Taminas head. Nikki gets a near fall.

Tamina is against the ropes, and tosses Nikki to the ropes as she moves towards her. Tamina kicks her and Nikki ends up on the outside as Brie supports her. AJ is laughing on the other side. Tamina heads out to take her back in the ring, and she kicks Brie in the process, probably to prevent her attacking. When Tamina returns to the ring, Nikki gives her many punches after seeing her attacking her sister. Tamina with a huge kick in retaliation, and she drags her near the corner where she heads up top, and then lands the Supafly Splash for the win. Post Match, AJ jumps about in excitement, and celebrates Taminas win like its her own, and Tamina is in no shock at her taking the spotlight as AJ hugs her.

(Tamina Snuka w/ AJ Lee vs Nikki Bella w/ Brie Bella)

Thoughts on this match:
Glad at the outcome and despite the realignment of the two on RAW, im glad they are still teasing dissension between AJ and Tamina. Also impressed with Nikki’s move-set in this match, giving me shades of Madison Rayne and Charlotte on certain spots. Plus the backstage interview also surprisingly teased tension in the Bella’s when Nikki hinted at winning the title and in turn, eyed Brie at the end of it. Many outcomes could need changing after this.

– Catherine


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