TNA IMPACT RESULTS: The Beautiful People Are Back, But Should They Be Afraid of Madison Rayne’s New Alliance? (April, 3rd 2014)

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velvet 299

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Hey Guys, Im Back and while im waiting to see whats to air on WWE Smackdown, im going to give you the latest from the World of the TNA Knockouts, and unless some of you UK Fans like the wait till Sunday, heres a Spoiler, the Reunion of…Dun Dun DUN….The Beautiful People. Following last weeks “joyous celebration” after Velvet turned her back and attacked one time friend and Knockouts Champ Madison Rayne, Madison is looking for revenge against her former BFF’s, but she needs a tag team partner, and with her tension with Gail meaning she has been crossed more or less off the list, who can Madison now turn to?

But before we can get to Madison’s ultimate decision, the Superiors in new gear, aka the Beautiful People, are gloating backstage. Angelina says its been years in the making, and says tonight she and Vel shall rewrite history. Angelina says if anyone thought they were deadly before, they haven’t seen nothing yet. Velvet then turns her attention to Madison, saying looks can kill, and evilly says she almost felt sorry for her, until Angelina shed light on her “true motives”. Velvet says Madison was trying to outshine the two girls who made her, and that she was nothing before them and is nothing now. Velvet says even though Madison should be at home taking care of her child, she will be indefinitely schooled by the self dubbed Vixens of Violence. Angelina makes a mockery out of whoever she chooses for a partner, interestingly bringing Gail to the mix despite her being a heel. Angelina says it doesn’t matter, and Velvet adds that they aren’t going to want to miss whats next, flashing the new gear.

After that “light being shed” a true light up in the Knockouts Division makes her presence on Camera, as Newbie Brittany heads to Madison’s room for a chat. Unfortunately Brit forgets to knock, but she makes up for it by politely asking to talk to her. Madison doesn’t shrug her off and Brittany talks about how she really looks up to her, and that she started off in a rather small role, and now shes representing the company as their Knockouts Champion. Madison thanks her and asks her if theres anything else, and Brit says she knows tonight she has yet to find a partner to face Velvet and Angelina. Brittany wants in but Madison thinks Brittany doesn’t know what shes dealing with, and says no. Brittany tells her gently that she was in her shoes all them years ago, and all she needs is one chance. Like it was an ultimate light-bulb moment, Madison is quick to agree, and then tells her to close the door to secretly discuss their strategy.

Here we go, its time for the absolute reunion of one of the most memorable knockout teams in history, as the Beautiful People, Velvet and Angelina, make their new entrance. So they dont have a new theme as reported originally, but the curtains and titantron might just make up for it. Old theme dubbed over perhaps? They aren’t very much welcomed, in fact they more or less are booed like mad. Now onto the heroes of the story, as Madison’s titantron, which beats any Knockouts titantron ever right now, displays and Madison makes her entrance. The Knockouts Champion is accompanied by her new BFF Madison Rayne, but with the amount of trust issues Rayne has had, can she put her trust this time around in Brittany? Well, for now, im calling these two Team Red. Sounds beyond generic right?

As the two address the crowd in the ring, TBP wait outside to avoid contact, and when their entrances finish up, return to the ring. The Bell rings, and its Angelina starting with Brittany. They lock up and Angelina knees her. Angelina punches Brit, and whips her, but Brittany hits back with a kick. Brit is now ramming her with punches and the clothesline to follow up. Brittany with much more offense until Velvet tags.

Velvet runs right at her, but Brittany trips her to the mat. Brittany keeps up the dominance as she keeps Velvet in the side headlock, but Velvet seems to battle out. Velvet with a jawbreaker, and she whips her to the corner besides Angelina. Velvet flaunts herself then charges, only to eat an elbow. While the Official has his focus on Vel, Angelina with a sneak attack on Brittany. Madison gets mad and her anger soon becomes the referees subject, only allowing TBP to keep up their work. When the ref turns Brittany gets dragged in the centre where the two hit the double team. Angelina, who seems to have got tagged in, gets a near fall.

Angelina bashes her head on the mat a few times, and she keeps up the taunts to fire up Madison, which only allows TBP to attack Brittany by the corner. Angelina with a dropkick to Brittany’s back before tagging Velvet in the match. With Angelinas help, Velvet gets a kick on Brittany. Velvet shouting smack before throwing her to the corner. Velvet with shoulder tackles and once again a quick turn by the referee allows Angelina to sneak attack Brittany. The Referee is further distracted by the fiery Madison who is angry at Velvet and Angelina cheating. Velvet goes for a cover, and only to get a near fall.

Brittany starts to come back against Velvet, leaving them both down. Both Ladies make the respective tags to their partners, and Madison unleashes a flurry of clotheslines on Angelina. Madison kicks her and goes for a cover, only to get a near fall thanks to Velvet breaking them up. Brittany tags herself in to Madison’s annoyance and starts unleashing dropkicks and many other moves on Angelina. However, before she continues, Velvet drops in and she knocks Madison down. The Ref checks Madison whose close to the outside, and doesn’t notice as Velvet and Angelina hit their double team Makeover signature move. Angelina covers Brittany for the 1..2..3 to take the win, and its a victorious reunion for the Beautiful People.

And before we can start the chat on how that match went down, heres something to keep your ears open…or not. SHES BACK NEXT WEEK! Yes, I Mean Dixie. Get your finest suit, bottle of champagne and herbal tea ready Spud! Oh and your Dixie portrait too, if Shaw hasn’t taken it to replace Christy…

(Angelina and Velvet Sky Backstage Segment)

(Madison Rayne Backstage w/ Brittany)

(Madison Rayne and Brittany vs The Beautiful People)

(Dixie Carter RETURNS Next Week)

Thoughts On:
TBP Backstage: I Love that TNA are keeping the focus on the Knockouts with multiple backstage segments, but couldn’t they have done this Before Angelina came back? When Angelina mentioned potential partners and Gail as one of them, i automatically began to think that Gail may be turning face, but who knows. Great backstage segment between the two to put over their return as TBP, but i do not like their new gears…

Madison Rayne & Brittany: I’m Not sure what they are doing with this alignment yet, but there were some things to point out from this particular segment. The first thing Brittany seemed to have her hands on was the Knockouts title, which could be a sneak peak of things to come, and the whole storyline where she is influenced by Madison. Is she being another friendly face who isnt going to stab Madison in the back or is she going to go Psycho Mickie James on Madison if they keep having miscues?

Knockouts Tag: Love the new entrance of the Beautiful People, but im still confused on the whole new theme report, whether their old theme was dubbed over the new due to it being pre taped or whether it was a false report, i dont know. Liking the team of Madison and Brittany, but considering the miscues, im not sure if its long term or not, or in this case, which one of them two could turn heel. Considering the Division has a lack of faces, Madison and Brittany need pushing as the top babyfaces right now with ODB. Gail could turn face to add a nice edge to all these things, but unless Taryn’s coming back as a heel, i dont see any point to it unless they quickly turn Gail back. Plus did anyone notice the vastly annoying editing TNA did on the match, one minute you see Santana kicked to the curb, then Madison’s somehow out of the ring, looks like TNA cut parts of the match which has me worried for either a Brittany botch or a lack of respect for long paced matches. It would be a total diss to the KO’s considering Dixie more or less dissed the times in WWE Divas Matches in an interview not that long back. Another thing is whether Brooke is coming back or not, but considering her real life heat with Angelina, will TNA take the chance to bring her back as a face to take them on, or the alternative which i dont want to mention considering Brooke could be such a huge loss for TNA if they went down THAT way….

Dixie Returning: Shes really come into her own as a heel but Please WHY? TNA was just about to introduce some sort of new era and have the newbies take in the spotlight, and now Dixie’s back, they all may get buried. Putting that aside, it could also be good to see Dixie back to see what shes actually going to do, but i PRAY for a segment between her and Gail, who is, by the way, in a Number 1 Contenders Fatal 4 Way next week with ODB, Angelina and Brittany!

– Catherine


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