TNA IMPACT RESULTS: Violent Vixen & Redhead BombShell Get The Last Laughs (April, 10th 2014)

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Hey Guys, welcome to the first Live Impact Show in a while, and one certainly full of wonders. Knockout Fans were left reeling at which of their faves would get a spot at Madison Rayne’s coveted title, and what a Certain Christy Hemme had in store for the Madman Samuel Shaw. Plus No Hell Fury like a Woman Scorned as a Furious DIXIE CARTER returned as teased last week to lay down judgement on Hells Kitchens very own Bully Ray.

The Knockouts get the first lady showing of the night. Gail, Brittany and ODB are already in the ring cue The Beautiful Peoples entrance. Does that Hinder their chances? I Gulp at that. Performing their newly unique entrance, Angelina heads to the ring, and as expected, shes dragged Velvet along right for the occasion. I’m SURE Velvet will be on her BEST Behavior at ringside. Right on the bell, its split sides as Gail attacks Brittany in one corner, and Angelina onto ODB in the other. Of Course theres a little heat on Gail and Brittany considering Gail was pinned by Brittany in her debut.

Brittany seems to be taking advantage by tripping Gail in the corner. Brittanys attire reminds me of Tamina’s green christmas one for some reason. As Brit brings some punches to Gail, ODB is ramming Angelina in the opposite corner. Brit chokes Gail in the corner while ODB kicks Angelina onto the outside. ODB then turns her attention to the newbie that is Brittany, tempting her to hit her square on in the face. Brittany doesnt resist and she takes it to ODB now. But ODB, being the really strong competitor, looks to be gaining an advantage with Brittany on her back, but she slips away, sending her into the ropes. ODB comes back with a clothesline to Brittany in the ring center.

Angelina returns for some action as she lobs ODB on the outside, and its ODB taking some shots by Velvet. Angelina gloats and then turns her attention to Brittany who is being attacked by Gail Kim. Gail sees her coming and pushes her away, and she continues choking Brittany. Angelina throws Gail away and begins the assault on Brittany. Angelina flips Brit to the mat, and Gail runs at her with the dropkick. Gail with the cover on Brittany, but its broken by Angelina.

Angelina drags Gail, and she covers Brittany, but Gail drags her. The Two get catty as they push each other around, and Brit throws herself at them both, punching them a few times. Brit with a headbutt to Gail, then she whips Gail into the corner. Brit whips Angelina into Gail, and cartwheels into Gail, as Angelina moves. Angelina knocks down Brittany. Angelina with a slam and she goes for the pin on Brittany, and ODB re-emerges to break the pin off.

ODB now works on Angelina in the corner, and sees Gail coming, and poor Gail ends up running at Angelina instead. ODB splashes Angelina as Gail escapes. ODB works on Gail whilst Angelina stays down, nailing a fallaway slam. ODB lands on Angelina in the corner, a quick taunt, then she attempts to drag Love to the middle of the ring, and only for Gail to knock ODB away. ODB kicks away Gail and Brittany resurfaces with a nice looking moonsault to ODB.

Brittany only gets one on ODB, then Angelina comes at Brit and kicks her. She DDT’s her then gloats to the audience, only for a vengeful Gail Kim to be waiting for her. Gail with several kicks to Love and a flying clothesline, followed by a backbreaker. Gail with an armbar and she sets up Eat Defeat. Angelina escapes and springs over to Velvet, trying to reach out for her, but Gail follows. Gail rolls up Angelina but Angelina kicks her away, and right into Velvet, who sprays hairspray at Gail while the referees focus isn’t around her. With that done and her partner saved, Angelina gets a big boot and pins Gail to win the contender spot.

After Confronting MVP, a Furious Dixie Carter is looking to make ammends…by laying down judgement on a certain person. Dixie, arriving in the ring to a barrage of “We Dont Want You” chants, calls out the very man who sent her packing from the company, Bully Ray. The Two trade words, and in turn Bully even reveals what he did with the money she lent him the night he was her “insurance policy”. He Picked up some Fine Chicks. Somewhere Brooke is fuming and cursing at the TV. Things get heated, and Dixie with a vicious slap before Roode runs in.

Later, Christy Hemme appears to give Samuel a talk, as she teased hours before. Samuel comes down, and Christy believes he has been misunderstood. Christy then intentionally pulls him in, serenading and flirting with him as Anderson sneakily hits the ring, and hits the Mic Check on Samuel, trying to drag him away to the psychiatric service van. He almost succeeds.

(Brittany vs Gail Kim vs ODB vs Angelina Love w/ Velvet Sky Number One Contenders Fatal Four Way)

(Dixie Confronts MVP Backstage)

(Dixie Calls out Bully Ray)

(Dixie Splits Off Things with Magnus)

(Christy Hemme Tricks Samuel Shaw for Mr Anderson)

Thoughts On:
Knockouts Fatal 4 Way: It was No Surprise that Angelina won considering the problems that have risen between herself and former group member Madison Rayne. Many Things can come out of this however, Brittany’s allegiance to Madison and also Gail Kim. After Velvet pulled a Very Maryse-esque move by spraying hair spray in her eyes, how will Gail get revenge? If she even does? I Love Gail as a heel, shes one of the best heels of all time in my opinion, but i’d love to see her turn face and unite with Madison and Brittany against TBP, as long as she doesnt get lost in the shuffle. Of Course things could change should Taryn and Brooke come back.

Dixie: So even though it was called the #WrathOfDixie I Wasnt Overall seeing Dixie as a major threat this week. I Thought she’d run down most of the rosters babyfaces, but coming out and slapping Bully didnt do it for me. I Thought she would do a lot of bad things and unleash hell on various people, so it was over dramatically put over in my opinion.

Christy/Sam Shaw: When i first heard about Christy’s surprise for Shaw, i once again jumped to the conclusion of a possible heel turn, but im glad to see the feud between Him and Anderson continue. Hemme sounded Evil (intentionally) in some parts but it was a greatly done segment. With the ending showing Shaw escape i wonder what exactly he has now in store for Christy next week, i dread to find out.

– Catherine


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