WWE RAW RESULTS: Bad Night for Mrs Danielson, While The EmmaLution and a Divas Champion Continue Supremacy! (April, 21st 2014)



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Hey Guys, Catherine here reporting on what should be a Non “Meh” episode of RAW. Two weeks away from Extreme Rules (or so) and even though we got some decent divas related stuff last night, something was missing…

RAW Opens indeed with the return of the Bryan Family as Daniel Bryan returns to a happy crowd with the addition of his proud wife Brie Bella. But before the Happy Champ can speak to his people, Stephanie sees fit to come out and “congratulate” Brie and Bryan on their warm hearted, luxury wedding. As a Token of gratitude she gives Bryan a Title Match with Kane at Extreme Rules, and then comes Kane, sneaking from god knows where and attacking Bryan in what was probably one of the biggest moments to open a show since the early attitude era, as Bryan received multiple piledrivers in the worst places possible, rendering him unable to compete, and he was sadly carried away by the medical team along with a disheartened Brie. Stephanie, holding Bryans titles as if shes champion herself, gives a “warm” round of applause to Bryan, which should have ticked off Brie, but instead she remained professional, escorting her broken husband to the back.

Later in the show, we see Emma get to face off against Layla, and as expected the two have their respective partners viewing from ringside. Layla also seems to be taking “suits” from Summers wardrobe. To Begin the match, theres some sort of talk between Emma and Santino, and Fandango jumps Santino from the apron to allow Layla a first shot at Emma. The British Beauty bashes Emma’s head against the mat and makes fun of her hand gestures. Layla going for the first cover, but only gets a near fall.

Layla chokes Emma against the ropes then proceeds to stretch her, applying her knee to Emma’s back. Emma eventually battles out and throws punches at Layla. Emma whips Layla but misses a dropkick when Layla hangs on the ropes. Layla shows off then talks some trash to Emma before whipping her. Emma ducks and then fires back with the crossbody, and both land in the middle of the ring. Fandango is looking stressed at ringside and Santino uses it to take a shot at Fandango.

In the Meantime, Emma is on her feet and pulls out….wait hold it….a Cobra…a female cobra puppet. Emma hits Layla with the cobra and goes for a cover, taking the win. Emma defeats Layla and has a goofy celebration along with Santino. Who Knew there were Two Cobras though? It appears the chances of seeing Paige may be slim after this…but NO FEAR…the Divas Champion is here.

So my idea of Paige and Rosa facing off and Tamina putting Paige through a table is either too extreme or not good enough, but anyways we do get to see Paige and Aksana clash in a Smackdown rematch. Aksana even exclusively gets her entrance shown, and yes for the first time on RAW in…how long? WWE Seem to be rushing things, or someone hit Paige’s Music too early, because Paige makes her arrival as Aksana is half way down the ramp, THIS IS A SINGLES MATCH FOLKS. Luckily, WWE remind us theres a Title match that’s going to happen in 2 weeks between Tamina and Paige, Tamina of course winning the right to challenge Paige last week on Main Event.

The Bell rings and Paige quickly takes it to Aksana with a kick. Paige with a chop, messing with her hair then she throws her to another side of the ring. Paige repeats it again then puts Aksana in a side headlock. Paige uses the ropes to flip over and in turn, tries to pin Aksana, but gets the near fall. Paige with knee shots before letting out her primal scream.

Aksana seems to beg for forgiveness from the champ, before tricking her, and punching her, before carrying her to a corner. Paige is up on the top turnbuckle as Aksana kicks at her some number of times. Aksana sends Paige tumbling on the mat before following up with a Suplex. Aksana with more knees and she says something to the crowd as Paige tries clinging to the ropes. Aksana uses her knee to choke Paige against the ropes. Aksana heads outside and chops her.

Aksana taunts more before returning to the ring and going for a pin attempt, but Paige kicks out, resulting in a near fall. Paige gets placed in Aksanas chinlock, and Aksana uses the elbow shots to keep Paige down. Paige gets to her knees, punches Aksana, then hits the ropes, but Aksana comes back, knocking Paige back to the mat. Aksana drops Paige with a sidewalk slam and does the sultry crawl. All of a sudden Paige flips out and takes it to Aksana. Paige now with the near fall.

Paige with some short arm clotheslines as there are some Moolah references on commentary. Aksana soon counters one and takes another shot at Paige, before sending her in the corner. Paige lunges but Aksana sends her to the mat again. Aksana with another near fall to the Divas Champion. Aksana takes her frustrations out on the referee. An Angry Aksana now delivers an elbow drop to Paige, the same maneuver that injured Naomi. Aksana whips Paige back into the same corner. Aksana looks to finish as she sets up the spinebuster, but Paige clings on her body and locks the sleeper, shades of her former FCW Partner Ivelisse (Sofia Cortez).

Paige with a knee to Aksanas Nose (better avoid Natalya then) and she brings more offense before doing her primal scream again, this time spooking the referee somewhat. Paige grabbing the knees of Aksana, and she pulls at her, then finally locks the Scorpion Crosslock. Aksana taps, and Paige is awarded the win in another dominant show. However, there seems to be no showing from Tamina.

Speaking of Tamina and Speaking of Dominance, now we have Alexander Rusev, who is introduced by the Ravishing Russian Lana, who proudly struts around to her entrance theme upon appearance. Lana perches at ringside as Rusev squashes Sin Cara. Speaking of Squashing, Rusev will (most probably) squash his Extreme Rules Opponents, R Truth and Xavier Woods. The Rusev Legacy stands tall for another night.

(Stephanie McMahon, Brie Bella and Daniel Bryan Opening Segment feat Kane)

(Emma w/ Santino Marella vs Layla w/ Fandango)

(Paige vs Aksana Smackdown Rematch)

(Alexander Rusev w/ Lana vs Sin Cara)

Thoughts On:
RAW Opener: So the attack on Bryan from Kane was relentless indeed and i have many thoughts on it indeed. The Increased violence given in that Opener almost reflects on the older era (the attitude era) itself, and even though i want to, i wont get my hopes up on the fading out of the PG Era. At the same time, i expected Bryan to dedicate the show to his father with a strong, memorable performance so i thought they completely went out of proportion with the attack as well. With Bryan rumored to be away up to Extreme Rules, lets hope we get some interesting moments between Brie and Stephanie as Brie has teased “slapping her face off” for a few weeks now via social media.

Emma vs Layla: It was different and fresh to see the two in a singles match after the number of mixed tags everyone has had to sit through in the past few weeks. Even though we can see through this match that Emma does better with the cobra than Santino, i wonder if this is getting Emma Over? and if not, what can? I’m Proud for Emma being on the main roster, but i don’t agree on how WWE are portraying her right now and the dead crowd reactions don’t help. I Wish they could have (again) amped it up with Santino & Emma’s feud with Summer and Fandango due to Emma and Summers past chemistry but they aren’t going to do it with this one either. Like Ive said before, I’d like to see Layla push Emma’s buttons and for Fandango to push Santino out of his comedy character and somewhat over the edge so their possible Extreme Rules match (should they even have one) has some background and boiling heat behind it.

Paige vs Aksana: I Very Much agree that the Divas Division has stepped up since Paige claimed the Divas Title from AJ Lee all those weeks ago, and the divas in the ring are getting equal opportunities to look dominating and are less and less looking like jobbers. Another Great Showing from Aksana and Paige, but i do have (again) the negatives, rushed entrances, no Tamina, no build up whatsoever. I’m Hoping they aren’t giving this feud the Kaitlyn/Tamina Elimination Chamber Build Up Treatment, unless of course they are using this week to continuously put over Paige as dominant, before they turn the tables possibly on her next week.

Lana/Rusev: First of all I LOVE Lana’s entrance theme, and Lana looked proud to hear it upon her entrance. Lana has stunned again this week, and i feel she is more over than Rusev already, and a popular figure, but lets not forget her background in acting. The Crowd seemed bored of Rusev’s match sadly as they were chanting JBL and it seemed to have caught Rusevs attention, so i give him credit for putting it behind him and carrying on the match like a pro would. Lana and Rusev make their Main Roster PPV Debut in under 2 weeks as Rusev takes on Truth and Woods in a 2 on 1 Handicap Match and im actually excited to see this to see how the reaction is for the duo of Rusev and Lana, and not only how destructive Rusev will be then, but whether he will add some new moves to the plate.

– Catherine


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