TNA IMPACT RESULTS: Madison Rayne “Hears Out” Gails Plea to Save the Division (April, 24th 2014)

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Hey Guys, Catherine here, so ive been waiting for this episode for quite a few weeks so you can imagine i was pretty annoyed when my internet cut off last night (for the whole night) but luckily waking up early and catching up before college has its perks. So what moment was i looking forward to? Well….

After Velvet and Madison proclaim backstage that they are offering a special makeover tonight for Madison, the Knockouts Champion decides to come out to address them. She says shes heard about the “makeover” and tells them to come down, to which they do. Madison remains all smiles as Angelina starts to speak, claiming Madison looks run down, maybe because the baby is keeping her up all night? Angelina says she knows Madison wants to be a role model to her little girl but shouldn’t she start by showing forgiveness to them and be thankful for the “amazing” offer they’ve given?

Madison stays all smiles and says she may be right, and yeah shes sorry, sorry that shes about to reveal her gutsy trap to take them both on singular. She immediately throws down with Velvet and Angelina, but the duo seem too much. Angelina, taking Raynes title, screams at her until Brittany runs down to Madison’s aid, and in turn is overwhelmed too by Angelina and Velvet. They place the Paper Bag, which makes its “shocking” return, over the Champs head.

When we come back, its revealed that there was an interesting and intriguing development on Madison Raynes case. As Velvet and Angelina continued their tirade, old friend Gail Kim ran down to chase both girls away. Before they resort to any sort of physicality later tonight, Gail confronts Madison who is backstage with Brittany who is revealed to have a concussion due to saving Madison. Gail says she should hear her out. She says The Beautiful People are taking the division the wrong way and she doesn’t want to sit about and let them ruin her division. Gail says she knows and everyone knows they aren’t besties anymore, and she is Okay with that, but she admits that Madison did beat her at Lockdown. She says she may not like her, but she does respect her, and that’s why she wants her to tag with her tonight. Madison says she likes her honesty, and she does accept. Brittany touches Madison and tells her shes going to be there as support, but Madison tells her no, leaving her disappointed.

We also get a sneak peak at the latest drama with Knux and his Mystery Woman. Knux seems to be happier in life now and declares a return to TNA, when the mystery woman tells him shes coming along too. I’m not sure who she is, but lets see what she brings to TNA.

So Now we finally get the match up between The Beautiful People and the realigned former BFFs of Gail Kim and Knockouts Champion Madison Rayne, except its vice versa from all those years ago, Madison holding the title instead of Gail. The Beautiful People perform their entrance first before they are followed up by the arrivals of Gail Kim and Madison Rayne. It feels weird seeing Gail head to the ring without LeiD Tapa, but hey not everything lasts forever right!? On the bell, its Velvet facing Madison Rayne.

Madison looks to run at her but Velvet ducks by the turnbuckles to avoid a possible clobbering. Madison runs at Velvet and grips her hair, knocking her on the mat. Madison does it a few more times before she brings in some punches. She whips Velvet and clotheslines her, and is in complete control. Angelina gets kicked, and Madison and Gail send both crashing onto the outside floor. Gail and Madison see them recooperating and dropkick them further out of their way.

The Fun for the Former BFFs doesn’t stop there as they start clobbering them outside. While the referee mouths off at Gail, Madison grabs Angelina and Velvet, banging their heads together. Thats Gonna be a Headache! They are sent flailing to the floor and Madison tosses Velvet back into the ring as the legal women. In the ring, Madison ties her legs around Velvet and bumps Velvets head against the mat. Madison going for the first cover, and only gets a near fall on Velvet.

Madison now drags Velvet to her corner and tags in Gail. Gail, who was cost a Contendership at the hands of the Vixen of Beauty, now has her hands on her as she clotheslines Sky, following with a cover but she only gets a near fall. Gail whips Velvet but misses a clothesline and Angelina tries to sneak in but Gail turns and kicks her, before her attention returns to Velvet. Angelina angrily heads back in the ring and attacks Gail.

Angelina with stomps to Gail before she goes for a cover, and its odd that its happening since Angelina wasn’t even tagged. Angelina poses to taunt Madison, whose anger gets the referees attention. If Anything Madison should be giving the ref what for for not noticing that Sky should be in the ring rather than Angelina. As it seems Angelina is in control, Gail luckily reverses her whip. Gail with a diving crossbody to Love in the corner before she slips on the apron. Angelina falls outside as Gail hits a strong boot to Velvet.

The Beautiful People seem to be exiting, or not for too long anyway as Madison and Gail charge up the ramp and try drag them back in the ring. Back to the ring and Gail trips Angelina to the mat, locking in a Leglock. Velvet rushes in to her aid as she kicks Gail. Gail tries to chase Velvet out and gets attacked by Angelina from behind. Angelina leaps on her back and locks her in the sleeper. Gail with a good counter as she sends Angelina’s back into the turnbuckles.

Angelina still tries to bring her down, but Gail hits a backbreaker. Gail dives in for a tag to Madison who brings her momentum right at Angelina. With Angelina out, Velvet also gets kicked. As Madison brings more fight to Angelina, she doesn’t notice Velvet and Gail brawling outside the ring and that Gail’s head was bashed against the apron. Madison seems to be readying her spear for Angelina whose up against the corner, and sees Velvet, spearing her instead. As Madison yells at her, Angelina swoops in with the roll up and pins the champion.

(The Beautiful People Backstage Segment)

(The Mystery Woman is Coming with Knux to TNA)

(The Beautiful People ensure a “Special Makeover” for Madison)

(Madison Rayne and Gail Kim vs Angelina Love and Velvet Sky)

Thoughts On:
Madison/TBP/Brittany Segment and Gail Kim’s Possible Face Turn: I Loved the whole segment and the fact Madison played up being the courageous champion and proving that she isn’t an underdog by backing out from the Beautiful People. Brittany coming in means either two things, either the fact shes getting beaten much of the time is burial, or a possible heel turn against Madison which is looking most likely by seeing the later backstage segment. Gutted they cut out the moment Gail came to save Madison though, surely they could have aired that with the segment instead of cutting to commercial but who am i to judge?

Gail/Madison/Brittany backstage: So Normally when someone turns face, they deny it over social media at first, which Gail has been doing, but a part of me feels Gail is and should be a face for the long run, in addition to her perfect in ring chemistry against and alongside Madison. Another part of me feels shes either a heel or tweener considering shes referring to the division as hers, even though its logical since she was its first champion and that she takes credit for its invention, which she rightfully should. As for Brittany, i hope they aren’t burying her by having her beat so many times after a successful triumph over Gail those weeks ago, but i think this is more likely a TNA Version of Trish and Mickie up and coming, with Brit desperate to please Madison to the point of breakdown and maybe kidnapping Gail? Hope TNA Know what they’re doing with Madison and Brittany and that Angelina’s return hasn’t downplayed the chances of this feud altogether.

Knockouts Tag: This Match blew me away when i saw it, it was competitive and really well done. I Have Missed the alliance of Gail and Madison So Much and its odd seeing them team as Faces, even if its still unsure whether Gail is a face or not. The Two have perfect chemistry as a team and against each other, and no one can deny it and for some, this was a dream match, to see them compete against the Beautiful People. Its understandable that Angelina pinned Madison considering Madison has had most advantages and momentum recently heading into Sacrifice, and it can either turn the tables on Madison’s title reign on Sunday or not. Id like to see if Gail and Brittany play a factor in Sundays Championship Battle.

Knux and His GF: So like everyone else on YouTube at first sight i thought it was Maxine, LOL, but honestly it isn’t. I Don’t know who it is but now Knux, who i think is severely underrated and has quite the mic ability, is coming back, im happy, and i wonder what his mystery lady has to bring to TNA? Is she just a Model? A Valet? Or Something else?

– Catherine


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